Best and worst mobile data deals South Africa 2019 - 2020

Best and worst mobile data deals South Africa 2019 - 2020

What are the best mobile data deals South Africa? 2019 is arguably one of the most favorable years for the online community, particularly the pocket conscious heavy internet users. The relief comes amid persistent public outcry calling for more affordable internet plans. Huge campaigns and movements such as #datamustfall have played a vital role in the ongoing review of internet provision costing frameworks. Even so, the process of searching for the cheapest data bundles in South Africa 2019 remains challenging primarily because of profoundly overwhelming options most of which remain unknown to users.

Best and worst mobile data deals South Africa 2019

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Can you get unlimited data? There are several communication service companies offering internet data in the country. Most of these ISPs are increasingly rolling out large internet-enabling packages on the understanding of new dynamics that surround smartphone usage. As developers continue to unveil more appealing applications, most consumers are finding it difficult to sustain their online presence without digging deeper into their wallets. For this reason, the need for affordable mobile data deals South Africa is its peak.

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Best and worst mobile data deals South Africa

The inception of LTE-A significantly stirred the internet provision markets, making it highly competitive. As a result, consumers are now experiencing faster download rates and browsing speeds necessitating a full-time internet connection. From my experience, it is becoming almost impossible to avoid data-hungry applications, an approach that worked until recently. Let us now consider some of the cheapest data bundles in South Africa 2019.

Vodacom data deals

Vodacom is a highly competitive firm with cheapest prepaid mobile data in South Africa 2019. Provided are select data plans at Vodacom to help recreate your internet experiences at an affordable cost.

Vodacom prepaid deals

  1. 5MB -R3 (Data Refill)
  2. 25MB - R12
  3. 50MB - R25 (55MB)
  4. 100MB - R29
  5. 200MB - R63 (250MB)
  6. 500MB - R100
  7. 1GB - R149
  8. 5GB - R405

Cell c online deals

Cell C is a cost cell cost friendly communication company in the country. Cell c tariff plans and cell c airtime prices are highly affordable and competitive. Here are the costs for Cell c data bundles valid for 30 days

Cell C data bundle cost

  1. 25MB - R12 (30MB)
  2. 40MB - R12
  3. 65MB - R20
  4. 200MB - R29
  5. 600MB - R49
  6. 1.5 GB+ 1GB - R80
  7. 2GB+2GB - R100
  8. 3GB+3GB - R149
  9. 4GB+4GB - R199
  10. 6GB+5GB - R249
  11. 12GB+7GB - R299
  12. 7GB+10GB - R399

MTN data deals

Here are the prepaid MTN data bundles South Africa 2019, valid for one month

  1. 150MB - R39
  2. 300 MB- R60
  3. 1GB - R149
  4. 3GB - R299
  5. 6GB - R399 (6GB)
  6. 10GB - R 499
  7. 20GB - R899
  8. 50GB - R1999
  9. 100 GB - R3999

Telkom mobile data deals

Telkom South Africa provides reliable internet connection throughout the region enabling fast downloads and browsing speeds. Provided below are once-off Telkom data prices in Southern Africa, as at April 8th 2019. Note that these Telkom mobile data prices are valid until the end of the next calendar month from the activation date.

Telkom mobile data bundles

  1. 5MB - N/A
  2. 25MB -R7.30
  3. 50MB - R14.65
  4. 100MB - R29.25
  5. 200MB - R39.5
  6. 500MB - R69.60
  7. 1GB+1GB - R100 (2GB)
  8. 2GB+2GB - R140
  9. 5GB - R199 (6GB)

How to buy data on Telkom

Want to buy Telkom mobile data bundle? Dial *180# and select Telkom data specials. Alternatively, you can make your purchase through the self-service portal accessible on the company portal, visit a Telkom shop or even a mobile based application. Prepaid plans come with minimal to no Telkom data contracts

FNB connect mobile data deals

  1. 5MB - N/A
  2. 25MB - N/A
  3. 50MB - R13
  4. 100MB - R25
  5. 200MB - R60 (300MB)
  6. 500MB - R75
  7. 1GB - R99
  8. 5GB - R385

Rain and Afrihost mobile data deals

Here is a comparison of different plans for Rain and Afrihost

Plan - Rain - Afrihost

  1. 25 - R1250 - R299\pm
  2. 55 - R2750 - R549\pm
  3. 85 -R4250 - R799\pm
  4. 120- R6000 - R999\pm
  5. 220 - R11, 000 - R1349\pm
  6. 330 - R16, 500 - R1599\pm

Which cellular network is best? Which is the best mobile network in South Africa? Vodacom and MTN are two of the best cell phone network in South Africa with a long history of offering internet-enabling services.

Best big data deals in South Africa

Rain has come to the relief of high-end mobile user by unveiling a cost-friendly data plans. A case in point is R250 monthly subscription which guarantees unlimited usage of the internet. You can also acquire up to 200GB at the cost of R1, 999.

Note that all of the above mobile data South Africa deals are as at April 8th 2019, and may change from time to time.

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It is hectic to identify the best mobile data deals South Africa without prior experience with different ISP and all the current plans available in the market. Refer to our guide on cheapest data plans for an exciting online experience.



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