How much do civil engineers earn in South Africa as of 2024?

How much do civil engineers earn in South Africa as of 2024?

Civil engineers are the brains behind the existence of skyscrapers and other infrastructure found in the world. Their duties include planning, designing, building, and maintaining infrastructure systems while ensuring not to damage the environment they execute their projects on. This article details how much civil engineers earn in South Africa.

Civil Engineer's salary
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Experience is an influential factor in determining how much one earns in every career field. In this regard, South African civil engineers who hold entry-level positions are reportedly said to earn an estimated salary of R30,000-R40,000 per month, with a total annual compensation of R232,974.

Furthermore, Canada is among the countries with a high demand of civil engineers as infrastructure developments and maintenance happen in the country.

What is a civil engineer’s monthly salary?

The monthly salary that civil engineers earn is often subject to their credentials and experience level. As such, the average salary a civil engineer who has recently entered the working field can earn in South Africa is R30,000-R40,000 per month.

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What is the salary of a junior civil engineer in South Africa?

According to Payscale, an entry-level civil engineer with a year of experience can expect to earn a total compensation of R232,974 per annum, which includes bonuses, tips and overtime payments.

How much does a mid-senior civil engineer earn in South Africa?

At a mid-senior level, a civil engineer with five to nine years of experience is reported to earn approximately R605,350 based on 44 salaries. In comparison, those with ten years of experience earn up to R726,621 annually.

Are civil engineers in demand in South Africa?

Reports state that civil engineering is among career opportunities that are in demand in South Africa and those who embark on the journey to study for it could find themselves working for the country’s top construction companies.

However, Business Tech has since published an article reporting that South Africa’s skilled engineers were leaving the country, citing the need to seek greener pastures as the field is lucrative as far as one finds a job in the government sector.

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How much does a diploma in civil engineering make you earn per month in South Africa?

Junior civil engineer's salary in South Africa
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Various sources present differing figures for this question and Payscale states that someone with a civil engineering diploma can earn between R94,000 to R196,117 annually. At the same time, Safacts points out that a civil engineering diploma holder that works as a project engineer can earn an estimated salary of R179,000-R543,000 annually.

Which country is in demand of civil engineers?

Several countries around the world are in demand of civil engineers, but Canada is at the top of those that do. Among other reasons, this is the case due to infrastructure developments that cities and remote communities are undergoing.

Do you need to be good at drawing to be a civil engineer?

While some argue that you do not need to be good at drawing to be a civil engineer, it is said that you will be required to draw designs and sketches that need to be explained to classmates or colleagues. Furthermore, during the latest stage of your career, designing applications and software are used to draw various designs.

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Knowing how much civil engineers earn in South Africa is of paramount importance to those who are to venture into this career field, as this will give them a sense of understanding about how much they can expect to earn. From this article, it is notably apparent that a salary increases with the years of experience one has.

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