Mzansi Parents Panic As Sho Madjozi Debuts Her New Hairstyle Online: “Sisi, You Don’t Like Peace”

Mzansi Parents Panic As Sho Madjozi Debuts Her New Hairstyle Online: “Sisi, You Don’t Like Peace”

  • Musician Sho Madjozi shared on her social media pages that she has a new hairstyle for this December
  • The star shared a video flaunting her new hairstyle and new hairpiece that sparkles in darkness
  • Sho Madjozi left many parents panicking and worried as they fear that their kids will be demanding this sparkling hairstyle for the festive season
Sho Madjozi flaunts her new hairstyle.
Sho Madjozi's new sparkling hairstyle leaves parents panicking. Image: @shomadjozi
Source: Instagram

It's festive season soon and musician Sho Madjozi is back again with her flamboyant hairstyles. The star recently shared that she has a new do.

Sho Madjozi's new sparkling hairstyle set social media abuzz

Musician Sho Madjozi is well known for her iconic hairstyles that she shows off whenever she gets a chance.

The John Cena hitmaker recently shared on her social media pages that she just discovered new hairpieces that sparkle in the darkness. Though the star hasn't produced much music recently, kids still can't get enough of her colourful hairstyles.

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Madjozi shared a clip on social media of her showcasing how the braids sparkle in the dark and captioned it:

"I finally figured out the sparkle braids."

Hairstylist Lazaros Sumbane talks about how parents can budget

Speaking to Briefly News, hairstylist and businessman Lazaros Sumbane said parents shouldn't worry much about the cost of Sho Madjozi's flamboyant hairstyles because she only reveals them towards the festive season and that is the only time kids get to go crazy and want to be like Sho Madjozi:

"Parents shouldn't worry about the budget, honestly, cause it's a once-off thing as you only get to have your kids looking at the Madjozi during the December holidays.
"But if parents can't afford it, they can try to make the child understand the family has the budget and that, as a parent, you can't afford it now, but I'd advise you to save during the year for it. And also the hairstyle is not that expensive."

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Parents panic as Sho Madjozi shares her new hairstyle

Last year during this time, one mother whose children adore Sho Madjozi and love imitating every hairstyle complained about how she pays huge bucks for these braids and how she struggled to find the pink braid hairpiece that Madjozi had used for one of her hairstyles.

Shortly after she posted this video, many parents shared their comments and panicked that their kids would be demanding the very same hairstyle this December:

@ziqubu40 shared:

"Sisi, you don't like peace in December, neh... we'll be running around looking for these extensions."

@SadikiMulisa complained:

"Nooo, last time we were busy looking for colourful braids for our baby cousins and nieces or whatever because of you."

@rakgadibandz said:

"It’s going to be an expensive December for the rents."

@RichBlackWidow wrote:

"Wow. Our kids are going to be looking for them too for their Christmas hairstyles. Trouble in the house."

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@CeleClaire mentioned:

"Just in time for December??!! Parents are in trouble."

@FaithHebrews complained:

"Now we must budget for sparkle braids?"

@Tshikzwizy said:

"You have just started a huge headache for parents this December."

@KGmathebula wrote:

"Ei tell us where to got the hairpiece whilst you at it, or we won't enjoy our festive season."

Sho Madjozi graces Toronto Film Festival

In a recent report, Briefly News shared an update following Sho Madjozi's appearance at the 48th annual Toronto Film Festival. The John Cena hitmaker was joined by Sthandiwe Kgoroge and Zakes Bantwini, who graced the event and flew the South African flag high.

Madjozi was also invited to present her children's book, ShoMa and the Stars, at the Folklore Festival on 16 September 2023.

Source: Briefly News

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