Griffin Arthur Fraser: Facts about Brendan Fraser's autistic son

Griffin Arthur Fraser: Facts about Brendan Fraser's autistic son

Beloved actor Brendan Fraser has made a swift comeback after dominating Hollywood in the 90s and early 2000s before slowing down in acting roles. Brendan Fraser’s sons, Leland Francis and Holden Fletcher, have publicly supported him, but Griffin is still somewhat reclusive. What do we know about Griffin Arthur Fraser?

Does Fraser have a kid?
The actor has three sons. Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris
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Besides having famous parents constantly in the spotlight, Griffin remains a more private figure, with little known about his life. But, here is what we know about Brendan's son Griffin Fraser, in summary, before we detail more.

Profile summary and bio

Full nameGriffin Arthur Fraser
Date of birth17 September 2002
Age20 years of age (2023)
Zodiac signVirgo
BirthplaceBeverly Hills, California, USA
Current nationalityAmerican
Marital statusSingle
Social mediaNone
EducationLocal high school
ParentsBrendan Fraser and Afton Smith
SiblingsTwo brothers (Leland Francis Fraser and Holden Fletcher Fraser)
Native languageEnglish

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Specific topics like Griffin Arthur Fraser’s wife and Griffin Arthur Fraser’s profiles often appear when searching for the celebrity son online. But, little to no information is known about his romantic life, and he does not have any forms of social media.

Brendan Fraser

Born on 3 December 1968 in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, Brendan James Fraser came from humble beginnings and became a household name through various high-profile films. Although he disappeared from the limelight for a few years, he returned with a vengeance through his leading role in The Whale.

Does Brendan Fraser have three sons?

Brendan Fraser’s kids include three sons: Griffin Arthur Fraser, Leland Francis Fraser, and Holden Fletcher Fraser. The actor has no daughters.

Who did Brendan Fraser have a child with?

Griffin Arthur Fraser’s parents include Brendan and Afton Smith. Afton is an actress and author, with her most prominent roles being in the 90s.

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Who is Afton Smith married to?

Brendan Fraser’s wife was Afton Smith. According to multiple online reports, the duo met at Winona Ryder's Fourth of July party in 1993, as she is a mutual friend of theirs. The couple got married in 1998, but their marriage ended in 2009.

Is Brendan Fraser in a relationship?

Fans want to know if the actor has been romantically involved with anyone since his divorce from Afton. It is believed Brendan is in a relationship with Jeanne Moore, as she attended the 2023 Oscars with him.

Griffin Arthur Fraser’s movies
Brendan posed with sons Holden, Leland, and Jeanne Moore during the 95th Annual Academy Awards at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California. Photo: Frederic J. Brown
Source: Getty Images

Does Brendan Fraser have a relationship with his kids?

Brendan has been pictured at red carpet events with his sons as of late, with them showing public support for their father's reignited acting career. Their interest in Brendan's career shows his sons remain close to their father today.

What happened to Brendan Fraser's oldest son?

Despite Brendan's two sons, Leland Francis and Holden Fletcher, publicly supporting him at red-carpet events, there are no pictures of his eldest son, Griffin, being present. This has made many fans wonder what happened to him.

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But, it seems he prefers to stay out of the public eye. This intentional act could partly be due to his autism diagnosis. Based on the actor's statements about his son, they still seem close otherwise.

Brendan Fraser’s net worth

The actor's prior success in Hollywood and reemergence onto the scene have given him an impressive net worth. As of 2023, Brendan is reported to be worth $20 million.

Griffin Arthur Fraser

Brendan Fraser’s autistic son remains a reclusive figure. His father has spoken out about his son a handful of times throughout the years regarding his autism diagnosis and how it has made him more focused on mindfully interacting with his fans that are on the spectrum. But, considerably less is known about Griffin compared to his famous parents.

Brendan Fraser sons oscars 2023
The only images available of Griffin were when he was a toddler. Photo: Amy Graves
Source: Getty Images

Griffin Arthur Fraser’s age

Brendan Fraser’s sons include Griffin at 20, Leland Francis at 17, and Holden Fletcher at 18. Leland Francis was born on 2 May 2006, while Holden Fletcher was born on 16 August 2004.

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Griffin Arthur Fraser’s height

Reports vary, but most state Griffin's height at 172,72 cm. This must be confirmed, much like many facts surrounding Brendan's eldest son.

There is essentially little to no information regarding Griffin Arthur Fraser’s life. It seems his parents and family try to protect him and keep him out of the intense lens of the prying public eye.

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