7de Laan teasers for October 2021: New mysteries unfold!

7de Laan teasers for October 2021: New mysteries unfold!

Someone misinterprets Ivy's intentions after reading a note she sent to Romeo. Later, Mariaan and Ivy get into a heated argument. Luckily, Amorey prevents them from fighting. The 7de Laan teasers for October 2021 unveils more juicy details about what is happening to other characters.

7de Laan teasers
7de Laan teasers for October 2021. Photo: @_Ndhavuko
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In the October episodes of 7de Laan, Bonita and DeWet travel to CapeTown. He later loses his temper when he does not find her in the house. Where did Bonita go, and will she return home? Meanwhile, Rickus moves training equipment to his house.

7de Laan teasers for October 2021

Fikani, Denzil, and Marko meet after a long time, and Ivy helps Rickus reunite with Lana. Rickus confides in Lana later why he is participating in the bodybuilding competition. Is he contesting to impress her? Find out more from these following highlights of 7de Laan's October episodes:

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Monday, 4th October 2021

Episode 5140

Marko remembers the good times he experienced in the past while Gabby throws a surprise party for Tjattas.

Tuesday, 5th October 2021

Episode 5141

Ivy convinces Rickus to reconcile with Lana. Shady is tired of Romeo excluding him from his plans and making him feel dispensable.

7de Laan teasers
Rickus and Lana realize that Gaby opposes their love. GIF: youtube.com, gifs.com (modified by author)
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Wednesday, 6th October 2021

Episode 5142

DeWet and Bonita travel to Cape Town. André feels sad for not being able to give Connie a more extravagant lifestyle.

Thursday, 7th October 2021

Episode 5143

Ludo's new medication is the best thing he has ever met, and Chris rescues Amorey.

Friday, 8th October 2021

Episode 5144

Fikani asks Alexa to make a firm decision, and Khethiwe cautions Shady about being close to Romeo.

Monday, 11th October 2021

Episode 5145

Connie's world is finally getting back to order, and Marko helps Rickus see things from a new angle.

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7de Laan teasers
Khethiwe walks into the bar while Ivy and her nephew are talking about her. GIF: youtube.com, gifs.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Tuesday, 12th October 2021

Episode 5146

Guilt overwhelms Lana. Elsewhere, Aggie tells her friends that Vince suggested an open marriage.

Wednesday, 13th October 2021

Episode 5147

Connie is happy to see her friends treat André warmly. Rickus installs training tools in his house for more fitness exercises.

Thursday, 14th October 2021

Episode 5148

Bonita offers to support Denzil. Elsewhere, Ludo and Shawn face Romeo to clear up things.

Friday, 15th October 2021

Episode 5149

DeWet gets upset when he does not find Bonita at home. Finally, Fikani, Denzil, and Marko spend time together after not seeing each other for a long time.

Monday, 18th October 2021

Episode 5150

Someone gets a wrong impression after seeing the note Ivy sent to Romeo. Meanwhile, the Hillside clinic receives a patient with a rare injury.

7de Laan teasers
Fikani wants Alexa to bear him a child even though his father-in-law, Chris, is against it. GIF: youtube.com, gifs.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Tuesday, 19th October 2021

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Episode 5151

Tjattas receives horrifying news, and Vanessa is disappointed with Aggie for ending their friendship.

Wednesday, 20th October 2021

Episode 5152

Gabby and Khethiwe secretly take a quick look at Shawn and Rickus' training session. Alexa discovers she needs heart surgery.

Thursday, 21st October 2021

Episode 5153

Vanessa appreciates Denzil's assistance. Amorey intervenes when Ivy and Mariaan are about to break each other's bones.

Friday, 22nd October 2021

Episode 5154

Tjattas must choose one of two equally unpleasant situations. Meanwhile, Khethiwe longs for Ivy's affection when she sees her and Shady enjoying each other's company.

7de Laan teasers
Khethiwe plans on impressing aunty Ivy. GIF: youtube.com, gifs.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Monday, 25th October 2021

Episode 5155

DeWet makes the right decision, and Rickus tells Lana why he joined the bodybuilding contest.

Tuesday, 26th October 2021

Episode 5156

Vanessa feels unbothered when Aggie rejects her effort to make a truce between them. Elsewhere, Marvin and Ivy argue over money.

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Wednesday, 27th October 2021

Episode 5157

Shady comforts Gabby while Fikani investigates Tjattas to find out what is going on.

Thursday, 28th October 2021

Episode 5158

Aggie keeps her marital issues a secret. On the other hand, Chris confronts DeWet.

7de Laan teasers
Aggie hopes Vince will set aside their differences and rebuild their marriage. GIF: youtube.com, gifs.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Friday, 29th October 2021

Episode 5159

Amorey believes she will find a lasting solution to her problems. Memories of the days Rickus played tennis uplift his spirit.


André feels for not being able to give Connie the luxurious lifestyle he promised her. However, Connie loves their peaceful life and feels happy when her friends begin to respect her man.


She confides in her friends about Vince's open marriage proposal. Later, Aggie cuts ties with Vanessa and decides to keep her marital problems to herself. Vanessa tries to restore their friendship in vain.

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