EFF’s Julius Malema Slams ANC-DA Pact, Vows to Present Effective Opposition

EFF’s Julius Malema Slams ANC-DA Pact, Vows to Present Effective Opposition

  • The EFF said the agreement between the ANC and the DA to form a Government of National Unity has betrayed many South African citizens
  • Party leader Julius Malema told Parliament that the union between the two parties aimed to consolidate the economy under white monopoly power
  • He added that the EFF would not sell out but rather ensure that parliament is functional and that the ANC and DA are held accountable

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Zingisa Chirwa is an experienced Briefly News journalist based in Johannesburg, South Africa, who has covered politics and current affairs on the radio for over 15 years.

EFF President Julius Malema said the deal between the ANC and the DA had betrayed many South Africans.
The EFF's Julius Malema said the ANC and DA agreement had betrayed many South African citizens. Images: Esa Alexander/Sowetan/Gallo Images; Jaco Marais/Foto24/Gallo Images; Toby Melville/WPA Pool
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EFF President Julius Malema said the deal between the ANC and the DA had betrayed many South African citizens.

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EFF commits to become an effective opposition party

Malema said the collaboration between the two political parties sought to consolidate white monopoly power over the economy and undermine the country's changing property relations.

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He commented while addressing the first parliamentary sitting of the seventh administration of South Africa’s Parliament, which re-elected Cyril Ramaphosa as President.

In a clip from the sitting shared by @EFFSouthAfrica, the Red Berets leader said his organisation refused to sell out:

“We’ve never done so when we were young, and we are not going to do so today. We don’t have a history of being collaborators.”

Malema further stated that as the opposition, the EFF would ensure that Parliament was functional:

“We can reassure you that we will not fight with any bouncer. We are going to be the best and effective opposition that is going to ensure that you [ANC] and the DA are held accountable."

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South Africans weigh in

Netizens shared their differing opinions on Malema’s assessment of the agreement between the ANC and DA.

@Lungelo_Mageba_ said:

“He only speaks for 9%.”

@Owami_ss commented:

“Time will reveal the truth. We will remember the CIC and the EFF as the party that stood on its principles and beliefs. I'm more than proud to be represented by them in the National Assembly.”

@GeraldNgobeni4 added:

“The expression of the people of SA is that 60% of us said nope, we don't want this man.”

@CKubayi77950 asked:

“The aim is to work together now, not fighting for colour battles… parties should work together to make a better nation. what is democracy for? Why are we a diverse country in the first place?”

@nelson_GMB pointed out:

“The smug look on Cyril's face says it all. And indeed, history will judge him and will judge him harshly.”

Patriotic Alliance’s Gayton McKenzie demands ministerial position

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Briefly News previously reported that Patriotic Alliance president Gayton McKenzie wanted the PA to be given a ministerial portfolio as a condition for joining the Government of National Unity.

Mckenzie said if this does not happen, the Patriotic Alliance would pull out of the GNU.

South Africans slammed the leader and accused him of being a politician to enrich himself.

Source: Briefly News

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