Ntsiki Mazwai Slams Makhadzi After Addressing Department's Beneficiary Scandal: "This is So Bizarre"

Ntsiki Mazwai Slams Makhadzi After Addressing Department's Beneficiary Scandal: "This is So Bizarre"

  • Outspoken poet Ntsiki Mazwai has bashed Makhadzi, who is embroiled in a government beneficiary scandal
  • Makhadzi has since addressed the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture after the released the statement
  • Ntsiki Mazwai called Makhadzi's video bizarre, assuming that she wanted the government also to fly her family to the US

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South African poet and activist Ntsiki Mazwai has poked holes in Makhadzi's response to the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture. The media personality is questioning Makhadzi's intentions with her LA trip for the 2024 BET Awards after she revealed that she approached a loan shark to fund her trip.

Ntsiki Mazwai has called out Makhadzi for expecting special treatment from the department.
Ntsiki Mazwai dragged Makhadzi who is embroiled in a shady government beneficiary scandal. Image: @Showmax, @makhadzisa
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Mazwai finds Makhadzi's statement bizarre

Makhadzi shed tears when she addressed the statement the Department of Sports, Arts, and Culture issued regarding the R230,000 they paid her. The Number one singer felt victimised and targeted by the department and said they were using her as a scapegoat for something even more sinister.

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Ntsiki Mazwai responded to the video, calling Makhadzi's video bizarre and asking if she wanted the department to pay for her family as well.

"Did Makhadzi expect our taxes to be used to fly her whole family and accommodate them because she was at work? This is so bizarre! She gets soooooo many ANC gigs, what about other artists? Sies man."

Why Makhadzi feels victimised by the department

Makhadzi was very emotional when she addressed this and denied being a benefactor of any government scheme.

She urged the department to name and shame those stealing their money and keep her name out of it.

"They want to manipulate me and use me as an example. I didn't eat any money, they must reveal the names of the people who ate the Department's money and those who were funded. If I have to pay for this and die, it's fine."

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Mzansi defends Makhadzi from Ntsiki's claims

Peeps understood Makhadzi's video, and they defended her from Ntsiki Mazwai, accusing her of trying to push an agenda.

@nurse_thapelo said:

"Makhadzi is a superstar, she’s very talented n works hard. Her hard work got her were she is today, not connections. She is booked bcoz of her talent, if u had a talent too u wud be booked. If she was yellow bone n slim u wud say it is pretty privilege bcoz o na le Mona Ntsiki."

@wmacgwenzi defended:

"She is saying she doesn't want the money... She is sorting out SARs issues and she had to borrow money from mashonisa because she doesn't expect/know that the govt can help. She expects the government to help other struggling artists, not her."

@mrlechesa claimed:

"No, Ntsiki, no! She's not at fault with anything. There is funding for this kind of things and had she applied she would have probably gotten the funding and I believe it's a got a cab. Unfortunately ANC politics with giving the connected gigs ought to be looked at."

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