Till Money Do Us Part on Telemundo: Cast, plot summary, full story, episodes

Till Money Do Us Part on Telemundo: Cast, plot summary, full story, episodes

Today's soap operas focus more on love triangles and betrayals as the central theme. In Hasta que la plata nos separe (Till Money Do Us Part) on Telemundo, the audience is introduced to people who compete with one another for love and financial gain.

Till Money Do Us Part
Telemundo broadcasts the remake of the same-named Colombian telenovela from 2006.Photo: Telemundo on Facebook (modified by author)
Source: UGC

The telenovela was created and shown on the RCN channel from 10 May 2022 to 16 September 2022 and is now on Telemundo.

Till money do us part, 2022

The romance series, which is a remake of Fernando Gaitán's 2006 Colombian telenovela of the same name, featured on Telemundo in 2022.

Till Money Do Us Part plot summary

Two strangers, Alejandra, an affluent corporate executive, and Rafael, a poor salesperson, are involved in a car accident that alters their lives and affects their destinies. Their various families and friends will do everything possible to thwart their love.

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Till Money Do Us Part full story

Alejandra Maldonado, a commercial manager and Rafael Mendez, a salesman, are from opposite backgrounds. When they are involved in an accident, Rafael incurs a debt he left that he has to pay, leading to an unusual romance. They have misfortunes that put their relationship to the test, and a love-hate relationship ensues.

Things worsen even with Luciano, her boyfriend, and without any hope for the future, she begins to plot her retaliation. But poverty, wrath, and envy give this tale a remarkable twist.

Till Money Do Us Part's episodes

There are 84 episodes in the first season of the TV Show that aired from February to September 2022.

Till Money Do Us Part's cast

Get to know the team, announced on February 2022, to present this soap opera to the big screen!

Carmen Villalobos as Alejandra Maldonado

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Till money does us part
She is a stunning, classy woman who exudes elegance and refinement in her taste. Photo: Medios y Media
Source: Getty Images

The successful businesswoman is the manager of the Ramenautos car dealership. Besides being a smart, refined, and materialistic executive, she comes from a wealthy family, but since their dairy farm went bankrupt, her father has had to provide for them. She has made a living with the salary of a sales manager at Ramenautos.

Sebastián Martínez as Rafael Méndez

Till Money Do Us Part Telemundo
He is a creative and independent salesperson who rarely misses a purchase despite using unusual approaches. Photo: Cindy Ord
Source: Getty Images

Rafael Méndez has always excelled at selling various items at home. He has learned to speak authoritatively and to be a one-of-a-kind salesperson. Rafael's lack of finances and education does not prevent him from enjoying life. The staunch businessman is confident of his worth.

Gregorio Pernía, as Luciano Valenzuela

Till Money Do Us Part Telemundo
Luciano wants to marry Alejandra so that he can inherit the farm and regain the financial standing he formerly held. Photo: Frazer Harrison
Source: Getty Images

Luciano is a distinguished, bold, and attractive man, the kind that Alejandra has long been searching for. Even though he comes from a very affluent family, the Valenzuelas are currently experiencing a temporary economic problem, which inspires the gorgeous Alejandra to support him.

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Juliette Pardau as Vicky Pardo "La Pajarita"

Till Money Do Us Part Telemundo
The irrational and cunning girl gets everything with her tantrums, exaggerates any scenario and takes everything personally. Photo: Phillip Faraone
Source: Getty Images

Vicky Pardo is a neighbour with whom Méndez keeps a loving and romantic relationship. Her overprotective father and her two muscular and jealous brothers are some of the obstacles that Vicky and Mendez face. The two owners of a butchery business believe Méndez is too small for the young woman.

Laura Flores, as Clemencia Maldonado

Till Money Do Us Part Telemundo
Clemencia has raised Alejandra to be a strong woman who can face any challenges that come her way. Photo: Sergi Alexander
Source: Getty Images

Alejandra's aunt is a traditional, old-fashioned woman. After having a lover who ultimately chose not to marry her for ten years, she found it increasingly difficult to find love and ultimately decided to remain single. She learns from experience that making a difference is always possible.

Alejandro Tommasi as Benjamín Maldonado

Till Money Do Us Part Telemundo
Alejandra's father is an educated man who has sacrificed everything so his daughter can thrive and support herself. Photo: Medios y Media
Source: Getty Images

Alzheimer's has threatened Benjamin greatly. The disease has greatly impacted his performance, but he is gentle and loving with his daughter Alejandra. The bankrupt widower who made several poor investments has been running the family business for years but feels frustrated and useless. This has worsened his condition and left him a sad and reclusive man.

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Lorna Cepeda as Rosaura Echeverri

Rosaura would never acknowledge her separation from her husband to keep her place in society. She benefits from certain class solidarity perks because she is Bernal's acquaintance. She calls her club mates often to incite envy over the new automobile that so-and-so purchased because she specialises in high-end vehicles and uses comparison as a sales strategy.

Alejandra Avila as Claudia

Till Money Do Us Part Telemundo
She often wears provocative clothing, such as short skirts and plunging necklines, but she also spreads rumours. Photo: alejaavilac on Instagram (Modified by author)
Source: UGC

Because Claudia does not hesitate to entice each male who enters Ramenautos into her networks, this woman uses her physical attributes to trap all the enterprises that come along the way, whether her own or those of her coworkers. Finding a wealthy man who will provide her with a good life full of luxury and travel is her life's ambition.

Marcela Benjumea as La Generala

La Generala is constantly on the lookout for workplace mistreatment of her coworkers and will use that information to organise a demand, a union, or a strike. The manager prefers to keep her on permanently to avoid any act of disobedience or scandal that would harm the company's reputation.

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Julián Arango as Marino Castaño

He does not follow any rules or regulations, and he is a womaniser who has little regard for the needs or feelings of others. Since he was the merchant who had made the most money before Rafael's arrival among the merchants, he ultimately ends up being Rafael's archenemy.

Alejandro Gutierrez as Ezequiel Bernal

Till Money Do Us Part Telemundo
Bernal's only concerns are money and replying to the board of directors with the goals at the end of the month. Photo: Clasos
Source: Getty Images

He is sober and sane but very unpredictable. His attitude varies with the cash flow, and when he sees a sales balance, he feels like he is about to have a heart attack. His brutal attitude conceals the tyranny with which he governs Alejandra and the corporation. He's been married for 35 years and has two kids.

José Daniel Cristancho as Jaime Rincón

Till Money Do Us Part Telemundo
He is another member of the family and Rafael's best buddy. Like his friend, he has a strong drive to succeed. Photo: Jose Daniel Cristancho on Facebook (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Jaime aspires to advance professionally by making significant sacrifices and efforts. He has a secret crush on Milena and never gives up hope that she will see him for who he is, but his shyness makes him easily manipulated, especially by women.

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Alina Lozano as Leonor de Mendez

Till Money Do Us Part Telemundo
The mother of Rafael and Milena is a kind, patient mother with a decent heart who has worked hard as a farmer to provide for her family. Photo: lozanoalina on Instagram ( modified by author)
Source: UGC

Leonor raised Rafael and Milena when she separated from her husband. The children grew up knowing her as the breadwinner. Her greatest accomplishment has been raising them to be good, decent, and healthy. Leonor has always been poor but honest. She had to rely on Rafael to pay her bills, but thanks to her perseverance, the dynamic woman moved from the farm to the city and now has her own home.

Till Money Do Us Part: Is it on Netflix?

The romance television program is accessible on Netflix. Watch a family juggling their business obligations while dealing with personal challenges, betrayal, and love.

Where can I watch Till Money Do Us Part online?

You can watch the full episodes of Hasta que la Plata nos Separere online on the Telemundo app for iOS and Android, Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Samsung TV, and Xbox.

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The connection between a successful woman and a suffering guy is depicted in the television series Till Money Do Us Part. They are introduced by chance and eventually become closer, but their different families try to prevent their romance from developing.

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