eExtra's Om Elke Draai Turkish series: Cast, plot summary, full story episodes

eExtra's Om Elke Draai Turkish series: Cast, plot summary, full story episodes

After a hectic day, how do you cool off until you go to bed? If you had the best time watching Discompicated on eExtra, you should consider watching Om Elke Draai (Her Yerde Sen). The show stars some of the best characters you cannot get tired of watching on your screen. So, get ready to follow the journey of two strong personalities in Istanbul as they navigate love, life and work.

Om Elke Draai's full story
Om Elke Draai airs on the eExtra channel at 7:30 pm. Photo: @Om Elke Draai - Die Drama
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eExtra's latest romantic comedy, Om Elke Draai (Everywhere I Go), is produced by Karga Seven Pictures. Starring Furkan Andic and Aybuke Pusat, the show tells the story of an architect who discovers that a woman he now works with owns his childhood home.

What is the meaning of Om Elke Draai?

It means Everywhere I Go, and it is a charming romantic series that depicts the story of Demir Erendil and Selin Sever.

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Om Elke Draai's plot summary

Om Elke Draai is a modern love story series between Demir and Selin, who become housemates after each bought half of the same house. Demir is a successful architect who buys his childhood home, while Selin is a hardworking young woman who sees the house as her first property.

Complications arise when they claim ownership of the house and are forced to share it. Things become even more complicated when Selin realises that Demir is her new boss. As tensions rise in the workplace and at home, a romance starts to blossom between the two.

Om Elke Draai's full story

Demir is a handsome and successful architect who returns to Istanbul after working in Japan to save a struggling architecture firm. He is determined to make the firm successful again within a year and to start a new life in Istanbul.

As part of his plan, he buys his childhood home, which holds precious memories for him. However, Selin is an ambitious and hardworking young woman excited to purchase her first property, the perfect little house she has always wanted.

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She soon discovers that she only owns half of the property, having bought it from a family already at war over the house. To her surprise, Demir also claims to hold the other half of the house and refuses to move out. Their living situation becomes even more complicated when Demir takes over the company where Selin works as an interior designer.

She finds it challenging to work with her new boss, who controls and imposes different rules, including one prohibiting office romances. Selin and her coworkers tried to send Demir away, but their efforts proved futile. Despite their differences in personalities and working styles, Demir and Selin start to develop feelings for each other.

While Selin is messy and chatty, Demir is organised and neat, but they find common ground in their passion for architecture and design. As their relationship deepens, they face challenges, including Selin's disapproving parents, who want her to marry, and the struggle to save the architecture firm from bankruptcy. They are determined to overcome these obstacles and build a future together.

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Om Elke Draai's cast with images

As eExtra airs the TV series, here is a look at the cast.

Furkan Andic as Demir Erendil

tv shows with furkan andıç
Furkan Andıç is a well-known Turkish model and actor. Photo: @furkandic8 (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Furkan Andıç is a well-known Turkish model and actor. A few TV shows with Furkan Andıç are Kaçak Gelinler, Bir Kurabiye Masalı and Kolej Günlüğü. He is also famous for his performances in Tatlı İntikam and Meryem.

Aybüke Pusat as Selin Sever

The Turkish actress, model and former beauty pageant winner of Miss Earth Turkey in 2014 first gained attention for her role in the Medcezir television series. She is best known for portraying Bahar Kutlu in the series Söz. Pusat has also appeared in several other popular TV shows, including O Hayat Benim Falcon Crest and 50M2.

Ali Yagci as Burak Yangel

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Om Elke Draai's trailer
Ali Yagci as Burak Yangel. Photo: @aliyagciii (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Ali Yagci is best known for his roles in popular Turkish TV series, such as Erkenci Kus, Fandom and Kadin. He started his acting career with a role in the Turkish movie Umut Apartmani.

Aslihan Malbora as Ayda Akman

Om Elke Draai's cast with images
Aslihan Malbora as Ayda Akman. Photo: @aslihanmalbora (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Aslihan Malbora made her TV debut in 2017 in Seven Ne Yapmaz and later starred in the leading role of Netflix's Geçen Yaz in 2021. Besides starring as Leyla in the action drama series Üç Kuruş, her credits include The Bad Penny and Etkileyici.

Deniz Isin as Merve Mutlu

Deniz Işın is a prominent Turkish actress and screenwriter known for portraying İrem in Masumiyet and Leyla in Leyla ile Mecnun. She also appeared in the short film Ölüler İçin Yaşam Kılavuzu and had leading roles in Anka and Aşk Çağırırsan Gelir. In 2022, she starred in Sevmek Zamanı.

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Other cast members to expect in the show and their roles include the following:

  • Ali Barkin as Bora
  • Ali Gozusirin as Ibrahim Tunc
  • Fatih Ozkan as Ferruh Ozerdim
  • Cem Cucenoglu as Muharrem
  • Ayfet Tokatli as Azmiye Bosgecmez
  • Ayse Tunaboylu as Leyla Gunbakan
  • Binnur Serbetcioglu as Firuze Gunbakan
  • Aziz Caner Inan as Vedat Ayhan
  • Beste Kokdemir as Eylul

Om Elke Draai's trailer

The Om Elke Draai's trailer on eExtra has been promoting the show's new broadcast on the network. However, it is noteworthy that the Om Elke Draai TV series has been on eVOD (electronic video-on-demand) for some time before eExtra began airing it.

Om Elke Draai's episodes

Om Elke Draai has 23 episodes, each consisting of two hours. The series aired in Turkey from June to November 2019 and has only one season. Premiere episodes of Om Elke Draai are broadcast on eExtra from Mondays to Fridays at 7:30 pm.

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The news of Discomplicated's finale left many eExtra telenovela and drama lovers wondering what is next. However, the channel has once again proven its commitment to providing quality entertainment with the launch of Om Elke Draai. With its captivating storyline and talented cast, the show is worth watching.

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