Dream Girl teasers for May 2022: Is Ayesha interested in Raghu?

Dream Girl teasers for May 2022: Is Ayesha interested in Raghu?

Karan believes Manav is dead. What will he do when he bumps into somebody who looks exactly like Manav? Ayesha is under the impression that Aarti may be falling in love with Raghu, but he is constantly humiliating her. Go through the Dream Girl teasers to find out how the drama unfolds.

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Dream Girl today
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Ayesha has an ingenious plan to have a wardrobe malfunction in front of Raghu, who immediately comes to her aid, asking her to stay in his house. She grabs the offer immediately, realising this is a chance to manipulate him. Will he catch on to her act? The Dream Girl teasers below reveal just enough.

Dream Girl teasers for May 2022

The launch of Navarang Studios is a new start for Karan and Aarti. But, will their plan to make a movie be a success, or will the presence of Ayesha on the deal ruin it for them?

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What happens at the end of Dream Girl?
Lakshmi as a young cinephile trying to go to Mumbai to become famous. Gif: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
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Sunday, May 1st 2022 - Episode 181/ Episode 182

There is a protest underway by Ayesha's fans against Raghu because of how he embarrassed her at the event. The fans are calling him to make an apology, while Ayesha is ecstatic to find out about her fans sticking up for her; she feels popular! Elsewhere, Karan and Aarti plan to make a movie to advertise Navrang Studio, and they want Ayesha to star in it.

Raghu is angry that Ayesha has set her fans onto him, but Aarti calms him down, and they agree to go for a press conference. Elsewhere, Ayesha learns about this and is enraged; she uses Aarti as support. Soon after, Sona commends Aarti for being kind to Meethi.

Monday, May 2nd 2022 - Episode 183/ 184

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Aarti hangs out with Meethi while Ayesha tries her best to get on Raghu's good books. Soon after, the pair goes for a media announcement, and Ayesha lies to Meethi about Raghu and Manav. Karan pushes Aarti to advertise Navarang Studios.

Aarti is jealous and wants to be just as fabulous as Ayesha. Karan helps her with her makeup to achieve this, and they both promote the new movie. Later on, Ayesha brings Raghu and Meethi together, and they hang out after she meddles.

Tuesday, May 3rd 2022 - Episode 185/ 186

Aarti is stunned when she finds out about the reality of Raghu and Ayesha's relationship, while Ayesha schemes on bringing Raghu and Meethi together so that she can gain his confidence. Soon after, Karan and Aarti accost Ayesha for spewing lies to Meethi that Raghu is her dad; this leads to Ayesha and Aarti having a heated discussion.

Aarti pushes Meethi to see the truth that Raghu is not her dad, and after the excellent job of promoting Navarang Studios is finished, Raghu agrees to come to the launch party. Soon after, Ayesha fakes a wardrobe malfunction, and Raghu comes to her immediate aid.

Wednesday, May 4th 2022 - Episode 187/ 188

Raghu is ignorant that Ayesha is putting on an act over the false wardrobe malfunction, and he feels so bad for her that he offers his house for her to stay in. Ayesha is ecstatic that she has found a way to get even closer to Raghi and gain his confidence. Meanwhile, Karan finds out what she did, and he condemns her actions.

Ayesha tries to manipulate Raghu into pumping his money into the new studio, Navarang, but this time he catches onto her ploy and cautions her that she cannot win his trust. Soon after, he asks her to take part in his test. Will she pass?

Thursday, May 5th 2022 - Episode 189/ 190

Raghu gives Ayesha a plate of very spicy food as part of the test, and she becomes fidgety after eating it. He then takes her along for a drive, and they hang out a bit. Elsewhere, Karan and Richa talk about the film, and Richa proposes that it takes place at a new location.

Raghu tries to keep away from Ayesha by giving her new tasks, each more daunting than the last; he has now left her in an impenetrable forest by herself. Meanwhile, Karan and Richa are on the hunt for a new filming venue, and they later bump into a Manav doppelganger, which makes him think that Manav is still living.

Dream Girl StarLife full story cast
Lakshmi wasted money on a photo session and cut her hair, but it proved useless. Gif: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
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Friday, May 6th 2022 - Episode 191/ 192

Ayesha finds it hard to complete Raghu's challenges, and she accepts that she has lost, and Aarti comforts her. However, she uses this to her advantage, convincing Aarti to bring Raghu to their side and promote the studio. Elsewhere, Richa lies to Karan regarding Manav.

Saturday, May 7th 2022 - Episode 193/ 194

Raghu remembers Surbhi, a conceited, mean actress who used to demean him as Aarti struggles to complete Raghu's strenuous tasks. Still, she has a fire within her and keeps going in order to qualify. Later, everybody in Navarang Studios is stunned when Raghu drags Aarti's reputation in the mud.

Aarti struggles through the tasks to help both Navarang and Ayesha, who is getting irritated at her photo session. Karan sees Manav while driving as Raghu overhears people criticising Ayesha's inappropriate behaviour. Aarti begs Mithi not to reveal who she is.

Sunday, May 8th 2022 - Episode 195/ 196

Raghu is repentant about his behaviour towards Aarti, and he begs her to meet up with his clients, but soon after, his behaviour changes, and he pours ink all over her face. His clients are shocked at him embarrassing her in this manner. Meethi gibes Aarti a wristband.

As Karan tries to follow Manav, Raghu tells Aarti to clean his guests' shoes, and she rebuttals asking how he can sleep, knowing that he has mistreated her in this way. Soon after, Aarti tries to convince Ayesha that Raghu is good, but he proves her wrong when he sends her for a sandwich.

Monday, May 9th 2022 - Episode 197/ 198

Raghu's chauffeur drops Aarti off in the hinterlands, and everything goes according to how Raghu planned it because goons would accost her, and it would be televised. Meanwhile, Karan finally catches up with Manav, who tells him that Richa is working undercover for him at Narang. Finally, Raghu strikes Aarti across the face after she yells at him.

Ayesha is concerned that Aarti is getting feelings for Raghu as Manav tries to investigate why Ayesha has so much interest in Raghu, and soon after, she gives an interview. Aarti is concerned for Raghu's feelings, and he comes in to interrogate Ayesha (Aarti).

Tuesday, May 10th 2022 - Episode 199/ 200

Raghu requests that Ayesha gives him a drink as he reminisces on his time with Surbhi. Soon after, Ayesha (Aarti) grudgingly dances for him, and he ends up hurting his feet when he forces her to dance on broken glass. Later on, he confides in her about Surbhi and how she was disloyal to his brother.

He reveals more to her about how his brother, Krishna, had killed himself because of Surbhi, and she tries to comfort him. Soon after, she tells Ayesha that his life experiences are what hardened his heart, but at the same time, Raghu regrets opening up to her. Manav asks Karan to keep a close eye on Ayesha.

What happens in Dream Girl Starlife?
Lakshmi promises the Ms Ayesha photograph in her room that she will go to Mumbai and succeed. Gif: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
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What happens to the Dream Girl cast members?

The May episodes for Dream Girl are very thrilling as Raghu pushes Ayesha to do everything in her power to prove herself. Here is a recap of what happens in the upcoming Dream Girl May episodes.


The show starts with the public protesting him because of Ayesha, and he gets angry at her. She tries to mend the situation by bringing him and Meethi together, but this ploy backfires. Soon after, he is sorry for her and brings her into his house, where she chooses to do a series of tests to gain his trust. Unfortunately, she cannot complete them, but Aarti takes up the mantle. He reveals that he lost a brother to suicide and later regrets revealing so much about himself.


She works with Karan to make Navarang Studios. Ayesha then ropes in her to do Raghu's qualifying tests, and she is continually humiliated by him, but Ayesha thinks she is in love with Raghu.

Dream Girl on StarLife is definitely a must-watch show that keeps viewers on their toes with every thrilling new episode. Will Manav find out the reason behind Ayesha being so interested in Raghu? Catch the Dream Girl full episodes all week long on StarLife from 8.00 p.m.

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