11 fun jobs for 10-year-olds: Great ways for kids to earn money in the US

11 fun jobs for 10-year-olds: Great ways for kids to earn money in the US

With the increasing use of technology, earning a living is no longer age-restricted. There are even several jobs for 10-year-olds to make quick money for lunch break snacks.

Children ready for work
Children ready for work. Photo: @profwicks on Unsplash (modified by author)
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Various kid jobs for 10-year-olds pay well and instil valuable life skills and financial responsibility. Whether these kids have an imaginative flair or love to deal with traditional chores, young entrepreneurs have countless options.

Jobs for 10-year-olds to make money

Do you want to know what jobs for ten-year-olds abound in the world? Below is a detailed exploration of 11 creative jobs for 10-year-olds:

Jobs for 10-year-oldsResponsibilities
Voiceover artist Record the audio for characters in virtual entertainment
BloggingWriting to share their curiosities and insights
T-shirt designing Design bespoke T-shirts using online printing services
Artist Displaying and selling their paintings, drawings, or skills for handmade crafts
PhotographySelling photos and videos online
Car washingWash the car, vacuum the interior, wipe surfaces
Lemonade stand operation Manage inventory, handle money, and ensure customer satisfaction
Snow shovelingClear neighbours’ driveways and sidewalks, often needed after snowstorms
Gift wrappingUse wrapping paper and other supplies to box up or decorate a present
Weeding Help maintain gardens and outdoor spaces
Raking leaves Offer leaf-raking services to help neighbours tidy their yards

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1. Voiceover artist

Are you a parent with a child who enjoys imitating people’s voices or has a characteristic speaking mannerism? You do not need to be mad at them because you can help them monetize such mischief.

A child on a microphone with a pop filter
A child on a microphone with a pop filter. Photo: @jasonrosewell on Unsplash
Source: UGC

You can do this by helping them explore their prospects in voiceover work. Create a demo reel and enrol on sites that offer voiceover jobs.

2. Blogger

Children who enjoy writing may choose blogging and its associated offerings as a platform to share their curiosities and insights. They may stick to a particular niche or create content around hobbies such as video games, crafts, or sports. They can earn remuneration by allowing advertisements on their blog.

3. T-shirt designer

According to I Will Teach You To Be Rich, with a talent for art and fashionable styles, children looking to make money may design bespoke T-shirts using online printing services. They can pawn their products at physical markets and local stores or set up an online store on platforms like Etsy or Redbubble.

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4. Artist

Young artists can make money from displaying and selling their paintings, drawings, or skills for handmade crafts online. They may try out their websites, such as Etsy, when looking for a platform that helps them to reach a broader market and earn from their passion.

5. Photographer

Photography is a tremendous platform for youngsters with an eye for capturing moments. They could begin to hone this skill during family get-togethers and at local events.

A child photographer
A child photographer. Photo: @epicuros on Unsplash
Source: UGC

The interested child photographer may also choose to start documenting special occasions in their school or friendly sleepovers. They can start making money from it by selling their photos and videos online, albeit without violating consent.

6. Car washing

During the warmer season, car washing can be a worthwhile experience for children. They can offer their services to family, family friends, and neighbours. Basic exterior cleaning is usually a reasonable place to start, and once they acquire some level of care, they can expand into interior detailing.

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7. Lemonade stand

In a post published on NerdWallet, a classic summer job is operating a lemonade stand. This one teaches children how to become astute entrepreneurs and customer experience officers. They can experiment with diverse recipes, learn about cost and selling prices, and handle tricky transactions while relishing the warmth of the outdoors.

8. Snow shoveling

A child preparing to shovel snow
A child preparing to shovel snow. Photo: @hollymandarich on Unsplash
Source: UGC

This is one of the highest-paying jobs for 10-year-olds, as revealed on Mom Beach, and is more readily available in colder regions. Snow shovelling is a lucrative opportunity for children in the winter. They can offer services such as clearing neighbours’ driveways and sidewalks, often needed after snowstorms.

9. Gift wrapping

The holidays are for exchanging gifts, but while the child awaits his or hers, the parent may make some money by offering paid assistance with gift wrapping.

This allows children to showcase their creative side while wrapping presents neatly as a convenient service to busy shoppers.

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10. Weeding

Although 10-year-olds are younger than the standard lawn-mowing age, they can engage in less tedious yard work such as weeding. They may offer their childlike care to neighbours and family members who need help maintaining their gardens and outdoor spaces.

A child working on a farmland
A child working on a farmland. Photo: @ny_menghor2020 on Unsplash
Source: UGC

11. Raking leaves

Autumn is popular for leaving the streets and yards littered with leaves. This often means that raking leaves must become essential for numerous households. Therefore, this is one of several summer jobs for 10-year-olds that pay.

Children may offer paid leaf-raking services to help neighbours tidy their yards while getting fresh air and exercise.

What job is good for a 10-year-old?

If you have children feeling more responsible, they can take on more intentional paid chores. So, what jobs can a 10-year-old get? Some of them include these:

Dog walking

Busy dog owners often need someone to help walk their pets. Therefore, this is the perfect job for animal-loving kids. It is a win-win situation; they get exercise and companionship while making good money.

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Pet sitting

Another opportunity for kids who love to care for animals, this job involves taking care of animals in their owners’ homes. Children can feed, play with, and ensure the pets are well while their owners are away. This helps foster a sense of responsibility and affection for animals.


Responsible children can start learning childcare skills through babysitting. This should generally begin with supervised sessions and a babysitting course with the Red Cross. This might help them build trust and expand their client base.

Frequently asked questions

As part of getting information on the highest-paying jobs for 10-year-olds, below are some questions often asked:

  • How can a 10-year-old make money? By offering paid creative, seasonal, and traditional services suitable for their age.
  • What is the best job for 10-year-olds? Jobs like photography, gift wrapping, and weeding are perfect for them.
  • Can a 10-year-old earn income? Yes, kids of this age can make money doing fun things
  • How to make $500 as a kid? Even $500 is a lot of cash for adults, but a lucky garage sale can do the trick.
  • Which age is best for a job? Once a child has a sense of responsibility or is fit to handle certain tasks independently.
  • What do most 10-year-olds do? Jobs like dog walking, gift wrapping, and snow shovelling are good for them.

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The only limit to suitable jobs for 10-year-olds is their creativity and health disposition to seasonal changes. A willing child can earn a few bucks while having fun.

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