Top 10 things to do in Durban: activities for couples, kids, family

Top 10 things to do in Durban: activities for couples, kids, family

Are you looking for what you could do in Durban with your kids? Or are you alone and on a budget? Looking for a perfect date night idea or are you simply just very tired of spending rainy days in bed with nothing to do? Look no further because we have a list of fun packet activities to meet all your needs and leave you only wanting more and more.

Things to do in Durban
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There are many things to do in Durban, and we have got for you a list of the most popular activities there. Read on!

Things to do in Durban under R100

Are you on a budget but want to enjoy the best that Durban has to offer with the smallest cost incurred? Well, here are a few activities popular in Durban and all of them are under R100.

Visit the Mandela Legacy fence

Cost: Free

In 2013, the residents of the Morningside area in Durban decided to put legacy locks on a fence located at the corner of Gordon and Florida roads in a bid to keep Mandela’s legacy alive. Since then, people from all over the world have visited the fence to add their own locks. It is a great activity to take part in, and it is free. All you have to do is show up with your own padlock.

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Have a picnic at the Durban Botanical Gardens

romantic things to do in Durban
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Cost: Free

Do you enjoy being in the midst of nature? The Durban Botanical gardens offer a variety of wildlife as well as green and leafy trees for shade. The whole environment is pretty calming and relaxing, and it is the perfect place for a walk or a picnic with your loved ones, friends and family. The beautiful gardens also host various events throughout the year. You could catch a couple of them by visiting their website for further information.

Lunch at Afro’s Chicken shop

Cost: R50 per person

Afro’s Chicken shop is well known for its fantastic chicken. From a small start, the restaurant is now a booming business with several locations all over Durban. Sample their amazing menu items such as a burger and chips or strips and chips with extra avocado on the side for R39 each. Now, who does not love some good avocado on the side?

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Indoor rock climbing at the Southern Rock Climbing Centre

Cost: R80 for a whole day

Highly recommended on Trip Advisor, it is Durban’s only indoor rock climbing area. A great place for family-friendly activities from beginner level all the way to expert. Unleash your inner athlete and test both your physical and mental strength and endurance as you face each obstacle ahead. The Centre also offers monthly outdoor days as well as competitions twice a month which you can catch once you visit their website to confirm the dates.

Kenneth Stainbank Nature Reserve and Coedmore Castle

Cost: R20 per person

The Coedmore Castle was built by Dering Stainbank in 1885 and remained in the family for four generations before the family donated it to the state. The castle still contains a vast majority of its original content such as 19th-century furniture, antique silverware as well as family portraits. Though state-owned, it is still maintained by the family. The castle is located within the Kenneth Stainbank Nature Reserve, characterized by gigantic Yellowwood trees, and it is home to various species of zebra, antelope, and a beautiful abundance of birdlife. You can get a guided tour of the castle and enjoy the wildlife for such an affordable fee.

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Hiking at Paradise Valley Nature Reserve

Cost: R13 per adult, R10 per child (under 15), R8 per person for organized Educational Groups

The Paradise Valley Nature Reserve is one of the two national monuments in Princetown hosting the Umbilo Waterworks builtin 1887. Characterized by 100 hectares of coastal and remnant grassland, you can choose from their available four trails that take you through a wooden bridge and all the way to the waterfall.

Things to do in Durban with kids

Having the kids causing havoc around the house during the holidays is a headache that no one needs. How about taking your kids out to take part in one or two of the affordable kids’ activities that Durban offers?

Fun World Amusement Park

Cost: R25 per person

This amusement park is located along Durban’s Golden Mile area which is a 5 km stretch of sandy beaches with opportunities to swim in the beautiful blue ocean. The park is perfect for kids with a variety of eight different rides such as the swingboat, elephant ride, Hulley gulley and tornado to name a few. It is the perfect place for kids to have lots of fun and cool off afterwards in the nearby paddling pools. This amusement park also offers Cable car rides, giving the family the perfect aerial view of the beachfront.

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Giba Gorge Mountain Bike and Adventure Park

Cost: R50 per adult, R20 per child under 12 years old

The adventure park offers various trails for riders to follow including obstacle courses for the whole family to participate in. Apart from the clearly marked bike trails, Giba Gorge offers hiking trails, horse riding trails as well as a bike shop for maintenance and sale of bicycles. The park is also friendly for non-bike owners who can enjoy the beautiful scenery as they partake in a meal from one of their various food outlets.

Visit Willow Creek Animal Farm

Cost: R30 per person

The farm has free-roaming animals which include ducks, rabbits, sheep, alpaca, emus, goats and donkeys. It provides a safe environment for children to interact, feed and touch the animals as they get to know more about them. Apart from an educational point of view with the farm and its animals, there are pony rides. There is also a tea farm and a picnic site for families to sit and enjoy.

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Play Date at People’s Park at Moses Mabhida Stadium

Things you can do in Durban
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Cost: Free

The people’s park at Moses Mabhida has a vast array of fun playtime activities for kids such as skating, riding bicycles and various fun sports such as playing soccer and cricket, not forgetting the jungle gyms in the sand-covered playground. Take the kids and let them go wild with fun while you sit back and enjoy the free available Wi-Fi.

More outdoor activities in Durban

A day at Anstey’s beach on the bluff

Adventurous things to do in Durban
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Cost: Free

With exceptionally well-maintained paddle pools for the little ones to splash about, Anstey’s beach is one of the best destinations for kids to enjoy. The beach also has benches with shades to offer protection from those harmful UV rays as well as a grassy lawn for you to lie on and get that tan or have some lunch. The beach also has several food outlets selling sweets and small snacks to satisfy the kids’ sweet teeth.

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Watch the reptiles at PheZulu Safari Park

Cost: R55 per person.

Escape the city and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the PheZulu Safari Park in the valley of 1000 hills as the kids get lost in the large world of reptiles hosted at the park. The children get an opportunity to watch them go about their daily reptilian lives in the park as well as eat. The park hosts a 90-year-old Nile crocodile and a 42kg Burmese python. These two are major attractions at the park, and the kids are set to enjoy.

Things to do in Durban at night

Want a taste of that Durban Nightlife? Want to enjoy a peaceful and very beautiful Durban night with your loved one? Here are a few activities you will definitely enjoy. Feeling rather lucky? Why not catch a game of bingo at the Galaxy Pavilion Entertainment centre and stand a chance to win big cash prizes. Afterwards, you can catch a scrumptious meal at the Galaxy Grill. Pinto’s is the place to be on Friday nights at 8 pm till midnight to catch up with friends, have a few drinks, (Drink responsibly. Don’t drink and drive) a couple of amazing pizzas and of course, top it all off with singing along to your favourite songs. Create epic memories with your close friends and no better way to do that than with good old karaoke.

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Durban is home to the Galleria Ice Rink and Durban Ice Arena, two amazing and modern ice skating rinks. It is a good place to pass the time for a few hours indoors and a great way to keep the whole family occupied and enjoying themselves.

Durban is also home to several museums and art galleries open to guests with a wide range of interests. Some museums include the African Art Culture, Natural Science Museum, Port Natal Maritime Museum and the Old Courthouse Museum to name a few.

Clearly, boredom and Durban cannot be used in the same sentence. This city under the sun has activities for everyone from all walks of life and across all ages. Whether on a tight budget or you are ready to splurge, extra sunny or rainy, Durban always has something to suit your ever-changing needs and tastes. Try our various activities on the list and be sure to share with the rest of the world.

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