Sen Cal Kapimi: How to watch full episodes on the internet

Sen Cal Kapimi: How to watch full episodes on the internet

One of the most talked about television series of Turkish origin is the Sen Cal Kapimi drama. The first season of this soapie premiered on Fox on the 8th of July, 2020 and ended exactly 14 months later. But then, how do you watch the highly entertaining series online?

Sen Cal Kapimi
Sen Cal Kapimi cast members. Photo: @sencalkapimi
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Sen Çal Kapımı is known by several names in different countries. Italy and Spain know it as Love is in the Air, but its Indian audience is used to the title You Knock on My Door. This series is a romantic comedy whose theme is based on the search for love and the necessity of characters overcoming the challenges in their blossoming love affairs.

Sen Cal Kapimi's plots

You Knock on My Door Turkish series follows the story of a girl known as Eda Yildiz. The young lady comes from a poor background, and things get worse after her parents pass away in an accident. Afterwards, Eda resides with her aunty and a best friend known as Melo. She helps as a sales representative at her aunt’s flower shop.

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It is often said that poverty is a state of mind and never a statement of a person’s bank account. Despite Eda’s underprivileged circumstances, she strives to become a better person to raise her financial status. The young lady is academically inclined and decides to use her brilliance as a weapon against impoverishment.

Although Eda is willing, there is the question of how she will fund her academic pursuit. She must depend on sponsorship from a private company to achieve her educational goals. The story begins to develop when her benefactor decides to withhold her educational allowance.

Eda decides to find out what could have caused the delay, and she is met with terms and conditions. Her sponsor, Serkan Bolat, whose family is wealthy and owns a firm that deals with architecture, wants her to play along in a game of romantic deceit. The reward for consenting is a fully sponsored educational scholarship for Eda to study architecture in Italy.

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The demands irk Eda, and she disagrees intentionally. However, she decides to play along after her long term boyfriend cheats on her and ends their relationship. Finally, she agrees to Serkan's schemings but only after he consents to employ her as a personal assistant in his firm.

Sen Cal Kapimi
Serkan Bolat's family is wealthy and runs a firm that deals with architecture. Photo: @sencalkapimi
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Where to watch Sen Cal Kapimi

If your interest is already piqued by the new knowledge you now possess about this series, it is high time you knew where to watch the Sen Cal Kapimi television show.

The series currently airs in countries like Australia, Italy, India, Pakistan, Spain and Italy. Below are details of where and how you can watch the You Knock on My Door Turkish series.


If you are situated in Australia, you have no problem binge-watching this series as long you have access to a paid cable network television station known as FOXTEL. You can also watch in MX player.

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The series was initially aired on Telecinco but relocated to Divinity station to help increase its popularity. It has become a fan's favourite since this switch was made.


If you are anywhere in this part of Europe, you can watch this series live on Canale 5 in the afternoon.


Sen Cal Kapimi is popular among its Turkish audience, who can watch it on Turkish Fox television.

India and Pakistan

Indian romantic comedy lovers can help themselves with entertainment by watching You Knock on My Door drama on the MX Player; it also streams on YouTube.

Sen Cal Kapimi
A loved up scene in Sen Cal Kapimi. Photo: @sencalkapimi
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With the above mentioned, "where can I watch Sen Cal Kapimi in USA?" You may ask. First, you should go to your YouTube platform and type You Knock on My Door in the search bar. Then, wait until the page navigates you to the different episodes of the series. You can also access other streaming apps to enjoy the soapie.

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Besides, having the You Knock on My Door Netflix experience might be a possibility shortly, but as things stand, the series is not on Netflix.


Below are some of the characters that will put action to the storyline in this rom-com.

  • Selin Atakan plays Serkan’s previous fiancée
  • Deniz Sarachan plays Eda’s childhood friend and secretly crushes on Eda
  • Semiha Yildirim is Eda’s rich but snobby grandmother
  • Kaan Karadağ used to be Serkan’s friend but is now a rival
  • Balka Koçak works briefly in Serkan’s firm and does not see eye to eye with Eda
  • Prens Seymen
  • Efe Akman
  • Tahir
  • Alexander Zucco

The second season of the Sen Cal Kapimi Turkish television soapie is already out, and lovers of the series can continue enjoying the blend of entertainment and education that it offers. You can go through some pages dedicated to this series to catch a few trailers.

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