My Heart Knows Teasers for February 2022: Asmita takes her last breath!

My Heart Knows Teasers for February 2022: Asmita takes her last breath!

My Heart Knows teasers for the upcoming episodes are finally out! The show that started recently seems to have more than the cliché drama that most soap operas bring. So, if you have been looking for recommendations of shows to watch, you should check My Heart Knows out.

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My Heart Knows storyline
My Heart Knows teasers for February 2022. Photo: @Zeeworld Live Updates
Source: UGC

My Heart Knows on Zee World is a dramatic tale about a girl under the care of her stepmother after her mother's demise. Her stepmother attempts to play mother by showering her with love. Nonetheless, she refuses to acknowledge her efforts. The show reflects on their bittersweet relationship and the challenges they face. Apart from the captivating plot, the My Heart Knows cast members play their roles so well that they will get you hooked on the show. Check out the hints in these teasers for more.

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My Heart Knows teasers for February 2022

In the upcoming episodes of My Heart Knows on Zee World, Shantunu promises a dying Asmita that he will take proper care of her daughter Krishi. Elsewhere, Malhar is annoyed when Kalyani forces him to renew their wedding vows and later starts flirting with another woman and stops supporting Kalyani. Find out more by going through these My Heart Knows February 2022 teasers.

My Heart Knows Teasers
Kalyani forces Malhar to renew their wedding vows. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

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1st February 2022, Tuesday: Episode 14

Malhar is irritated and confused when Kalyani forces him to renew their marital vows. She chooses a small bonfire in the Naxal camp for him to perform the ceremony.

2nd February 2022, Wednesday: Episode 15

For the sake of Kalyani, Anupriya resolves to take up the Madhuri challenge. Elsewhere, a man working for Ahir makes him aware of Sardarji being an accomplice to Malhar.

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3rd February 2022, Thursday: Episode 16

Rachit and Sarthak flee the neighbourhood and then decide to contact the authorities.

4th February 2022, Friday: Episode 17

In an interesting turn of events, Ahir captures Malhar again. Later, Madhuri informs Malhar that Ahir wants her to put her signature on the divorce documents by force.

5th February 2022, Saturday: Episode 18

Kalyani makes up her mind to create a boundary until she finds out which member of the family is assisting Ahir. But, will she figure out the truth before it is too late?

6th February 2022, Sunday: Episode 19

Things take a turn for the worst for Kalyani when the people in police attire turn out to be men working for Ahir.

My Heart Knows Teasers
Vikram hires an assassin to kill Shantunu in My Heart Knows. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

7th February 2022, Monday: Episode 20

Vikram and Shantunu start with their hate again. Shantunu is not happy with how Vikram is talking about Asmita.

8th February 2022, Tuesday: Episode 21

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Vikram decides to frame Shantunu for a crime he was not involved in. Is Asmita going to fall victim to the trap set by Asmita?

9th February 2022, Wednesday: Episode 22

Vikram hires an assassin to ensure Shantunu is murdered. How will he save himself?

10th February 2022, Thursday: Episode 23

Devika is expecting Vikram’s child. Meanwhile, Shantunu is convinced that Vikram made Asmita do things she does not like.

11th February 2022, Friday: Episode 24

Shantunu starts doubting about Devika being Asmita. He is convinced that Vikram did something worse to Asmita. How is he going to uncover the truth?

12th February 2022, Saturday: Episode 25

At last, Asmita and Shantunu see each other again after a long period apart. A disappointed Vikram promises to do everything in his power to earn Asmita’s affection.

13th February 2022, Sunday: Episode 26

Shantunu and Asmita share a moment during Asmita’s final time alive. A disheartened Shantunu promises to take proper care of Krishi.

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My Heart Knows Teasers
Aparna's estranged husband returns to her after one year. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

14th February 2022, Monday: Episode 27

A grieving Krishi meets a terrible accident so that she can meet her mother again.

15th February 2022, Tuesday: Episode 28

Akira sees excellent opportunity in Krishi and uses her as a puppet to gain Shantunu’s affection.

16th February 2022, Wednesday: Episode 29

Krishi believes Devika is Asmita, her birth mother, and Shantunu decides not to tell her the truth. Later, Krishi is infuriated when her ‘mother’ Devika goes away.

17th February 2022, Thursday: Episode 30

Krishi is yet to realize Devika’s identity. She is still convinced that she is her mother, Asmita. What will she do when she finds out the truth?

18th February 2022, Friday: Episode 31

Shantunu is furious with Devika after what she did. He promises to teach her a lesson to put her where she belongs.

19th February 2022, Saturday: Episode 32

Akira is determined to cause friction between Krishi and Shahat. She starts playing a dirty game with the sisters.

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20th February 2022, Sunday: Episode 33

Krishi finally finds out the truth regarding Devika not being her birth mother. However, she still wants her to remain active in her life. Will Shantunu allow it?

My Heart Knows Teasers
Krishi mistakes Devki to be her late mother, Asmita. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

21st February 2022, Monday: Episode 34

Sampada and Atharva are all set to escape the country. However, they realize that their passports have disappeared.

22nd February 2022, Tuesday: Episode 35

The authorities catch up with Arthava behind the wall of Hotel Saffron, and he is taken into police custody. Can he find a way to escape from the cell?

23rd February 2022, Wednesday: Episode 36

After a whole year of being away, Aparna’s estranged husband finally finds his way back to her. But, is Aparna going to pardon him and accept him back into her life?

24th February 2022, Thursday: Episode 37

An impossible thing happens when Kalyani and Atharva exchange bodies. How did they do it?

25th February 2022, Friday: Episode 38

An evil spirit takes over Kalyani, and she starts doing crazy things.

26th February 2022, Saturday: Episode 39

Ketki spots the terrorists outside Kalyani’s home. She starts listening to their discussion secretly.

27th February 2022, Sunday: Episode 40

Kalyani is filled with anger upon spotting Malhar holding another lady. What is she going to do?

28th February 2022, Monday: Episode 41

Malhar is not on Kalyani’s side for the first time. He is convinced that Athul is an anarchist.

My Heart Knows Teasers
Malhar stops supporting Kalyani for the first time. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC


He is not pleased when Vikram starts talking ill of Asmita. He later promises Asmita, during her last moments alive, that he will take proper care of her daughter Krishi. Later, he does not correct Krishi when she starts mistaking Devika to be her mother, Asmita.


He frames Shantunu for a crime he did not commit and tries to trap Asmita. He later hires a hitman to murder Shantunu. However, his efforts fail to work when Shantunu and Asmita reunite. He vows to do everything in his power to ensure that Asmita loves him back.

These hints in My Heart Knows teasers for the upcoming 2022 highlight how dramatic the oncoming drama will be. Tune in to Zee World from Mondays to Fridays at 18h00 for more fascinating revelations.

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