eExtra's Wie Laaste Lag: cast, plot summary, full story, episodes, theme song

eExtra's Wie Laaste Lag: cast, plot summary, full story, episodes, theme song

Are you a soap opera fan and looking to diversify your taste? How about checking out eExtra's Wie Laaste Lag? The binge-worthy show mixes thrill, drama and hints of humour. Go through these details as they unpack what Wie Laaste Lag is about.

Wie Laaste Lag on eExtra
Turkish romcom Wie Laaste Lag replaced Chrysalis. Photo: @Turkey fans on Facebook (modified by author)
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The original Turkish title of eExtra's Wie Laaste Lag is Ask Mantik Intikam or Love, Reason, Get Even in English. The show is dubbed in Afrikaans and has been voiced by some of the most talented figures in the entertainment industry.

eExtra's Wie Laaste Lag: profile summary

ChanneleExtra (Openview 105, StarSat 489 or DStv 195)
TX Time 20h00
GenreRomantic, comedy and drama
DirectorKoos Roets
WriterKoos Roets
StarsEric Nobbs, Willie Esterhuizen and James Borthwick

Wie Laaste Lag: plot summary

Esra, a waitress, is weary of life's hardships and marries Ozan, an engineer, as a ploy to upgrade her standard of living. However, she ends her marriage after facing financial difficulties.

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After the divorce, Ozan ventures into mobile software development and becomes rich and famous. Esra finds herself working in his company.

Wie Laaste Lag's full story

Esra's strained relationship with her father makes her vow never to marry anyone with the same character. She is unhappy about his poor financial choices and how they left the family bankrupt, plunging her into poverty throughout her youth.

Luckily, Esra meets Ozan, a young engineer committed to making his way into the civil service. Esra and Ozan tie the knot and live a stable life. However, things change when Ozan quits his job in government to start his company.

Esra is forced to juggle three jobs to keep the family afloat. Soon after, Ozan bounces back from one bankruptcy to another, prompting Esra to file for divorce. Hell breaks loose when Ezra's face gets plastered over newspapers and news shows.

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Light at the end of the tunnel

Ozan develops a social media app that changes the trajectory of his life. He becomes filthy rich and is considered one of Turkey's most eligible bachelors. Elsewhere, Esra bumps into Ozan while trying to keep her head above the water. Esra expects her ex-husband to apologise, although he is cold and arrogant towards her.

Esra figures she will wheedle her way into Ozan's life and make him fall in love with her. However, she plans to humiliate him by dumping him. Her plan gets thwarted. Instead, the two exes end up in a complicated love quadrangle with dire consequences.

Despite their differences and the mayhem in their past, Esra and Ozan find their way back to each other's arms. True love takes the lead, and they realise they are wrong about each other.

Wie Laaste Lag: cast with images

These figures will be gracing your screens in the oncoming episodes. They are the best Turkish actors and actresses.

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Burcu Özberk as Esra Erten

Born on 12th December 1989 in Eskisehir, Turkey, Burcu Özberk is an award-winning Turkish actress. She is famous for her role in Afili Ask. Burcu made her acting debut in 2013 by playing a role in Muhtesem Yüzyil. She had her breakthrough by playing Nazil in Günesin Kizlari.

Wie Laaste Lag cast members
eExtra's Wie Laaste Lag features the most talented Turkish actors. Photo: @burcuozberk on Instagram (modified by author)
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Ilhan Sen as Ozan Korfali

Born on 19th December 1987, Ilhan Sen is a Turkish actor, model, former young sportsman and construction engineer. Ilhan made his acting career debut in Mehmed: Bir Cihan Fatihi in 2018. He also featured in Seni Çok Bekledim (2020), Ramo (2020), Eskiya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz (2019) and Sahin Tepesi (2018).

Wie Laaste Lag
eExtra's Wie Laaste Lag has 42 episodes. Photo: @ilhansen on Instagram (modified by author)
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Mehmet Korhan Firat as Ekrem Erten

Born on 26th August 1988, Mehmet Korhan Firat is an actor famous for his role in The Hill (2010). He has also been featured in Ekip 1: Nizama Adanmis Ruhlar (2012).

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Wie Laaste Lag's episodes
Wie Laaste Lag season 1 airs on eExtra. Photo: @Mehmet Korhan Firat on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

Günay Karacaoglu as Zümrüt Korfali

Born on 13th March 1971 in Kayseri, Turkey, Günay Karacaoglu is an actress famous for her features in Gençligim Eyvah (2020), Turks in Space (2006) and Yarim Elma (2002).

Zeynep Kankonde as Menekse Erten

Born on 3rd March 1980, in Eskisehir, Turkey, Zeynep Kankonde is an actress best recognised for her feature in ARIF V 216 (2018). Zeynep has also been featured in Görümce (2016) and Kuzey Yildizi (2019).

Wie Laaste Lag's theme song
Wie Laaste Lag started airing on 4th October 2023. Photo: @zeynepkankonde on Instagram (modified by author)
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Supporting cast members

The supporting cast members include:

  • Ceren Koç as Elif Korfali
  • Mehmet Yilmaz as Musa
  • Suleyman Atanisev as Yalçin Erten
  • Sevda Bas as Zeynep
  • Çagan Timur as Eren
  • Aysenur Mercan as Simin
  • Deniz Atli as Pinar
  • Gozde Duru as Gaye
  • Burak Yörük as Çinar Yilmaz
  • Melisa Döngel as Çagla Yilmaz
  • Sinan Sicimoglu as Mehmet
  • Pelin Budak as Neriman
  • Murat Karasu as Arif Yilmaz

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The South African voice cast includes:

  • Claudia Jones
  • Nadia Beukes
  • Donovan Pietersen
  • Gustav Gerdener
  • Eloise Cupido
  • Henriëtta Gryffenberg
  • Kevin Smith
  • Johan Joubert
  • Mila Guy
  • Rowlen von Gericke
  • Bertha le Roux
  • Karin Retief
  • Anton Dekker
  • Lochner de Kock

Wie Laaste Lag: episodes

The show has one season, which comprises 42 episodes. The first episode aired on 4th October 2023 at 8.00 pm on eExtra. The show replaced Chrysalis.

Wie Laaste Lag's teasers

Do you wish to scheme through what the show's episodes will entail this month? Check out the teasers for snippets of how the story will unfold.

Wie Laaste Lag's theme song

Mustafa Ersen wrote the show's theme song. Özlem Akgünes wrote the song's lyrics.

If you have been contemplating joining the soap operas gang, these details about eExtra's Wie Laaste Lag should make you want to check it out. Tune in to eExtra from Monday to Friday at 20h00.

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