Soweto Towers activities and prices: a complete guide (2024)

Soweto Towers activities and prices: a complete guide (2024)

The Soweto Towers are a massive draw for international tourists and locals due to their rich history and the various exciting activities, including exhilarating bungee jumping. The Soweto Towers are not just for adrenaline junkies looking for their next fix, as there are other laidback, family-friendly options. Here is everything you need to know about the attractions and activities included.

Soweto Towers Johannesburg
The Soweto Towers are a massive attraction for locals and tourists. Photo: Giovanni Mereghetti and Francois Goudier/Gamma-Rapho (modified by author)
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According to the Gauteng Tourism Authority, the Soweto Towers' history begins with the construction of the Orlando Power Station in 1935. It was only completed in 1935 following the Second World War delays. The power station was in operation for 56 years but was shut down in 1998 and modified, turning the power station into an entertainment and business centre in 2008.

The Soweto Towers bungee jump is the main attraction, where adrenaline junkies can bungee jump off of the top of the west tower. How high is the jump, and what else can you do at the popular attraction?

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Soweto Towers activities and prices
Soweto Towers activities and prices: a complete guide. Photos: @Destino de Africa (Modified by editor)
Source: Facebook

What are the Soweto Towers used for?

The Soweto Towers are adorned with street art-styled imagery of what makes Soweto so iconic, including the globally successful Soweto String Quartet, Nelson Mandela, and street vendors selling fresh produce.

South reports that there are various activities you can enjoy directly relating to the Soweto Towers, which include the bungee jump, base jumping, and an external and internal tower wing. The external tower swing was the first to be created between two cooling towers, making the Soweto Towers a trailblazing attraction.

How high are the Soweto Towers?

All the activities mentioned above are done off the top of the west tower. Further Africa confirms the towers' height at 333 feet, or 100 metres.

What age do you have to be to go to the Soweto Towers?

How old must you be to bungee jump? The Soweto Towers website mentions that children under 12 are prohibited from going up the towers, and anybody under 18 requires parent or guardian consent. The weight limit is between 35 kg and 110 kg.

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Soweto Towers prices

The bungee jump off the towers is R630 per person, with discounts for groups of six or more at R580 per person. You can obtain a DVD of your 100 m bungee jump at R170 per jump per disc and photos at R100 per jump per disc.

Soweto Towers bungee
You can enjoy an exhilarating bungee jump off the Soweto Towers. Photo: Soweto Towers and Venture to South Africa on Facebook (modified by author)
Source: UGC

The straightjacket bungee jump costs R1,030 per person, and multimedia (photos and DVDs) are included in the fee. The base jump costs R200 per person but is for experienced jumpers only. It must be prearranged through the base coordinator, Danilo Pagani, and only people who have done over 100 free falls (skydiving) qualify.

The SCAD freefall costs R400 per person, with discounts for groups of six or more R360 per person. All multimedia fees are included in the fees.

It is important to note that the adventure centre does not accept cash payments but accepts credit or debit cards.

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How much is bungee jumping at Soweto Towers?
Bungee jumping off the towers is R630 per person. Photo: Pascale Beroujon/Gamma-Rapho
Source: Getty Images

Other activities

There are various exciting activities thrill-seekers can partake in if they do not wish to scale and jump off the 100 m towers. The attraction has rock climbing for those wanting an adventure without the heights. The 25-metre rock climbing wall costs R48 per person online and R60 per person at the venue. Under 18’s must have signed parent/guardian consent.

Those looking for different fun can enjoy a paintball game at R160 per person online or R200 at the venue. The fees include 200 balls, one cylinder refill, one mask and the overall rental. Bookings must be done 48 hours in advance.

Orlando Towers
Rock climbing is one of the other exciting activities you can enjoy at Orlando Towers. Photo: Soweto Towers on Facebook (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Soweto Towers restaurant

Make a day out of your thrill-seeking adventures and visit Chaf Pozi, a restaurant at the foot of the towers. Chaf Pozi serves traditional South African dishes with Shisa Nyama-style meat, a township staple and South African favourite.

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Enjoy delicious beef, chicken, mutton, pork cuts, and refreshing drinks. The braai meat is served at your table, offering patrons delicious homemade-style braai with a special touch.

Soweto Towers restaurant
Chaf Pozi serves traditional South African dishes with Shisa Nyama-style meat. Photo: @chaf_pozi and @book_ibhoni on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Soweto Towers guest accommodation

There is accommodation available for those travelling from far away or those just wanting to make a weekend of it. The guest house in Orlando East, Soweto, provides humble yet quality accommodation at affordable rates.

Soweto Towers' operating hours

According to their website, the Soweto Towers are open on Thursday from 12h00 until sunset and from Friday to Sunday from 10h00 until sunset. No bookings are required for the tower activities, which run on a first-come, first-serve basis. Bookings are required for rock climbing and paintball.

Soweto Towers prices free fall
The SCAD freefall costs R400 per person. Photo: Hoberman Collection
Source: Getty Images

Soweto Towers reviews

The venue has a rating of 4.5/5 on Google reviews. A Google user named Brii Brii rated it 5/5, saying:

'Absolutely loved this place. Went alone for my bungee jump and free fall then returned a different day with my nieces for the view. Staff are phenomenal and so supportive to do the jump.'

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Zara Gibson gave the venue a 5/5 rating, too, stating:

Did the bungee jump and had such a wonderful experience, I was so terrified but the staff helped me push through and live out the unforgettable moment of jumping off the tower. The video package we opted for was awesome too! We got it same day not long after the jump.'

Veronica Ravhura rated the experience 4/5, explaining:

We had the most fun here, the whole staff was absolutely friendly and welcoming, they made it easy for some of us to take the jumps and falls, and it was not too crowded.There is also a restaurant inside the yard Chaf Pozi. their food was amazing and not as expensive as I expected. Also the team is amazing.'

The Soweto Towers have become a significant attraction for thrill-seeking South Africans and adrenaline-junkie tourists looking for a unique day out. Enjoy the exhilarating tower activities or wind down at the local restaurant and enjoy local food made lekker!

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