Top 27 highest-paying engineering jobs in South Africa today

Top 27 highest-paying engineering jobs in South Africa today

Engineering is the driving force of modern economies, ranging from medicine, business, construction, food processes, agriculture, technology, AI, and defence. The discipline is broad, giving aspiring engineers a wide selection, which can be narrowed down by finding out the highest-paying engineering jobs in South Africa. Which engineering discipline has the highest salary?

Highest-paying careers in South Africa
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South Africa has some of the best engineering schools on the content, including the University of Pretoria, the University of Stellenbosch, UCT, Wits, UKZN, and others. To become a professional in the field, one must have a relevant bachelor's degree and be registered with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA).

Highest-paying engineering jobs in south africa

Below are the highest-paying engineering jobs in 2023. The monthly estimates are based on salary data surveys collected from employers and employees in South Africa.

27. Electrical engineer (R24,402 per month)

Electrical professionals study and design equipment and systems that use electromagnetism, electricity, and electronics. Electrical engineers earn an estimated monthly income of R24,402.

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They apply principles of physics and mathematics to manufacture electrical equipment such as electric motors, navigation systems, power generation equipment, and communications systems. They often work with other professional engineers.

26. Network engineer (R25,497 per month)

A network engineer works with an organization's IT department to ensure efficiency with the support team. They also ensure optimal performance of high-traffic network infrastructure regarding system maintenance, network integrity, firewalls, voice, and computer systems.

How much does a network engineer make in South Africa? They earn around R25,497 per month.

25. Computer engineer (R28,284 per month)

Computer engineering is the midpoint between electrical engineering and computer science. Despite the relatively new discipline, this profession offers many high-paying job opportunities in South Africa.

Professionals are required to have a degree in computer engineering because they are tasked with developing computer software and hardware. Computer engineers earn an average of R28,284 per month.

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24. Biomechanical engineer (R28,500 per month)

Biomechanical professionals apply mechanical principles to biological systems to develop solutions that work in the medical and industrial fields.

They can work in pharmaceutical companies and the creation of medical devices like prosthetic limbs and implants. They often work with physical therapists to design the best therapies for patients. Their monthly income is always around R28,500.

23. Civil engineer (R30,000-R40,000 per month)

highest paying engineering jobs in south africa
Highest paying engineering jobs in South Africa. Photo:, @energepic
Source: UGC

Civil engineering is an in-demand profession in South Africa. This profession involves designing, building, and maintaining physical infrastructure such as roads, buildings, bridges, and water supply logistics. Civil engineers in South Africa can take home an average salary of R30,000-R40,000 per month.

22. Manufacturing engineer (R30,187 per month)

Manufacturing engineering, also called production engineering, shares many aspects with other fields, including chemical, electrical, and industrial engineering.

Professionals need to have extensive knowledge in manufacturing and production, with special attention to creating and monitoring automated systems.

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The minimum requirement in South Africa is a bachelor's degree, while the average salary for a manufacturing engineer is R30,187 per month in South Africa.

21. Geological engineer (R30,800 per month)

Geological engineering is one of the highest-paying engineering jobs in South Africa, with a wide task base. The average monthly salary of a geological engineer is around R30,800.

These engineers can work anywhere where massive earth forms must be explored, processed, or extracted. They can also design and develop mineral transportation pathways, handle conservation and sustainability, conduct surveys, and oversee reclamation efforts.

20. Software engineer (R36,143 per month)

Top 10 highest paying engineering jobs
Top 10 highest paying engineering jobs. Photo:, @divinetechygirl
Source: UGC

Software professionals are responsible for creating a company's highly functional and solution-based software processes.

Unlike programmers, who are tasked with creating codes that make programs run, a software engineer designs and implements software solutions that programmers create. Software engineers earn an average salary of R36,143 per month.

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19. Industrial engineer (R36,633 per month)

Industrial engineering is one of the highest-paying jobs in South Africa. The profession focuses on optimizing complex processes, systems, and organizations by developing, enhancing, and implementing integrated systems that involve money, information, knowledge, equipment, and people. The average monthly salary for an industrial engineer is around R36,633

18. Environmental engineer (R37,500 per month)

An environmental professional deals with environmental protection through waste and pollution reduction. They create technologies and processes that control pollution and improve existing conditions through remediation.

They design systems that help waste treatment and restore air, water, and soil quality. The minimum requirement is a Bachelor's degree in environmental, civil, or chemical engineering and official certification from ECSA. Environmental engineers have an income of R37,500 per month.

17. Biomedical engineer (R37,500 per month)

Biomedical professionals apply engineering principles to medicine and biology to develop healthcare solutions. Biomedical engineers earn an average salary of R37,500 per month.

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They create medical devices like artificial hips and implants and design advanced medical solutions such as tissue and stem cell engineering, biomedical signal processing, and 3-D printing of biological organs.

16. Quality engineer (R40,948 per month)

A quality engineer's responsibility is to assess an organization's existing procedures and processes and to help design or build new quality controls, verifications, and tests.

They possess extensive backgrounds in designing, reviewing, and implementing control systems and testing parameters. Quality engineers make an estimated monthly salary of R40,948.

15. Automotive engineer (R43,750 per month)

Highest paying mechanical engineering jobs in South Africa
Highest paying mechanical engineering jobs in South Africa. Photo:, @olly
Source: UGC

An automotive engineer earns around R43,750 monthly. These engineers deal with automobile study, design, planning, and production.

An extensive background in mechanical engineering is a huge plus, but it is a specialization that requires industry-specific expertise in electronics, safety, fuel efficiency, and more.

14. Mechanical engineer (R45,109 per month)

Mechanical is one of the highest-paying mechanical engineering jobs in South Africa that deal with designing, developing, and testing things that move. The professionals apply the principles of force, energy, and motion to create efficient and safe products.

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Disciplines covered by mechanical professionals include human health, mechanics, robotics, cyber security, automotive, biotechnology, and nanotechnology. The average monthly salary for a mechanical engineer is around R45,109.

13. Chemical engineer (R46,250 per month)

Chemical engineers create and operate machines that perform chemical reactions to make a wide range of products. The process starts in the lab through advanced mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, and economics.

The professionals must have a broad mastery of science and technology, making it one of the hardest engineering courses.

Chemical professionals can work in the food industry and create plastics, fertilizers, paper, clothing, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, and other products. Chemical engineers earn an estimated monthly income of R46,250 per month.

12. Systems engineer (R47,500 per month)

A system engineer manages and monitors all infrastructure and installed systems. They are also tasked with testing, installing, configuring, and maintaining operating systems, software, and management tools. Systems engineers earn an average monthly salary of R47,500.

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11. Robotics engineer (R47,942 per month)

Highest paying engineering jobs 2023
Highest paying engineering jobs 2023. Photo:, @mikhailnilov
Source: Getty Images

A robotics engineer creates robotic systems that possess the capacity to perform tasks that humans can't or choose not to do.

This profession requires extensive knowledge in designing and developing automated robots to accomplish processes or jobs easily, efficiently, and safely. The average monthly salary of a robotic engineer is around R47,942.

10. Project engineer (R50,000 per month)

Are you an engineer looking for a top management position? A project engineer is probably what you need. This profession will require you to possess engineering skills and the capacity to oversee all the technical and engineering aspects of a project in an organization.

A project engineer prepares, schedules, coordinates, and monitors a project to the highest level of quality and accuracy. Project engineers earn around R50,00 per month.

9. Mining engineer (R50,164 per month)

They earn a basic monthly salary of R50,164. These engineers assess new sites' feasibility and commercial potential. Mining engineers also produce plans that suit mining sites, ascertain extraction costs and risks, implement extraction systems, and utilize specialized technology to polish mining models.

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8. Structural engineer (R50,198 per month)

Structural engineering is one of the top 10 highest-paying engineering jobs in South Africa. It is essentially a branch of civil engineering that deals with design.

A structural engineer will design, create, and inspect structures that underlie huge projects belonging to other forms of engineering.

In South Africa, a structural engineer may also analyse structures to establish safety and durability standards. They earn an average monthly salary of R50,198.

7. Health and safety engineer (R50,361 per month)

Public health is a growing field whose implications cannot be overstated. Professionals can enter the field as engineering or health and social sciences graduates.

As an engineer, you can take up research projects or oversee projects that develop safer, healthier outcomes in the community and still enjoy a handsome payday. A safety engineer earns around R50,361 per month.

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6. Cybersecurity engineer (R55,500 per month)

highest-paying engineering jobs
Highest-paying engineering jobs. Photo:, @Mati Mango
Source: UGC

Should you become a cybersecurity engineer in South Africa? Cybersecurity engineers, also called information security engineers, are tasked with identifying threats, risks, and vulnerabilities in systems and software.

They are then required to utilize their skills in developing high-tech solutions to prevent outside threats such as malware, ransomware, and all forms of cybercrime. Cybersecurity engineers take home an average salary of R55,500 per month.

5. Agricultural engineer (R57,760.66 per month)

Agricultural professionals design agriculture-based equipment and solutions. They often work in seed, equipment, and food manufacturing companies.

Their work combines principles of food science and environmental, mechanical, chemical, and electrical technologies. They also help oversee land restoration projects and apply technological advances to farming. Agricultural engineers earn around R57,718.75 per month and an average of R693,128 per year.

4. Nanotechnology engineer (R59,643.41 per month)

A nanotechnology engineer, also referred to as a nanoengineer, is a professional tasked with creating new systems, machines, and materials from the ground up using atoms and molecules.

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They are tasked with running molecular systems with tiny particles invisible to the naked eye. Nanotechnology engineers take home an average salary of R59,643.41 per month and R715,721 per year.

3. Marine engineer (R60,181 per month)

Marine engineers, also called naval architects, design, oversee, install, and maintain marine equipment. They often work in offices but can access necessary computer software and tools that analyze projects and design solutions. A marine engineer's monthly income is around R60,181.

2. Nuclear engineer (R75,900 per month)

Nuclear professionals design technologies used to harness nuclear energy and radiation. They are tasked with creating nuclear equipment for hospitals, power plants, laboratories, the military, and other settings.

To qualify, one must attain a relevant degree from an ABET-accredited university. Nuclear engineers earn an average monthly salary of R75,900.

1. Aerospace service engineer (R90,000 per month)

Highest paying engineering jobs 2023
Highest paying engineering jobs 2023. Photo:, @pixabay
Source: UGC

Which engineering has the highest salary? Aerospace professionals are some of the highest-paid engineers in South Africa. These aeronautical engineers earn around R90,00 every month.

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They are responsible for designing aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, and systems for national defence. The discipline's job entry requirement is a bachelor's degree in aerospace or science subject related to aerospace systems.

Which engineering is in demand in South Africa?

Some of the highly demanded engineering jobs include industrial, civil, mechanical, aeronautical, chemical, mining, biomedical, agricultural, electrical, energy, and electronic professionals are in demand. The country often invites qualified foreigners to apply for such scarce skills.

What is the highest-paying career in South Africa?

Chief executive officers are the highest-paid individuals in South Africa. They are responsible for managing a company. A CEO makes about R1,189,902 per year.

How much do engineers earn in South Africa?

The salaries vary depending on the discipline. Software engineers are the highest-paid, earning an average of R849,400 annually, followed by nuclear professionals, who pocket approximately R829,600 annually.

What does it mean to be a registered engineer in South Africa?

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It is a statutory requirement that all engineers be registered with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA). It is unlawful to practice in the country before being registered.

How long does it take to become an engineer in South Africa?

A bachelor's degree from a recognized university takes about four years. You then need a minimum of three years of experience before being registered by ECSA. It may take longer if you enrol for master's and PhD studies.

What do aerospace engineers do?

The professionals are responsible for designing aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, and systems for national defence. They design, manufacture, test, and maintain anything that flies by applying the principles of motion, energy, and force.

What can you do with an electrical engineering degree?

There are several job options, including an electrical technician, broadcast engineer, substation technician, electrical project manager, and electrical designer. ESKOM is the largest employer of electrical professionals in South Africa.

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Is biomedical engineering a branch of engineering?

Yes. Biomedical professionals apply the principles of engineering to medicine and biology to develop healthcare solutions.

What is the difference between a mechanical engineer and a mechanical designer?

Mechanical engineers design, develop, and test things that move, while mechanical designers use engineer specifications to create technical illustrations for machines. Designers utilize computer-aided design (CAD) programs to make machine models and often work closely and follow the instructions given by mechanical engineers.

From the above highest-paying engineering jobs in South Africa, it is clear that the profession is one of the most prolific in the country. Enrol for any of the disciplines and help create a difference in SA's economy. highlighted the categories of highest-paid doctors in South Africa. The medical profession is a broad industry that deals with different health issues ranging from surgery, optical, dental, gynaecology, and paediatrics.

Generally, surgeons are the highest-paid medical professionals in South Africa. A heart-plant surgeon takes home about R152,000 per month, while an orthopaedic surgeon earns approximately R148,000 monthly.

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