Top 15 best buffet restaurants in Sandton (updated for 2024)

Top 15 best buffet restaurants in Sandton (updated for 2024)

Getting value for money with food portions means that you can maintain your dining experience and quality. Upmarket restaurants provide delicious meals while saving you money by offering a buffet option. Here are some of the best buffet restaurants in Sandton for you to enjoy.

best buffet restaurants in Sandton
The best eateries have various dining options. Photo: Zoff-photo (modified by author)
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The list of the best buffet restaurants in Sandton is based on their reputation and reviews. These restaurants serve a wide range of meals depending solely on the individual's liking. These buffet restaurants are listed in no particular order.

Best Sandton buffet restaurants: Top 15

1Piccolo Mondo
2LalQila Sandton
3Aroma Restaurant
4Taste of India
5Vivace Restaurant & Show Kitchen
6Chief's Boma Restaurant
8Central One Restaurant
9Wok n Roll
10Royal India Sandton
11The Big Mouth
12Rodizio Grill & Tapas
13Maximillien Restaurant
14Pigalle Sandton
15The Raj

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Best buffet restaurants in Sandton

Finding a nice restaurant in Sandton is about more than just the fancy décor and impressive plating. An ideal choice caters to all, from those looking for a more upmarket experience through course-style meals to a buffet option for those looking to open their opportunities. Here are the top Sandton buffet restaurants that offer a buffet option, in no particular order:

15. The Raj

  • Physical address: 5th Street, Sandown, Sandton
  • Contact number: 011 783 1521

Since 1995, The Raj Indian Restaurant has been presenting the magnificence of traditional North Indian cuisine. Delight in meticulously crafted buffet menus featuring only the finest dishes for everyone's enjoyment. The restaurant ensures authenticity by importing premium spices and basmati rice directly from India.

14. Pigalle Sandton

  • Physical address: UO9, Michelangelo Towers, Maude Street, Sandton, 2196
  • Contact number: 011 884 8899/011 450 2242

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Pigalle Sandton is a great option for a fine dining experience in Johannesburg. The restaurant is upmarket and exclusive, and the menu comprises fresh seafood and classic dishes with Portuguese flair. If you're looking for a stylish buffet restaurant with excellent service and food, then Pigalle Sandton is definitely worth checking out.

13. Maximillien Restaurant

  • Physical address: 02 Maude St, Sandown, Sandton, 2146, South Africa
  • Contact number: +27 11 292 7111

Maximillien is known for offering a diverse menu with a focus on contemporary international cuisine. The restaurant aims to provide a fine dining experience with a variety of dishes inspired by global culinary influences. One of the highlights of Maximillien is its panoramic views of Sandton. Depending on the location within the restaurant, patrons may enjoy views of the surrounding cityscape.

12. Rodizio Grill & Tapas

affordable buffet restaurants
Buffet restaurants typically offer a wide variety of dishes, catering to different tastes and preferences. Photo: Maria Korneeva
Source: Getty Images
  • Physical address: Melrose Arch, 10A, The High St, Melrose North, Sandton, 2196, South Africa
  • Contact number: +27 11 483 1910

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This Melrose Arch restaurant is one of the most affordable buffet restaurants in Sandton. It offers a Brazilian rodizio-style dining experience. They have a buffet with salads, sides, and feijoada (a Brazilian stew). Due to Rodizio Grill & Tapas's popularity and upscale nature, it is often recommended to make reservations, especially during peak dining hours or for special occasions.

11. The Big Mouth

  • Physical address: Shop No. 13 & 14 Nelson Mandela Square, Cnr Maude & 5th Streets
  • Contact number: +27 10 634 2890

Located at Nelson Mandela Square, The Big Mouth offers a modern twist on the diner concept. Their buffet menu features familiar diner fare with a global twist, incorporating exciting ingredients and culinary influences from around the world.

10. Royal India Sandton

  • Physical address: The Forum Building, 62 Maude St, Sandown, Sandton
  • Contact number: +27 11 784 4964

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The Royal India food chain is regarded as one of the best related to Indian food, specifically focusing on North Indian cuisine. Spicy Tikka flavours and creamy butter chicken dishes adorn the menu, but there is a buffet option with various curry dishes and other options for you to enjoy.

9. Wok n Roll

  • Physical address: Shop LR 25 The Marc at 129 Rivonia Rd, Sandton, 2031, South Africa
  • Contact number: +27 10 594 5441

Delectable Asian fusion eatery Wok n Roll is highly popular with individuals from all over Johannesburg, and their menu makes it easy to see why. Besides their standard sushi, salmon tacos, tangy chicken and noodle dishes, they have a separate buffet menu which includes rice and noodles, dim sum, soaps and various sushi options.

8. Central One Restaurant

breakfast buffet restaurants in sandton
Buffets often operate on an all-you-can-eat basis. Photo: PhotoAlto/Gabriel Sanchez
Source: Getty Images
  • Physical address: Radisson Blu Gautrain Hotel, Cnr Rivonia Road &, West St, Sandton, 2196, South Africa
  • Contact number: +27 11 286 1000

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Central One Restaurant is credited for being the breakfast buffet restaurant in Sandton, with a self-proclaimed 'super breakfast spread' as a buffet option. Besides the delicious breakfast, Central One Restaurant focuses on global foods, with something for everyone, and boasts the freshest ingredients.

7. Rockets

  • Physical address: 86 Hobart Rd, Bryanston, Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Contact number: +27 87 727 2777

The highly popular franchise is known for being a social hotspot with delicious cocktails and a relaxing setting perfect for dining, which turns more lively as the evening progresses. In terms of food, you can expect anything from juicy burgers and flavour-filled curries to everything in between. The Rockets buffet option is not detailed, so it is best to contact them directly for more details.

6. Chief's Boma Restaurant

  • Physical address: William Nicol Drive & Pieter Wenning Road, Johannesburg
  • Contact number: +27 11 840 6600

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Located just North of Sandton within the Indaba Hotel, Spa and Conference Centre, the Chief's Boma offers an African dining experience fit for a king. With delicious Moroccan meals and tasty South African desserts, there is something for all tastebuds. You can choose from buffet lunch or dinner options and weekend buffets.

5. Vivace Restaurant & Show Kitchen

  • Physical address: Corner Rivonia Road & Daisy St, Sandton, 2196, South Africa
  • Contact number: +27 11 245 8000

The Vivace Restaurant & Show Kitchen provides stunning views, refreshing cocktails and delicious food. They approach their menu seasonally, with a Mediterranean influence and South African feel. They also offer a hearty breakfast buffet.

4. Taste of India

  • Physical address: Shop 28, 334 Rivonia Village Shopping Centre
  • Contact number: +27 11 234 1766

Another Indian eatery on the list is Taste of India. It has an enormous variety of food, from an assortment of bread and starters to biryani dishes, rotis and everything in between. There are no details about their buffet menu online, so it would be best to contact them directly.

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3. Aroma Restaurant

Sandton buffet restaurants
Buffets allow diners to customize their meals by selecting their desired items and quantities. Photo: Zoff-photo
Source: Getty Images
  • Physical address: 32 7th Street, Randburg Old Tonic and Tanen space, Johannesburg 2195, South Africa
  • Contact number: +27 11 431 1440

Aroma is the last Indian spot to be featured, with good reason. Everything is from samoosas and dhal to spicy chicken, lamb curries, and biryanis. Contact Aroma Restaurant directly for more information regarding their buffet options.

2. LalQila Sandton

  • Physical address: 6 W Rd S, Morningside, Sandton, 2021, South Africa
  • Contact number: +27 83 525 7452

Located in the heart of Morningside, LalQila Sandton is unique on this list as it is specifically listed as a buffet restaurant. They boast traditional Pakistani cuisine and various dishes designed for all tastebuds. The brunch option is exclusively for Sunday, and the lunch option is solely for Saturday. There is a daily dinner buffet.

1. Piccolo Mondo

  • Physical address: Mandela Square, 135 West St, Sandown, Sandton, 2146, South Africa
  • Contact number: +27 11 282 7463

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Piccolo Mondo offers 'flair, adventure, and culinary delight.' The high-end eatery is well-loved thanks to its mouth-watering food and gorgeous décor. Piccolo Mondo has a traditional approach to their menu, and you need to ask them directly for more details on their buffet menu.

What is a buffet?

A buffet is a style of dining where a variety of prepared foods are displayed on a table or serving area, and guests serve themselves. Buffets typically offer a range of dishes, often including appetizers, main courses, side dishes, salads, desserts, and beverages.

What should you eat first at a buffet?

You should begin with the lightest options, such as soup or salads. These are generally less heavy on the stomach than other dishes, like meat and starches.

How can you eat more at a buffet?

Eating small portions will help you avoid getting full quickly, giving you more space for tasting other delicious food. You can also avoid fizzy drinks, making you feel fuller quicker.

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How much should you tip on a buffet?

It is considered an excellent gesture to tip anywhere from 12 to up to 20 per cent for a sit-down meal, but a buffet is different in that you serve yourself most of the time. Still, you can be brought drinks, which would justify a tip of at least 10 per cent. However, it comes down to your budget as well.

How much is Billy G's buffet?

The standard price is R2800; children between zero and one year old are free of charge, children from two to six are R80 each, children between ages seven and 12 are R160 each, and pensioners are R190 each.

What is the disadvantage of buffet breakfast?

The most significant disadvantage is the expected wastage of food afterwards, as it is unlikely the vast servings of food will all be finished.

Why is the buffet so cheap?

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Buffets are designed to make you fill your plate, and they strategically place expensive items like meats after filling carbs. Also, unlimited refills can lead to people taking more food than they can eat, which benefits the restaurant.

The most well-loved buffet restaurants in Sandton provide a memorable culinary experience through mouth-watering food, striking décor and serving options that are suited for all appetites and budgets. recently published an article about simple cheese platter ideas to try out. Cheese platters are a global classic whose appeal lies in the rich variety of flavours, textures, and pairings.

Its popularity at gatherings can be attributed to its social and aesthetic aspects, contributing to an engaging culinary experience. Try any cheese platter ideas below to create an individualized appetizer or snack.

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