Single Women Prefer Bearded Men: Man Wears Fake Lace Beard

Single Women Prefer Bearded Men: Man Wears Fake Lace Beard

  • A gent on TikTok has done the unthinkable and installed a lace beard that wowed many
  • The man, Saada, showed the world how he goes from dull to hot by just installing a lace beard
  • He recorded the tutorial on TikTok, where netizens expressed their feelings about men wearing fake facial hair

A man on TikTok made a lace beard by installing a thing and recorded a tutorial for his TikTok friends to follow.

Man hops on lace beard trend
A man on TikTok shared a tutorial of his perfect lace beard installation. Image: @dieg.13
Source: TikTok

The gent who already has a well and nourished beard prefers the excitement of wearing a fake one instead.

Lace wigs and lace beards

It has been evident that the beauty industry dramatically benefits from human insecurities. Humans enjoy looking their best and being praised for their good looks.

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Beauty trends come and go but whatever is hot right now, people enjoy jumping on it and making the most out of it. Women are currently head over heels for wigs.

Different types of wigs are needed to achieve a particular hairstyle and various textures and brands.

Men have taken a page from the women’s beauty book where they found a wig substitute for their dimension. Some men are not blessed with the one feature that significantly distinguishes men from women other than the private parts—the beard.

Some men have weird-looking beards, patchy beards, disconnected beards, light beards or no beards at all. Saada, a TikTok creator, has solved the beard issue for the beard-embarrassed mates.

Watch the video below:

Men’s beauty trends

A hair transplant clinic, Alvi Armani South Africa, shared with Briefly News that 86% of single women prefer bearded men:

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“A survey revealed that a majority of singles (86%) enjoy facial hair on men as it makes them appear more masculine and mature.
“Interestingly, researchers also noted that, on average, men with facial hair in one or more dating profile pictures received three times more matches than those with no such imagery.
“Properly grooming your fantastic follicular feature piece is massively important, though, with 77% of respondents sharing that it is a turn-off if the beard or moustache isn't properly groomed. 45% of those surveyed reported that even though they enjoy facial hair, they don't like it when a man only has a moustache, they prefer a beard and moustache combination.
“In fact, less than 5% of those surveyed shared that they absolutely will not date someone with facial hair.”

Saada shared a step-by-step guide on achieving an excellent bearded look with a lace beard. The gent uses different beards, which he has documented throughout his TikTok.

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He wears a specific beard to achieve a particular look. The beard undoubtedly enhances a man’s features therefore more men will be hopping on this beauty trend.

This is what netizens had to say:

@Imani_The_Shield is not happy with the man's facial hair:

"Bathong... and he already has a fire beard...but preference is still preference."

@sufficient59 highlighted information:

"The way I feel rn is it the same way guys feel about wigs."

@_urmanluvcartier thought that the guy resembled Drake:

"Nice try drake."

A man's beauty

Briefly News reported that in a bid to fix his problem of not having beards, a man decided to do a transplant and this stunned netizens. A video seen online showed how the beardless man's face became different after the successful transplant.

Many people who watched the video seemed not too pleased with the man's action, while others encouraged such for beardless folks. After the surgery, it was observed he had a full beard. The man was all smiles as he showed off his transformation.

Source: Briefly News

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