Everything to know about owning an electric motorbike in South Africa in 2022

Everything to know about owning an electric motorbike in South Africa in 2022

This era is associated with the emergence of electric vehicles, which no longer run on traditional fossil fuels. This is a global trend which seeks to heal and conserve what remains from the damages caused by the industrial activities of humans. Owning an electric motorbike in South Africa is becoming a significant pursuit for people. And interestingly, many of them are affordable and durable.

Can I drive an electric motorcycle with car licence?
2022 has marked a significant shift in ownership and use of rechargeable battery-run motorbikes. Photo: unsplash.com, @samuelcarter
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Various locally assembled and manufactured electric motorbikes are in South Africa. For instance, Kollter Electric Motorcycles boasts of introducing South Africa's first electric urban motorcycle. Other electric motorbike companies in South Africa include Roam Air and other foreign manufacturers.

Owning an electric motorbike in South Africa

The year 2022 marks a significant shift in ownership and use of rechargeable battery-run motorbikes. These bikes come in different looks, designs, and purposes. Here are things to know, including prices:

LiveWire one - R386,000

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LiveWire one. Photo: @SurferGrl15
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This powerful motorbike, weighing 562 pounds, is among the best motorbikes that take little time to charge. In only 40 minutes of a stable DC supply source, the battery would have charged 80 of the battery percentage. Its weight is, in fact, an advantage that ensures balance and stability and in no way affects the battery discharge.

The battery will cover over 146 city miles when fully charged. At the same time, it has an attractive design with a 30-inch seat height allowing for riders of different sizes.

Zero SR/S - R344,646

Zero SR/S design is a design that offers maximum ergonomic comfort, craftsmanship, and speed and costs up to R344,646. The 110 horsepower super two-wheeler weighs around 518 pounds, and the top speed is 124 mph making it a favourite for highways and long distant journeys.

The range it covers when fully charged is about 156 miles, and it takes only 54 minutes to charge up to 95% of the battery power on a fast-charging DC source. The manufacturers will likely upgrade to produce a more powerful bike version.

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BMW CE 04 - R197,000

electric motorbike in South Africa
BMW CE 04. Photo: @mototingle
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BMW CE 04 is a rather odd-looking powerful motorbike that could easily be grouped in the scooter category. The bike has a range of 80 miles when fully charged and can move at 42 horsepower. The weight is only 509 pounds and is fitted with a low-placed 30-inch seat and a small luggage carrier option.

Charging the batteries to 80% can be achieved in 65 minutes on a quick charger and run at speeds up to 75 mph. Other optional features include heated grips and an anti-theft alarm system. You can get one for roughly R197,000.

Vespa Elettrica - R169,000

Vespa Elettrica is one of the low-budget electric motorbikes suited for moving around the neighbourhood, considering the range and speed. It runs at a top speed of 44 mph and covers a range of 62 city miles when fully charged.

This Vespa scooter takes more time to charge and can last up to four hours on a stable 220-volt power source. It is fitted with a 31-inch seat height, ideally accommodating various rider sizes. With about R169,000, anyone can own one.

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Kollter E-Cross ES-1S Pro - R82,000

Kollter electric motorbikes are locally developed bikes that boast of high power intermediate motor that delivers a maximum of 11kW output. It can run on two replaceable batteries. The motorcycle has enhanced control features and smooth acceleration to create a pleasant ride experience.

Roam Air - R34,000

What is the highest rated electric motorcycle?
Roam Air electric motorbike. Photo: @M0veElectric
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Roam electric motorcycles are produced by the Kenyan electric vehicle manufacturer Roam for the African market and climate conditions. The bike costs about R34,000 and has about 56 miles range on a single battery or 112 miles on a dual battery.

When discharged, batteries can easily be removed and replaced with charged ones to continue on the journey. The batteries' full charging can be achieved in about four hours. The body is well-engineered to provide comfort and is suitable for rugged roads.

How much does an electric motorcycle bike cost?

Electric motorcycles have no fixed price because the specifications determine their prices. Like the ones described above, prices range between $6 thousand and $30 thousand. Another determining factor in the price is the branding of the electric motorbike because some brands are costlier than others.

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Do you need a licence for an electric motorbike?

Yes, a license is required to own and ride an electric motorbike. According to the South African government's laws over the ownership and use of two-wheel vehicles, a license is required when they go faster than 45 km/hr or the weight exceeds 40 kg. So, when making plans to get an electric motorbike, include plans to get a license to enjoy the showdown without violating any law.

Does Honda offer electric motorcycles?

As of early 2022, there are still plans for the giant Japanese manufacturer to start making electric motorcycles and fit into the world's goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Their electric motorcycles have yet to be rampant as they are still in their developing and testing stage.

What is the most powerful electric motorbike?

Many bikes are powerful in their ways, especially those customised for specific purposes and driving conditions. So, it will not be out to point to say the most powerful bike in the list is the Zero SR/S which can go at 156 miles, 110 horsepower, and a speed of 124 mph.

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Owning an electric bike in South Africa may be as easy as walking in the park. All that is required is for the owner or rider to attain the necessary legal age, have the money to purchase, obtain a license and join the group of people trying to cut down on the green gas emission to save our planet.

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