Ana's Revenge on Telemundo: Cast, full story, plot summary, and episodes

Ana's Revenge on Telemundo: Cast, full story, plot summary, and episodes

Ana's Revenge, with the Spanish title La Venganza De Analia, is a Spanish television drama that will premiere in March 2023 on Telemundo. The telenovela was created by Clara María Ochoa and written by Said Chamie alongside Claudia Sánchez. It follows Ana in her pursuit of avenging her mother's killing that happened a decade ago.

The cast (with images) of Ana's Revenge
Ana's Revenge is set to premier in March 2023 on Telemundo. Photo: @telemundoafrica (modified by author)
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This interesting telenovela is made possible by a cast of talented actors and actresses who do a fantastic job at delivering the show's storyline. The character of Ana Guerrero is played by the talented actress Carolina Gómez.

Summary of Ana's Revenge

NetworkCaracol Television and Telemundo
Number of seasonsOne
Number of episodes60
Created byClara Maria Ochoa
Produced byCMO Productions
Written bySaid Chamie and Claudia Sanchez

The cast (with images) of Ana's Revenge

Among the production team that ensures that various elements of making the show a success is the cast, whose actors and actresses are:

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Carolina Gómez as Ana Guerrero

Teasers of Ana's Revenge
Colombian actress and lead character in Ana's Revenge, Carolina Gomez. Photo: @carogomezfilm (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

Carolina is a Colombian actress and producer who plays the lead character of Ana Guerrero in Ana's Revenge. She is also popularly known for productions like The Chosen One, La Vuida de la Mafia and Blunt Force Trauma. As such, her phenomenal acting skills have won her an award for Best Actress in a Telenovela or TV Series.

Marlon Moreno as Guillermo León Mejía

The cast (with images) of Ana's Revenge
Marlon Moreno plays the character of Guillermo Leon Mejia in the Telemundo drama. Photo: @marlon.moreno (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

The Colombian actor has an impressive list of television and movie credits from which he has won over nine awards in recognition of his impeccable performance. Some of the movies he is known for include La Mujer del Presidente (1997), Dog Eat Dog (2008) and Another Forever (2016).

George Slebi as Pablo de la Torre

Ana's Revenge's plot summary
In the television drama, George Slebi plays the character of Pablo de la Torre, the love of Ana's life. Photo: @geoslebi (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

As per his IMDb profile, George has extensively worked in television productions like Leandro Diaz, La Niña Julia, Enfermeras and many more. His name is mentioned among other Colombian actors that immensely contribute to the country's entertainment industry.

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Geraldine Zivic as Rosario Castiblanco de Mejía

The full story of Ana's Revenge
The award-winning actress that is Geraldine is of Serbian descent and famous for her telenovela roles. Photo: @geraldinezivic (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

Géraldine is an Argentine-born Colombian award-winning actress, model and television presenter of Serbian descent who is famous for her roles in telenovelas. Some of her TV show credits include Otra en mi, The Clone and Amas de Casa Desesperadas.

Other cast members of the telenovela with recurring roles and who have equally done a stellar job in acting include:

Name of actor/actressName of character
María Cecilia BoteroEugenia Castiblanco de De la Torre
Andrea GómezDora Serna Dorita
Juliana GalvisCarolina Valencia
Kristina Lilley Andrea Correa / Susana Guerrero
Edwin MayaJuan Mario Mejía Castiblanco
Viviana SantosSofía Mejía Castiblanco
Alejandro Gutiérrez Santiago Castiblanco
Michelle ManterolaIsabella Aponte
Juan Alfonso BaptistaMark Salinas
Carolina Cuervo Liliana Camargo
Matías MaldonadoAndrei Robiras Toto
Mauricio Figueroa Manuel José de la Torre

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Ana's Revenge's full story

Ana travels abroad to prepare to become the country's important political advisor and returns to Colombia when she feels she is ready to take on this significant role. However, in her return, she plans to avenge her mother's death, which has been more than 25 years since her murder.

Interestingly, Ana is appointed as a political advisor for the man responsible for her mother's death. She sees it feet to gain his trust before executing her plan.

Guillermo León Mejía is a candidate for the Presidency of the Republic of Colombia and the man who brutally murdered Ana's mother for undisclosed reasons. She plans to gain Guillermo's trust by putting him in the first spot in the polls, only to destroy him later by exposing his illegal and corrupt ways. With this plan, her intentions are that he loses the presidential race and his freedom.

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Her plans are challenged as she realises that going through with the plan will hurt the man she loves, Pablo de la Torre and the biggest truth, believed to be a game changer, is that the murderer is her father.

Ana's Revenge's plot summary

The television drama follows Ana, the show's protagonist, in her journey as she plots to take Revenge for her mother's death. Her mother's murderer, Guillermo León Mejía, is a candidate for the Presidency of the Republic of Colombia and Ana believes this task will be easy to carry out because she has been appointed as the political advisor and right hand of this candidate.

She intends to make him obtain the first position in the polls and thereafter expose his corrupt past, which will lead to him losing the race and ultimately, his freedom. However, some truths could challenge her decision.

Teasers of Ana's Revenge

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Below are a few teasers you can read to gain an understanding of what will happen in the first five episodes of the drama:

Episode 1 (13 March 2023)

Ana returns to Colombia after her trip abroad, where she was preparing to become Colombia's political advisor and right hand to Guillermo León Mejía. She begins her plan to avenge her mother's death.

Episode 2 (14 March 2023)

Guillermo blackmails his driver, Carrasco, into accepting a task that could get him into trouble and Ines discovers an alarming clue while searching for Ana Lucia.

Episode 3 (15 March 2023)

In this episode, the story gets interesting as reports of Ana being alive begin to surface after she disappeared and the police find Mejía's car. The unscrupulous lawyer, Fabiola, pays Mejía an unwelcome visit.

Episode 4 (16 March 2023)

An old army friend helps Mejía cover his tracks after nearly exposing his shady deals and a fateful sighting assists in changing the course of Ana's life. While on her revenge plan, she recruits someone to help her with this plan.

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Episode 5 (17 March 2023)

Ana battles with a competitor for a job as Mejía's strategist and comes face-to-face with her mother's killer and Pablo, the man she will soon fall in love with after nearly 30 years.

Ana's Revenge is undoubtedly set to entertain viewers with its twists and turns as episodes unfold and the plot thickens. To watch the drama, viewers can catch Ana's Revenge every night on Telemundo, DStv channel 118.

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