The Nines menu and prices in Cape Town (updated for 2024)

The Nines menu and prices in Cape Town (updated for 2024)

The Nines is a rooftop restaurant and cocktail lounge in Cape Town, located in a ninth-floor penthouse with 270-degree views. It is one of the best rooftop restaurants in Cape Town, offering great food and desserts and a spectacular view of the city. It promises an unforgettable dining experience that will leave you craving more. The Nines menu and prices make the restaurant a beloved destination for food lovers worldwide.

The Nines menu and ambience
The Nines offers a rare perspective of upper Sea Point, magnified by floor-to-ceiling glass with vistas of the blue Atlantic and unrivalled sunsets. Photo: @thenines (modified by author)
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The Nines restaurant is where innovation, flavour, and creativity meet to create a unique dining experience that is memorable and enchanting. The iconic hotel has quickly become sensational in Cape Town since its grand opening on November 4, 2022.

The Nines menu and prices

Executive chef Amber Deetlefs curates The Nines by Kove Collection Cape Town menu. The restaurant also offers a broad wine list featuring diverse varietals from renowned vineyards worldwide. Here is The Nines Cape Town menu. Some meals have no price indicated on the menu as they are subject to quotation (SQ).

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For the table

From low-calorie light bites to hearty meals, the main menu at The Nines restaurants has something to please all tastes.

ItemPrice in Rands
Today's Bread (v): (Viking Salt, Local Cultured Butter, House Sourdough)95.00
Garden Baby Cucumbers (Sea Salt, Mustard Dressing, Edmond Fallot)115.00
Black Truffle Burrata (Wild honey, Sherry vinegar, Grilled Ciabatta)325.00


The Nines dining place
The dining spaces are designed to create an ambience that enhances your culinary journey. Photo: @thenines (modified by author)
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With a keen focus on using the finest ingredients, the dishes presented celebrate culinary excellence.

ItemPrice in Rands
Braised Beef Short Rib & Bone Marrow (Grilled sourdough, Salsa verde)165.00
Aged Beef Carpaccio (Chives, Shallot Brunoise, Arugula, Grana Padano, Mustard Emulsion, Toasted Walnuts)155.00
Local Zucchini Blossoms (Grilled Sourdough, Salsa Verde)265.00
Crispy White Tiger Prawns (Citrus Syrup, Flattened Rice, Chilli Dressing)185.00
Single Line Yellowfin Tuna Tartare (Puffed Sago, Burnt Local Citrus, Hass Avocado)185.00
Patagonian Squid (Sorrel, Apricot Puree, Rice Flour, Spiced Citrus Aioli)165.00
Blue Bay Mussels (Cream, Grilled House Ciabatta, Chilli, White Wine)165.00
Benguela Current Saldanha Bay Oyster (Nines Signature or Au Naturel)SQ
Alaskan King Crab & Prawn (Hass Avocado, Poached Prawn, Crème Fraiche, Seasoning)195

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Garden Greens & Vegetables

ItemPrice in Rands
The Nines House Greens (Cucumber, Butter Lettuce, Avocado, Marinated Feta, Toasted Seeds & Nuts, Good Seasons Vinaigrette)145.00
Roast Butternut Squash(Pine Nuts, Olives, Sundried Tomato, Baby Spinach,Marinated Feta, Vinaigrette)165.00
Salad of Asparagus & Sorrel (Soft Boiled Egg, Grana Padano, Anchovy Dressing)145.00
The Nines Caesar(Gem Lettuce, Anchovy Dressing, White Anchovy,Pancetta, Parmesan Croutons)155.00

The restaurant offers thoughtfully crafted vegan dishes to cater to different dietary preferences. The chefs can also tailor dishes to your nutritional needs.


Pair your culinary adventure with handcrafted cocktails from the talented mixologists at The Nines' cocktail bar.

ItemPrice in Rands
White Tiger Prawn (Cream, White Wine, Garlic, Lemon, Shallot)275.00
South African Rock Lobster (Pomodoro, Garlic, Chilli, Shallot) SQ
Seafood Risotto/Pasta (Sea Bass, Patagonian Squid, Pomodoro, Saldanha Bay Black Mussels, White Tiger Prawns)345.00
Asparagus Risotto (Grana Padano, Lemon, Cream)295.00
Local Burrata & Basil (Grana Padano, Basil Pesto)195.00
Amber's Forty-eight Hours Ragu (Basil, Grana Padano, Short Rib)265.00
Free-Range Chicken Aglio (Chilli, Garlic, Lemon)195.00
Black Truffle Risotto (Parmesan, Cream, Fresh Black Truffle)395.00

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From the Sea

The Nines seafood
The Nines menu and prices make the restaurant a beloved destination for food lovers worldwide. Photo: @thenines (modified by author)
Source: UGC

For seafood enthusiasts, here is a list of food you can take while they are still fresh and prepared skillfully.

ItemPrice in Rands
The Nines Seafood Platter (White Tiger Prawns, Crayfish, Sea Bass, Patagonian Squid, Langoustine)SQ
Grilled Local Shellfish (Lemon, Olive Oil, Langoustine/White Tiger Prawn)SQ
Grilled Norwegian Salmon (Herbal Hollandaise, Salmon Roe, Asparagus)SQ
Yellowfin Tuna Steak (Capers, Shallots, Baby Potatoes, Burnt Tomato Dressing)375.00
Sea Bass (Baby Potatoes, Roast Baby Fennel, Garlic, Olives, Rosa Tomato)365.00
Roast Baby Kingklip (Warm Tartar Sauce, Fries or Citrus Rice)395.00
Grilled Patagonian Squid(Lemon Crème orSpicy Romesco, Fries or Citrus Rice, Olive Oil, Chilli, Parsley)285.00

From the Land

ItemsPrice in Rands
Aged Ribeye & White Tiger Prawns (Fries, Café De Paris) 595.00
Forty-eight-hour House-Braised Beef Rib (Butter-laden mash, Charred Summer Vegetables)345.00
Beef Burger (Tomato Jam, Herb Aioli, Brioche Bun, 200g Dry-aged Beef Pattie, Rocket, Pickled Jalapeno)195.00
Chicken Saltimbocca (Sage, Lemon, Prosciutto, Baby Potatoes, Jus)295.00
Riebeek-Kasteel Lamb Loin Cutlets (Laden Mash, Chilli, Butter, Crispy Garlic, Chilli, Kalamata Black Olive)375.00
Slow Braised Lamb Shank(Laden Mash, Broccolini)365.00
Grilled Chicken Cutlet (Lemon, Sage, Fries)245.00

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Whether you are a seafood fan or a lover of hearty meat dishes, The Nines has something to tantalize your taste buds.


The Nines cocktails
The Nines cocktails promise an unforgettable dining experience that makes you crave more. Photo: @thenines (modified by author)
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From classic favourites to innovative creations, each cocktail is a work of art that perfectly complements the dining experience.

ItemsPrice in Rands
Citrus Rice (Lemon, Parsley, Lemongrass)55.00
Broccolini (Maldon Sea Salt, Lemon, Oakhurst Olive Oil)95.00
Salads of Garden Greens(Puffed Seeds & Grains, Butter Lettuce, Feta, Cucumber, Avocado, Vinaigrette)65.00
Baby Potatoes(Salsa Verde)55.00
Butter Laden Mash (Butter, Sea Salt, Cream)55.00
Fries (Garden Herbs, Sea Salt)55.00


Their desserts are mouthwatering, including Valrhona chocolate bomb and vanilla cheesecake with lavender honey.

ItemsPrice in Rands
The Nines Chocolate Sundae (Chocolate Sauce, Brownie, Peanut Mousse, Caramelised Banana Ice Cream) 185.00
Baked Alaska(Blackcurrant Sorbet, Vanilla Ice Cream,Vanilla Sponge, Swiss Meringue (For Two)195.00
Caramel Chocolate Crème Brulee (Burnt Sugar)155.00
Terra Madre Apple Crumble (Toffee Sauce, Praline Ice Cream, Roast Hazelnuts)165.00
Whipped Vanilla Cheesecake(Praline Ice Cream, Roast Hazelnuts, Toffee Sauce)155.00
Milk Panna Cotta & West Coast Raw Honey (Honey-Oat Shortbread, Milk Ice Cream)145.00
Sorbetiere Artisanal Ice Cream & Sorbet (Per Scoop)45.00

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The Nines dining spaces

The dining area has deluxe couches bathed in soft lighting and sleek communal tables that foster a sense of friendliness. The spaces are designed to create an ambience that enhances your culinary journey, enabling you to fully immerse yourself in the flavours and aromas that fill the air. The cocktail lounge is plush with leather couches and designer armchairs, and there is a massive deck extending out from the restaurant with ocean views.

The furniture exudes elegance and a sense of generosity, with chairs, tables, and couches that invite you to settle for a leisurely meal. The interior design showcases organic shades of stone, sand, and tan, reflecting the meticulous attention paid to materials.

The Nines menu
No culinary journey is complete without The Nines beverage pairings that complement and enhance the flavours of each dish. Photo: @thenines (modified by author)
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The Nines staff

A team of competent and passionate chefs leads the restaurant. They also have skilled mixologists who offer a wide range of craft cocktails.

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The Nines opening hours

The restaurant welcomes guests for lunch and dinner. It opens its doors at noon for lunch and continues to serve its exquisite fare until 11:00 p.m.

The Nines reservations

With its popularity and reputation, reservations ensure a guaranteed spot to enjoy the culinary delights of skilled chefs and mixologists. You can make reservations through their official website and make a call.

The Nines contacts

Despite being on the rooftop, the restaurant has ample secure parking, and a swift elevator makes for easy access to the restaurant. It is at 19 Kloof Rd, Sea Point, Cape Town, 8060, South Africa. You can reach them via 021 745 6609 or for inquiries and reservations.

Is The Nines halal-friendly?

The restaurant is not strictly halal, but they are friendly. Their fish and chicken are halal.

What is the dress code for The Nines in Cape Town?

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The restaurant encourages guests to wear proper dinner attire. The guests should avoid beachwear, flip-flops, and excessively casual attire.

The Nines menu allows guests to embark on a culinary journey that reflects the restaurant's unique creativity. It is also a highly recommended place to be if you are looking for a rooftop experience combined with some of the best thought-out food in Cape Town.

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