“Nesta Is Fit”: Domestic Worker Gets New Drip for Runs With Neighbour, SA Smiles

“Nesta Is Fit”: Domestic Worker Gets New Drip for Runs With Neighbour, SA Smiles

  • A domestic worker and her neighbour received TikTok fame after the neighbour shared a clip of them running
  • The fame led to support from the community, who gifted the domestic worker socks, shoes and clothing for her runs
  • People on the social media platform got emotional in the comment section and admired the pair's bond
  • Roger Hendricks, a former fitness consultant and gym floor supervisor spoke to Briefly News to explain the importance of running
Domestic worker receives running outfit.
A domestic worker ditched her uniform after the community gifted her a new running outfit. Images: @maryke_nel
Source: TikTok

A domestic worker who made headlines for running with her neighbour received brand-new gear appropriate for the road.

Briefly News previously reported about a woman named Maryke Nel who recorded her runs with a domestic worker named Nesta. The duo made quite an impression on social media users, with Nesta gaining fame on TikTok as she ran in her pink uniform.

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The fit woman is now swapping the pink outfit for stylish workout clothes. In one of her TikTok posts, Maryke shared on her account (@maryke_nel):

"Nesta got her new shoes and a hamper with running clothes and socks! I am in awe of how the community has come together for her."

In a separate post, Maryke gave viewers a look at Nesta in her new gear, ready to smash those kilometres.

Watch the video below:

Woman shares how she met the domestic worker

In her first post with Nesta, Maryke shared that she met the woman when she greeted her while on her run.

"All of a sudden, she started running next to me. So I introduced myself, and she told me her name was Nesta. We only ran about 100m, and then she stopped by her house and told me that she’ll see me again tomorrow."

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Fitness expert shares the importance of running

Speaking to Briefly News, Roger Hendricks, who studied sports science and previously served as a fitness consultant and gym floor supervisor, explained that people run to improve their fitness and general health.

He further explained:

"There are people who choose running as a hobby as it helps with focus and concentration. Elite runners always strive to improve their time or their stamina.
"If you start running for weight loss, you have to be on a strict diet because it doesn’t help if you are running and have unhealthy eating habits."

Netizens adore the bond

Many social media users—new and old—who followed the duo's journey were thrilled when Nesta received her running clothes and sent the two ladies words of encouragement and positivity.

@londi_mashozi told Maryke:

"I wish there were someone by my house who would have your patience with me. You’re such a lovely lady."

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@thumamina90 shared their surprise at Nesta's physique:

"No way. Nesta is fit."

An emotional @nnyane_ commented:

"Yet another day crying for strangers on the internet."

Little girl welcomes domestic worker with hugs and kisses

In a related article, Briefly News reported about a domestic helper who received an adorable welcome from the family she works for, including excited dogs and a little girl who showered her with hugs and kisses.

Viewers on TikTok shared their love towards the video, praising the helper's beauty and sharing their stories of special bonds with domestic helpers.

Source: Briefly News

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