Top 15 exciting things to do in Mossel Bay: places to visit

Top 15 exciting things to do in Mossel Bay: places to visit

If you are planning to go on a trip and have a tight budget, it is prudent to go for a tourism destination that is affordable and has a variety of sites that you could visit. Mossel Bay is such a town. The town has a variety of tourist attraction sites that will render your stay in the town worthwhile. The activities range from water-related activities to tours and sight undertakings. How about we went through these top 15 exciting things to do in Mossel Bay.

Top 15 exciting things to do in Mossel Bay 2019
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Ranging from the unique and beautiful beaches to the beautiful landscape, Mossel Bay is one of the most beautiful towns that one should visit. The town is endowed with some of the most epic sites that you will enjoy seeing. Before you set out on your journey, you should establish some of the exciting things to do in Mossel Bay.

Where is Mossel Bay situated?

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Mosselbai; commonly known as Mossel Bay is one of the gems that South Africa is proud to be home to. The small town located on the Southern Cape, widely known as Garden Route. The town has a population of about one hundred and thirty thousand people although it is a lucrative tourist attraction site. The town has all sorts of tourist attraction sites that will prove to be engaging and breathtaking. If you are thinking of what to do in Mossel Bay, it is wise to be enlightened on the things to do in Mossel Bay.

Mossel Bay tourism

These are some of the Mossel Bay attractions;

1. Maritime Museum

Maritime Museum is one of the oldest places in the country. The museum is associated with Bartolomeu Dias, who was the first Portuguese to set foot in Mossel Bay, after which he named the bay the watering place of Saint Blaize. He deduced this name from the day of Saint Blaize and the spring of fresh water that he found at the bay. Currently, the spring is in the museum.

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Some of the historical treasures in the museum are the map of the bay.

2. Dana Bay Beach

Dana bay beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in South Africa. The beach has an added advantage of being elevated. The elevation gives a clearer and more epic view over the beach, hence a better view of the whales in the water. Another fascinating scene that one can see is schools of dolphins.

The beach is customer friendly and has facilities that ensure the comfort of the tourists like; ablution blocks, lookout points and braai spots.

3. Pinnacle Point Main Beach

Pinnacle Point Main Beach is another fascinating and attractive tourist attraction site. The beach is endowed with lovely stretches of sand since it is supported from winds. The beach is also surrounded by coastal vegetation, which makes it even more attractive. The beach is also home to small animals and birds.

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4. Mossel Bay Golf Course

Top 15 exciting things to do in Mossel Bay 2019
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Mossel Bay is a town that is a full package of itself. Not only does the town have interesting tourist attraction sites, but it also has sporting centres. The Garden Route golf courses is one of the golf courses in the town. Imagine the beauty of a golf course next to the ocean, how attractive is that?

The golf course also has additional facilities like a bar and a restaurant. Near the golf course, there are luxurious beach houses. He rates of the beach houses are quite fair.

5. Botlierskop Private Game Reserve

Top 15 exciting things to do in Mossel Bay 2019
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Are you a wildlife fanatic? If so, there is a park in the bay. Botlierskop private game reserve is home to rhinos, zebras, and antelopes. The reserve is also home to two elephants; Sam and Tsotsi. The two elephants were rescued from the Zambezi valley in Zimbabwe. The fascinating part about this reserve is that tourists are allowed to ride on the back of the elephant.

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6. Cape St Blaize Lighthouse

Top 15 exciting things to do in Mossel Bay 2019
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Mossel Bay is lucky to also be home of the Victorian lighthouse. The lighthouse serves as a beacon for navigators. The tower is also a historic site since it was built in 1864.

7. Great Brak River Village Walk

The Great Brak River Village Walk refers to a trail that is circular and is found around an estuary, a beach and a river. The walk starts off at the Southern Cross Road, all through to the bridge which is downstream. Along the trail, there are birds, like the waders and the water birds near the river’s estuary.

8. Diaz Beach water World

The Diaz Beach Water World is one of the most prepossessing sites in the town. The hotel and resort offer an experience of fun, especially for kids. It is the perfect gateway activity for kids since it has the most involving water activities.

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9. Learn 2 Surf Mossel Bay

What is a South African beach if you cannot go for surfing? Surfing is among the fascinating water sports. Learn 2 Surf Mossel Bay has made it easier for leisure-seekers to take part in the sport. It offers training for surfing at very affordable rates, on Diaz beach. The training fee also accommodates the equipment. The branch of the school in Mossel bay is one of the many branches that the school has.

10. The Post Office Tree

Top 15 exciting things to do in Mossel Bay 2019
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Since Mossel Bay town was along the coastline, most of the foreigners who voyaged towards Africa stopped in the town. During their stopovers, they would leave traces of evidence of their coming. Such evidence is found on the Post Office Tree, hence the name of this tourist attraction site is significant. It is one of the oldest Mossel Bay attraction sites.

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The Post Office Tree was a common place where sailors, especially commanders of ships, would leave behind letters while communicating with other troops. The site has a post box, which is in the shape of a Sailor’s boot, where letters would be put, and the other troops would respond by leaving their letters in the same boot. As of date, the big boot is still on the tree and notes can be posted through it.

11. Hiking Trail in Mossel Bay

Hiking is one of the adventurous and therapeutic Mossel Bay things to do. The activity takes advantage of the rugged slopes of the coastline as well as the numerous caves in the area. The 13.5-kilometre hiking trail is enough for a leisure-seeker to have a moment for themselves to rejuvenate. It is also an extreme sport that is beneficial, especially when it comes to keeping fit.

The most epic part about the hiking experience is the fact that the location of the trail is so perfect. Since the path is situated along the coastline, you'll get the best view of the beauty of the ocean. If you are keen enough, you can spot dolphins, whales, and times sharks.

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To make the whole hiking experience more enjoyable, the trail has gone through the process of upgrading. Some of the additional features on the path is the small sandy beaches and spots for swimming in rock pools.

Hiking is, however, limited to calm seasons. Tourists are also advised to be extra careful during the process, especially for cases where there are rugged shorelines. Children too are authorized to be in the company of adults during the sport.

Besides the precautions, tourists are advised to try out the St Blaize hiking trail for a fun-filled experience.

12. Mossel Bay Adventures

Mossel Bay adventures is another source of interest that is capable of attracting tourists to the country. The activities that a tourist can engage in include; hiking, cycling, team building, kayaking, kayak fishing, hunting, tours and paintball.

13. Attakwaskloof 4x4 Trail

Attakwaskloof 4x4 Trail is situated inside the Outeniqua Natural Reserve. This trail is what connects Cape Town to Mossel Bay. If you were worried about the distance from Cape Town to Mossel Bay, the length of the path is 20 kilometres. The trail takes close to three hours to cross.

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14. Hartenbos Water Park

Top 15 exciting things to do in Mossel Bay 2019
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Visiting Hartenbos is one thing. Having a glimpse of the water park is another, so, if you were wondering about what to do in Hartenbos. The park has the utterly thrilling activities that are involving for the whole family. Some of the fun-filled activities that you could try out is the water slide. This is one of the best gateway activities for family and friends.

15. Hartenbos Museum

Hartenbos museum should be in your things to do in Hartenbos bucket list. The Hartenbos museum is one of the oldest museums in the town. It showcases some of the most fascinating artefacts that were used during the mid-1800s. If you are worried about accommodation while at the museum, there are hotels near the museum.

Apart from these top fifteen things to do in Mosselbay, you should also make a point of visiting the Outeniqua Transport Railway Museum George, popularly known as George train museum. The museum has some of the oldest steam trains, that used to travel from Mossel Bay to George.

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Another fascinating place is Oudtshoorn to Mossel Bay, along the Garden Route. The route has some of the most spectacular drives as it exposes the country’s beauty when it comes to forests and beaches.

It is needless to say that Mossel Bay is one of the most spectacular towns in South Africa. The town is for sure a gem. With all these adventurous tourist attraction sites, what else would you want for leisure, apart from selecting the most exciting things to do in Mossel?


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