Lingashoni Teasers for October 2021: Tebatso vows vengeance for Prudence’s death

Lingashoni Teasers for October 2021: Tebatso vows vengeance for Prudence’s death

Prudence’s quest to seek justice for her abduction leads to her death. Tebatso is forced to cross a line he will never uncross when he decides to avenge her death from the Mchunus. Elsewhere, Donald’s desire to have a baby shows cracks in his new marriage with Mpumi. Keep reading the following Lingashoni teasers for more fascinating drama.

Lingashoni Teasers
Lingashoni telenovela airs on 1Magic from Mondays to Thursdays at 9.30 p.m. Photo: @TvMzansi
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Lingashoni on 1Magic revolves around Mandla Cele, a man who goes back to his former poverty-stricken farm life as a successful entrepreneur after a decade-long memory loss. He had established a new life with Seipati while his estranged wife Puleng moved on with hers. How will he balance his old and new life?

Lingashoni teasers for October 2021

Lingashoni has managed to keep viewers engaged with each episode since its premiere on 1Magic in March 2021. How does the drama unfold in Lingashoni October episodes? Discover what is coming up from these teasers.

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Lingashoni Teasers
Seipati returns home making Puleng simmer in her sins. Gif:, (modified by author)
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4th October 2021, Monday: Episode 113

Puleng starts to simmer in her wrongdoing as Seipati returns home. Elsewhere, Tebatso’s dilemma worsens when he is forced to make a choice between the Mchunus and Prudence. Sarah is the last problem in Mpumi’s marital life.

5th October 2021, Tuesday: Episode 114

Puleng starts fighting a battle she did not see coming while Sarah and Mpumi set aside their differences. Prudence takes a risky move.

6th October 2021, Wednesday: Episode 115

Puleng loses her position of honour, while Prudence is determined to get justice for her abduction. Is Donald hiding something from Mpumi?

7th October 2021, Thursday: Episode 116

Puleng is overcome with emotion when she discovers that Mandla may make Seipati her permanent replacement. Phakade receives his first initiation while Mpumi and Donald finally have their honeymoon.

11th October 2021, Monday: Episode 117

Prudence’s life clock starts ticking while Seipati is not ready to share the title of Mrs. Cele. Elsewhere, Donald wants to have kids, but is Mpumi willing?

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12th October 2021, Tuesday: Episode 118

Careless talk might have expensive repercussions on Seipati while Prudence gets a call that leaves her shaken. Meanwhile, the issue of having a child exposes cracks in the lives of a newly wedded couple.

13th October 2021, Wednesday: Episode 119

Seipati exerts her authority as she gives Puleng another K.O, and the deadline for Phakade’s initiation is around the corner. Meanwhile, the subject of having kids continues to cause tension in Donald and Mpumi’s new marriage, but the latter has a surprise.

14th October 2021, Thursday: Episode 120

Puleng learns specific details regarding Seipati’s dark secret while Prudence gets herself in a position she is likely to get hurt. Meanwhile, the atmosphere is full of love at the house of Nondumo.

Lingashoni Teasers
Puleng gets emotional when she realizes Mandla might replace her permanently with Seipati. Gif:, (modified by author)
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18th October 2021, Monday: Episode 121

Mantoa is unaware that he is giving Puleng the ammunition to strike Seipati. Tebatso learns that Prudence has passed away while NJ discovers the truth about Papi’s secret.

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19th October 2021, Tuesday: Episode 122

Puleng discovers that she owns something valuable that she never knew existed, while Tebatso wants to seek revenge for Prudence's death. Meanwhile, NJ is acting matchmaker to a particular couple without them knowing.

20th October 2021, Wednesday: Episode 123

Mandla discovers a brutal truth regarding his wife while the Mchunus are fear-stricken regarding their latest felony. NJ’s actions place Papi in a compromising situation with Letlotlo.

21st October 2021, Thursday: Episode 124

Puleng is served a TKO from Seipati while Tebatso receives new details regarding the death of Prudence. Elsewhere, Papi’s efforts to get Letlotlo keep meeting an obstacle.

25th October 2021, Monday: Episode 125

Mandla has to make a move as Puleng and Seipati try to use their secret advantage. Meanwhile, Tebatso is finalizing his plan for revenge while NJ and Papi’s surprise does not turn out as expected.

26th October 2021, Tuesday: Episode 126

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The relationship that Mandla has with his wives takes a worrying turn while Tebatso oversteps a boundary he will never get the chance to uncross. Elsewhere, Papi takes a courageous step. Will it work this time?

27th October 2021, Wednesday: Episode 127

Seipati and Puleng reach a delicate agreement while Tebatso and his men launch an attack on the Mchunus. NJ keeps interfering in Letlotlo and Papi’s romantic moments.

28th October 2021, Thursday: Episode 128

Tebatso’s men engage in a dangerous and criminal act while Mandla deals Puleng and Seipati a deadly blow. Meanwhile, Papi has no time to rest.

Lingashoni Teasers
Prudence dies as she tries to seek justice in Lingashoni October episodes. Gif:, (modified by author)
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What happens to Lingashoni's cast?

Lingashoni's cast has a pool of talented actors and actresses led by veteran actor Patrick Mofokeng as Mandla Cele. The show’s October episodes have heightened family drama and blood-curdling crimes you do not want to miss. Here is a recap of what happens to some of the characters.

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She seeks justice for her kidnapping but ends up dead at the hands of the Mchunus. Her death angers Tebatso, who vows to make the culprits pay. He sets his revenge plan in motion and ends up crossing a line he will never be able to uncross. Will he succeed at going against the Mchunus?


His relationship with his wives takes a drastic turn when Seipati returns home. Puleng is worried that Seipati may replace her as Mandla’s permanent wife, while Seipati is determined to be the only Mrs. Cele. What will be Mandla’s final decision?

Your home entertainment is covered this October with engaging drama, as revealed by the above Lingashoni teasers. How will Mandla handle the deteriorating relationship with his wives? You can follow the local telenovela on 1Magic from Mondays to Thursdays at 9.30 p.m.

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After eloping with his new lover, Clement’s fairytale love life takes a worse turn. Elsewhere, troubles at the Seakamala household continue as they face another scandal. How much can they handle before they find a lasting solution?

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