List of the best 10 courier companies South Africa 2021

List of the best 10 courier companies South Africa 2021

If you want to send a package, you will need delivery services that you can rely on to ship your parcel safely and on time. You will also need other services like tracking, and at the same time, it should be affordable. Here is a list of the 10 best courier companies South Africa in 2021.

Best 10 courier companies South Africa 2021
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Which are the top 10 courier companies in South Africa? Keep reading to know them and the services they offer. These courier companies have stood the test of time, proving their consistency in customer service. Most people will look for the cheapest courier service in South Africa, but how dependable is the service?

1. The Courier Guy

The best 10 courier companies South Africa 2020
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This firm started back in 2000 with only just one motorbike and became one of the largest courier companies in South Africa. Their mission 'to provide best and fully tested products and solutions to customers' says it all that their two main priorities are the customer and the franchise.

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The Courier Guy rates and services

Some of the services offered by Courier Guy online include same-day express, same-day economy, overnight delivery, normal air, and special projects. The service will depend on how urgent your consignment is. The firm also offers tracking services to inform their customers where their packages are.

2. Globeflight

Best courier companies South Africa 2020
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This is one of the oldest freight companies in South Africa, having held excellent customer service since 1998. Doing deliveries 24 hours a day and covering shipping needs from express same-day to overnight logistics, Globeflight covers both international and local deliveries.

Domestically, the freight company branches include Globeflight Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town, East London, and Port Elizabeth, among other destinations.

3. Fastway

The best 10 courier companies South Africa 2020
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Fastway Courier firm offers distinctive, scheduled, reliable, and cheap courier services with the help of the latest computer technologies and online parcel tracking, making Fastway the best choice for personal or business-related deliveries.

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Fastway services South Africa covers over 250 areas within the country from Cape Town to Johannesburg with the sole purpose of satisfying their customers.

4. Time Freight

The best 10 courier companies South Africa 2020
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Time Freight is one of the oldest South African couriers having been in service since 1984 by Ivor Keppler as a Kwazulu-Natal based operator growing to become one of the country's leading road express business.

The firm does door-to-door deliveries with most cities accessed on an overnight basis by the provision of cost-effective road services. Time Freight's main offices are located in Pietermaritzburg with branches in other major towns.

5. Dawn Wing

The best 10 courier companies South Africa 2020
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Offering specialized time-tabled deliveries for letters and parcels of up to 30kg for both B2B and B2C throughout South Africa, Dawn Wing is considered one of the best courier companies Cape Town among other regions in the country. With the help of the latest technologies, customers are guaranteed the safety of their packages through tracking services.

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6. Door 2 Door

Top 10 courier companies South Africa 2020
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From customer testimonials to outstanding reviews, Door 2 Door has proven to be an efficient delivery corporate. Their services include overnight deliveries, normal/budget cargo, international imports, and exports, among others.

Door 2 Door has come a long way to ensure that they provide reliable services with personal interactions and that their clients get quick responses.

7. PostNet

Top 10 courier companies South Africa 2020
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PostNet offers a wide range of shipment products to both the international and domestic to serve various markets in South Africa. Having been in operation for more than 25 years, PostNet has over 390 owner-operated retail stores. The firm has grown to be the largest freighting industry in the country. PostNet has also partnered with other companies like DHL South Africa to help grasp more customers and improve on their shipping services.

8. Courier It

10 courier companies South Africa 2020
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The growth and success of this firm are owed to the fact that they are able to identify their clients' needs. That is why they deserve to be on top of the courier companies list. Their systems are competent, and all their offices are supervised according to the specific standards set to ensure consistency regarding delivery and collection standards, punctuality, and exceptional customer relations.

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9. City Logistics

The best 10 courier companies South Africa 2020
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City Logistics is one of the most valid courier companies in Johannesburg and all over SA. The firm established an extensive network to serve all the areas within the country and across the border to Botswana, Namibia, and Swaziland. City Logistics has also set aside over 100,000 square meters of warehousing space to meet the storage and cross-docking requirements.

10. Ram Hand to Hand

To 10 courier companies South Africa 2020
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With over 40 branches, 1,500 vehicles, and 2,800 well-trained personnel working across South Africa, Ram Hand to Hand has invested in its infrastructure to ensure that they never subcontract on any delivery.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Here are the most common questions about freight firms.

How much does it cost to courier?

The courier services South Africa prices depend on several factors like how fast you want your goods to be delivered, which means of transport is used, and which company you use, among other factors.

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Which is the best courier service?

The list above has stated some of the best courier companies South Africa has to offer according to customer reviews.

How can I join a courier company?

The process of joining a delivery company depends on the company you choose. So it is better to contact the company and get information.

Which companies use courier services?

A lot of organizations use delivery services to attract more customers, and most have ended up partnering with freight companies.

From this list of the top courier companies South Africa, you will definitely find one that suits you. All of them have been deemed worthy by their customers for the services they offer.


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