Ntsiki Mazwai Responds After Getting Roasted by Sol Phenduka Over Cyan Boujee’s Rant

Ntsiki Mazwai Responds After Getting Roasted by Sol Phenduka Over Cyan Boujee’s Rant

  • Ntsiki Mazwai and Sol Phenduka exchanged a few blows on X after Cyan Boujee mocked Sol Phenduka's appearance
  • Cyan Boujee retaliated after Sol Phenduka and MacG called her a prostitute by calling Sol a 'dark blue blob fat fish'
  • Ntsiki sided with Cyan by agreeing with her, but Sol Phenduka took it to heart and mocked her

Ntsiki Mazwai has been fired up recently as she engaged in heated back and forth with celebs on X (Twitter.)

Ntsiki Mazwai mocked Sol Phenduka's appearance.
Ntsiki Mazwai and Sol Phenduka exchanged blows and mocked them. Image: @miss_ntsiki_mazwai, @solphenduka
Source: Instagram

Ntsiki Mazwai and Sol Phenduka engage in a twar

Poet and podcaster Ntsiki Mazwai and Sol Phenduka clashed on social media after Cyan Boujee ridiculed Sol Phenduka's appearance. Ntsiki Mazwai sided with Cyan after the Podcast And Chill with MacG team called her a prostitute.

Cyan Boujee retaliated and called Sol Phenduka a 'dark blue blob fat fish'. Ntsiki further aggravated Sol by siding with Cyan, triggering a back-and-forth exchange among them.

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Responding to a tweet by @Yolokazi_chagi, who said:

"I get Cyan calling Mac G a squirrel, but calling Sol Phenduka a Dark Blue blob fat fish? My guy, I had to research it, Sol doesn’t deserve it to be honest."

Ntsiki laughed and said: "He totally does. Respect Sesi Cyan."

Sol Phenduka mocks Ntsiki over hygiene

The podcaster would not let Ntsiki Mazwai have her moment to shine as he hit her with a personal clapback.

Sol said, "On the day you chose to bathe, you decided to mock me."

This insult has been overused repeatedly, as many celebrities mock Ntsiki Mazwai for not bathing. This broken record of an insult left Ntsiki unfazed, so she responded with:

"Holla Blue Blob!!! Enjoy your day."

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Cyan Boujee mocks MacG's wife after insult

The controversial media personality was not going to take the insults lying down. Cyan hit back at Mac G by mocking his wife Naledi and calling her old.

"Lol, gotta get used to the hot topic phrase. That squirrel looking thing laughing out at the fact that I'm out on school tours is okay, but calling me a prostitute for views is were we draw the line. Your wife that looks 20x older than you is the actual prostitute."

Sol Phenduka hits back at Cyan Boujee

In a previous report from Briefly News, Sol Phenduka responded to Cyan Boujee's insults during her rant.

The Podcast, Chill host, and some of his followers weren't impressed with the comments, saying they weren't funny.

Source: Briefly News

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