DJ Zinhle Betrayed by Birthday Party Guests Who Ignored Request Not to Post Vintage Car Online

DJ Zinhle Betrayed by Birthday Party Guests Who Ignored Request Not to Post Vintage Car Online

  • DJ Zinhle threw a lavish birthday party for her husband Mörda in celebration of his 37th birthday
  • The star gifted her man a stylish vintage car, and she received praise for this on social media
  • However, next to the car, DJ Zinhle placed a sign where she asked people not to share the car online

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The people who attended Mörda's 37th birthday party, which his wife, DJ Zinhle, planned, completely disregarded her humble request.

DJ Zinhle had asked her guests not to post Mörda's car online.
DJ Zinhle's guests at her husband Mörda's birthday party disregarded her request not to post his car online. Image: @djzinhle
Source: Instagram

DJ Zinhle gifts hubby classic car

The award-winning DJ Zinhle threw an extravagant birthday celebration for her husband, Murdah 'Mörda' Bongz, who marked his 37th birthday.

The star gifted him a chic vintage car, garnering praise online. A video from the celebrations trended online, and you can see the music producer getting emotional before he got inside his car.

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DJ Zinhle asks for car not to be shared online

A sign asking people not to share images or videos of the car online was placed right next to it.

The sign read: “Do not post the car on social media.”

This request was ignored by the people who splashed the video online.

X blog page @MDNnewss shared a picture of the sign with the caption:

"DJ Zinhle had a sign that clearly said “do not post the car on social media”, but someone went ahead and posted it."

Mzansi shares jokes about the post

Commenting on the post, netizens shared jokes and stated that people have complete disrespect for people's wishes.

@SthembiD said:

"This is so annoying."

@mabasotf shared:

"They must rewatch the videos and look who was standing at this angel."

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@KingNema_Jnr laughed:

"One person nje, will always mess up."

@SibaAtSea added:

"Lack of respect. And then when she blocks them they are going to slam her and say she is full of herself."

@TheRealSmomoh said:

"People are always like that, doing the opposite."

DJ Zinhle praises hubby Murdah Bongz in viral video

In a previous report from Briefly News, house music queen DJ Zinhle recently spoke fondly about her husband, Murdah Bongz.

A trending video of the reality TV star gushing over her husband was shared on social media. Many netizens reacted to the video, and some loved how DJ Zinhle was so head over heels for her husband.

Source: Briefly News

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