Till the End of Time Teasers for November 2021: How does the season end?

Till the End of Time Teasers for November 2021: How does the season end?

Till the End of Time season finale is full of extraordinary and unexpected twists that are sure to elicit mixed reactions from fans. Arjun declares his love for Saanjh as his possessive wife Maya watches them from a distance! How is Maya going to react? Here are Till the End of Time teasers for all the juicy details.

Till the End of Time teasers
Till the End of Time television series airs on eExtra from Mondays to Fridays at 2:55 p.m. Photo: @queen_jennifer1
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It has been about three years of marriage between Arjun and Maya, but her unhealthy obsession for him has never changed. A frustrated Arjun tries to make her understand, but she cannot see his devastation. What will be the fate of their union as Till the End of Time television series comes to an end?

Till the End of Time teasers for November 2021

Will Maya’s wish to have Arjun all by herself till the end of time work in her favour? Will Arjun finally stand up for himself? Here are all the Till the End of Time teasers on what is coming up in the November finale episodes.

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Till the End of Time teasers
Saanjh resigns from Maya's company to stop being an interference in her marriage with Arjun. Gif: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
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1st November 2021, Monday: Episode 108

Arjun makes it known that he and Maya will leave Vandana’s home. He does not want to listen to Ayan, who tries to persuade him to stay.

2nd November 2021, Tuesday: Episode 109

Saanjh makes Arjun aware of her decision to step down from her position at his wife's company to avoid interfering in their personal life. Maya later asks her to bring peace between Vandana and Arjun.

3rd November 2021, Wednesday: Episode 110

At the house of Vandana, Arjun makes it known that he will only look after his wife. Ayan retaliates and reveals that he will not tolerate the insults Arjun throws at his mother.

4th November 2021, Thursday: Episode 111

Saanjh informs Arjun through a text message that she will link up with him at the restaurant, and Maya has suspicions towards Arjun when she finds the text. Memories of a little Arjun flood Vandana’s mind when she sees his old childhood clothes.

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5th November 2021, Friday: Episode 112

An intoxicated Arjun declares that he loves Saanjh as his possessive wife witnesses the whole incident from afar. What will be her next move? Suman and Vandana exploit Ayan and make him pay the Chandi ka Kangan for Arjun’s kid.

Till the End of Time teasers
Maya decides to break the friendship between Saanjh and her husband when she starts suspecting them. Gif: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
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8th November 2021, Monday: Episode 113

Vandana and Ayan overhear Maya asking her husband to control his anger, and the presents fall from the porch. The turn of events angers Ayan, but Vandana prevents him from doing anything bad. Later, Arjun returns from the gym.

9th November 2021, Tuesday: Episode 114

Maya makes a confession to the idol of Lord Ganesha, revealing that she wanted her husband and Vandana to be apart because the latter hated her. She declares that she is going to do the same to Saanjh and Arjun.

10th November 2021, Wednesday: Episode 115

Suman reprimands Saanjh for exhibiting bad conduct during the Holi party for Maya. Saanjh then realizes that Maya does not want her friendship with her husband to continue and heads to Maya’s home.

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11th November 2021, Thursday: Episode 116

Maya and Arjun have been married for three years, and her obsession for him has never changed. Meanwhile, Arjun is planning a mystical surprise for his wife as they get ready to celebrate their marriage anniversary.

12th November 2021, Friday: Episode 117

Arjun cannot stand his wife's unhealthy obsession and accosts her about the matter. However, Maya fails to understand his frustration and thinks that things will get back to normal.

Till the End of Time teasers
Arjun reveals to Maya that he is tired of her possessiveness but she does not understand. Gif: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
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15th November 2021, Monday: Episode 118

Maya’s growing obsession with her husband blinds her, and she cannot see his growing resentment towards her. A frustrated Arjun asks for divorce to ensure he gets the space he needs to breathe.

16th November 2021, Tuesday: Episode 119

Acquaintances and workmates join Maya and her husband in celebrating their marriage anniversary. However, Maya's husband is tired of showing the world that he is in a loving marriage. He, therefore, decides to get drunk and misbehaves during the ceremony. Will Maya finally open her eyes?

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17th November 2021, Wednesday: Episode 120

Saanjh takes Samay to meet her family. She later watches the news regarding Maya and Arjun and reveals to Samay her decision to go away for a while.

18th November 2021, Thursday: Episode 121

Arjun is not happy when his wife goes to the media to announce that she is expecting when she is not. Vandana tries to make Saanjh feel better and assures her that she was not responsible for the miscarriage that Maya suffered in the past.

19th November 2021, Friday: Episode 122

Saanjh reveals to Arjun that she had told his wife the details regarding the proposed engagement party for Ayan. Later, Maya spots Saanjh and her husband in the pub and starts dancing in frustration. Her actions leave Arjun in shock.

Till the End of Time teasers
Maya's husband decides to drink to drown his marital problems. Gif: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

22nd November 2021, Monday: Episode 123

Arjun is able to rescue his wife as she is about to fall from the balcony. Later, Saanjh reveals to her folks that she is worried about what the future holds for Arjun. Vandana advises her to stop meddling in Arjun’s life to avoid unnecessary insults.

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23rd November 2021, Tuesday: Episode 124

Arjun informs his wife about his upcoming work trip, and she asks to accompany him. However, Arjun reveals that she cannot come along since the company rules forbid non-employees from going on such trips.

24th November 2021, Wednesday: Episode 125

Maya is happy when she receives presents as she thinks that they are from her husband. However, her excitement turns to shock when Samay appears and reveals the presents are from him.

25th November 2021, Thursday: Episode 126

Samay’s arrival shocks Maya since the two share a common history. On the other hand, Arjun goes to Saanjh’s workplace as he feels remorse for having been impolite towards her.

26th November 2021, Friday: Episode 127

Vandana and the family are surprised when Arjun comes to the house. An infuriated Vandana smacks him when he starts singing and dancing.

29th November 2021, Monday: Episode 128 - Season finale!

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Till the End of Time teasers
How will Arjun escape his toxic marriage? Gif: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
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What happens to Till the End of Time cast?

Too much of anything is poisonous, and, in this case, Maya’s obsession and excessive unrequited love are making Arjun go crazy. Here is a summary of what happens to the characters in Till the End of Time November episodes.


He is tired of Maya’s obsessive love and tries to make her understand. However, Maya continues to be possessive of him. The frustration of being in a toxic marriage for three years makes him start drinking as he looks for a way out.


She decides to resign from Maya’s company to stop interfering in Maya and Arjun’s personal life. An intoxicated Arjun later declares his love for her, but Maya witnesses it all and plans to end their friendship the way she ruined Arjun and Vandana’s relationship.

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The above Till the End of Time teasers reveal a chilling turn of events as Maya’s uncontrolled and unrequited love continues to destroy Arjun. The TV series airs on eExtra from Mondays to Fridays at 2:55 p.m. Once the show ends at the end of November, the broadcaster will debut another exciting series called Surrender.

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