King of Hearts October teasers for 2021: Why is DD assaulted at her house?

King of Hearts October teasers for 2021: Why is DD assaulted at her house?

The King of Hearts teasers for October 2021 are finally out, and the show just keeps getting better! The lies are insurmountable and family members keep stabbing each other's backs. Get a glimpse at all the treachery and debauchery in the King of Hearts October episodes teasers below.

King of Hearts teasers for October 2021
Roshni is distraught after the loss of her child. Photo: @Zee World Africa
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The King of Hearts plot revolves around Durga Devi Patel (DD) and her child Roshni Patel. Roshni falls in love with Sid - a rich man who pretends that he is poor. DD is disapproving of their relationship, but they end up married. Roshni discovers that Sid lied, and she leaves him.

All this time, Sid remains in their home and pays DD rent to live there. Will things go wrong in such an unusual arrangement? Get a glimpse at the teasers below.

King of Hearts October teasers for 2021

In the King of Hearts October teasers, DD remains scheming, Sam's evil plans work, and Ayesha runs away. DD is accused of physically assaulting Shabnam, and older women beat her up. She agrees to take Shabnam in, but are her intentions pure?

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Who is Sid in King of heart?
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Friday 1st October 2021 - Episode 138

Roshini is sad about what just happened, and Sid tries his best to make her happy again. However, later on, Ayesha is the only person who can break through Roshini's barriers, which ends up in Sid making a shocking announcement.

Monday, 4th October 2021 - Episode 139

Sid raises Roshini's spirits by assuring her that she is worthy of being a mother. Elsewhere, DD is planning on giving Ayesha up to foster care, and later on, it is revealed that DD's friends Mr. and Mrs. Sharma, have their own hidden intentions.

Tuesday, 5th October 2021 - Episode 140

Ayesha escapes from the Sharma household on her first day; as soon as she runs away, weird unexplainable things begin happening in the home. Soon after, DD makes an announcement that nobody is permitted to leave her home.

Wednesday, 6th October 2021 - Episode 141

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DD plays a naughty trick on Ayesha as Samira is distraught when she spots Kritika and Yash together. DD tries everything in her power to make sure that Roshni and Sid do not take Ayesha into their family. Will DD's scheme to get rid of Ayesha work?

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Thursday, 7th October 2021 - Episode 142

Sid squares up to DD regarding how she is handling Ayesha, and just as they are talking, Roshni walks in. Meanwhile, Suki's sibling is scheming against Kritika as Ayesha rescues DD.

Friday, 8th October 2021 - Episode 143

DD appears to become softer, but how long will her compassionate state last? DD's arch-nemesis in business promises to take revenge on DD and Sid while an unknown lady shows up in DD's life; she believes she is in grave peril.

Monday, 11th October 2021 - Episode 144

Sam's scheme to falsely incriminate Yash and Kritika is a success! However, it is revealed that Shabnam has an ulterior motive and his scheme to harm Roshni is a failure because of the interference of Mr Raftaar Singh.

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Tuesday, 12th October 2021 - Episode 145

Shabnam swaps the CD that DD was to use to show the guests. Soon after, DD is distraught when she discovers that Shabnam and Ayesha are Shiv's kids. It does not take long for DD to kick Shabnam out, and in a twist, Sid helps her throw him out.

Wednesday, 13th October 2021 - Episode 146

Accusations are made against DD, who is blamed for physically assaulting Shabnam. In a fit of rage, a group of women storm into her home and beat her. Soon after, DD announces that Shabnam will stay at her house. Are her intentions pure, or does she have a trick up her sleeve?

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In the teasers, after Roshni loses her unborn child, Ayesha comforts her and is the only person able to make her happy again. DD, later on, sets up Ayesha for adoption, but Roshni and Sid consider taking her instead. However, things go from bad to worse when it is discovered that she is Shiv's child.

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She announces that no one is allowed to leave her house, and later on, it is discovered that her friends Mr and Mrs Sharma have ulterior motives. Sid confronts her about mistreating Ayesha, and later on, Ayesha saves her life. She kicks Shabnam out of her house and faces wrath for doing so.

Are you a fan of the teasers above? Then, ensure you do not miss one episode of the fascinating soapie. To watch King of Hearts full episodes, tune in to Zee World on weekdays at 17h00.

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