FNB easy account fees 2022: Here is everything you need to know

FNB easy account fees 2022: Here is everything you need to know

An FNB easy account makes banking easy and fast. The cheque account is suitable for daily transactions. It targets legally adult customers who earn between R1000 to R7000. However, FNB easy account fees apply. Read here for more information.

FNB easy account fees
FNB Easy account customers enjoy medical, legal and financial advice, insurance covers, mobile app loans and other benefits. Photo: @advovolicious
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What are the bank charges at FNB? The FNB banking fees range from R0.00 to R65.00. The more you withdraw, the more fees you pay. Additionally, the FNB pricing depends on the type of banking transaction and what FNB easy account you are using.

FNB easy account fees 2022

FNB bank fees are fair and reasonable. Develop a habit of withdrawing lump sums to minimize the FNB charges you will pay. These days, people worldwide create monthly household budgets and withdraw money once per month. Here is a list of FNB service fees you should be aware of:

1. Monthly account fee

The bank has mandatory R59.00 and R4.95 FNB monthly fees for the Smart and Pay as You Earn accounts, respectively.

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3. Till withdrawal fee

When withdrawing money using a Till number, expect to pay a R1.00 fee regardless of the type of account you hold. The rule applies to both Smart and Pay as You Earn funds.

3. Cash deposit fee at FNB

There are no FNB deposit fees for a Smart account if you use an ATM card. However, an FNB cash deposit fee of R1.00 per R.100 applies if you do so in a Pay As You Earn client.

4. ATM withdrawal fee

A Smart account user pays R1.90 per R100.00, while a Pay as You Earn account holder pays R6.00 per every R1000.00 when withdrawing money via ATMs.

FNB easy account fees
More people in SA now withdraw money using the bank's ATM, mobile app and Till at a small fee. Photo: @FNBSA
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5. An internal debit order fee

An internal debit order is free for Smart account users but Pay As You Earn customers pay an R2.50 fee.

6. An external debit order fee

The external debit order fee applies to both Smart and Pay As You Earn funds. The former pay R8.0 while the bank charges the latter R3.50

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7. Withdrawals at another bank

FNB withdrawal fees at other banks are 9.50 plus R1.90 per R100.00 withdrawal from a Smart deposit. Meanwhile, a Pay As You Earn customer pays R10.00 per R1000.00.

8. FNB card replacement cost

Call 1-888-297-3416 to report a stolen or lost debit/ credit card. You will pay a replacement fee. Apply for the card's replacement at the nearest branch, through the app, or in Shoprite and Checkers stores.

Types of FNB Easy accounts

Now that you understand the FNB account fees you will incur to access different services, know the types of accounts available to pick the right one. There are three options:

1. FNB Zero Monthly Fee Account

It is the best account for students determined to save money for a long time and use it later. This option does not have a monthly fee, and it also offers enticing interest rates. The customer can buy data and airtime and pay bills directly from your bank's balance using a mobile app.

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2. FNB Easy Account smart

The customer enjoys several benefits, including free financial management tips, legal coaching, 24/7 medical advice, and more. Its monthly fee is R59, but the benefits are worth it. You receive ten free digital transactions and a SIM card loaded with 80MB data, 30 SMS and 30 voice minutes every month.

FNB easy account fees
Check your bank statements through the mobile app free of charge. Photo: @ITNewsAfrica
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3. FNB Pay As You Use

The Pay As You Use account is for daily use but at a small withdrawal fee. It suits people who do not use their savings often because they won't pay much transaction fee. The monthly fee is R4.95.

Benefits of having an FNB Easy account

FNB easy account fees should not prevent you from opening an account. Some of the benefits you get here are not available in any other bank in South Africa. The pros include:

  • Opening an FNB Easy account is free and fast. Present your proof of identity to the nearest branch. It is any document that is equivalent to a national Identity card, e.g. a drivers' license. Have proof of address which can be a utility bill or any other valid proof of residence. Provide an affidavit if the utility bill is not under your name. The bank informs applicants about other required documents.
  • If you save money promptly, you are guaranteed a funeral insurance plan that covers you and your spouse for up to R400,000.00. Provide the required documents to apply for the funeral plan.
  • The customer can also access loans via the bank's mobile app. Your loan limit depends on your saving's habits and how much money you have saved.
  • Mobile app airtime purchases are free. You can buy airtime and data for your line or other people's lines from your bank deposit. You can also buy airtime for SIMs belonging to different communication companies, e.g. Telkom, Vodacom or MTN.

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FNB easy account fees
Use your visa card to sign up for e-wallet services since an FNB e-wallet has no monthly fee. Photo: @Willy Chirandu
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  • You can track your spending history and see historical statements online. However, the bank charges you for additional monthly bank statements and when its consultant helps you check your balance inquiries.
  • There are no charges on debit order stops for customers who use the internet and mobile app banking. You can use the e-wallet service without any monthly fee. You can also reverse an e-wallet payment.
  • You choose an account that suits your spending and savings habits and long-term financial goals. The Easy Zero Account has no monthly fee.
  • The gold account has more benefits, and you can shift to it at any time.
  • You enjoy free and scheduled money transfers using the bank's mobile app or online. However, R8. 50 FNB cheque account fees are applicable per unsuccessful transaction, and another fee is deducted on linked accounts transfer if the bank's agent assists you.

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FNB easy account fees should not discourage you from opening an account. The banks guarantee your money is safe with them. Additionally, keeping money in a bank instils financial discipline in a person. It also helps build a record for your future endeavours.

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