eExtra's Chrysalis (Turkish telenovela) cast, plot summary, full story, episodes

eExtra's Chrysalis (Turkish telenovela) cast, plot summary, full story, episodes

Igniting universal emotions of family, love, and faith, Turkish dramas have become a global sensation. Continuing this trend, eExtra presents the upcoming series, Chrysalis. Arriving on 23 August 2023, it succeeds Hart van Goud, marking another thrilling chapter in eExtra's telenovela lineup.

Chrysalis' trailer
eExtra's Chrysalis Turkish telenovela cast members. Photo: @devrimyakut on Instagram (modified by author)
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Also known as Camdaki Kız and The Girl in the Glass in English, Chrysalis is a Turkish psychological drama series. It draws inspiration from a tragic love story in Gülseren Budaıcıoğlu's novel, starring Nalan, portrayed by Burcu Biricik. The show initially premiered on 8 April 2021 and was directed by Nadim Güç. It navigates Nalan's journey, delving into self-discovery, love, and freedom, crafting a resonant narrative.

Chrysalis' plot summary

Chrysalis follows Nalan, raised without love due to her grandmother's strict beliefs. Inspired by actual events, the show portrays Nalan's life in a metaphorical glass room, reflecting emotional struggles within societal norms. Nalan (Burcu Biricik), the girl in the glass, marries Sedat Koroğlu but seeks affection.

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Her journey takes a turn as she falls for Hayri, revealing her path of self-discovery and emotional longing amidst turbulence and privilege. Different events, including a loosing a pregnancy, her father's passing, and Sedat's emotional detachment, propel Nalan into desolation. Amidst her emotional turmoil, Nalan encounters Hayri, an employee who evolves into her confidant and chauffeur.

what happens in chrysalis?
Chrysalis Turkish series cast members. Photo: @tgrltlk, @devrimyakut, @feyyazserifoglu on Instagram (modified by author)
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As their connection deepens, Nalan falls in love with Hayri. But his disclosure of his marriage and fatherhood shatters Nalan's newfound contentment, ushering in further complexities. Nalan's journey embarks on a fresh trajectory, unravelling an additional layer of intricacies as she navigates intricate relationships and emerging tribulations.

Chrysalis' full story

Nalan, aged 25, is the sole child of the Ipekoglu family. Raised devoid of affection, she remains under the strict control of her 70-year-old grandmother, Feride, characterised by her conservatism and obsession. Following Nalan's mother's death during childbirth, Feride took charge of her upbringing, fostering a simmering resentment between them.

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Nalan dutifully abides by Feride's regulations and holds a position as an interior architect within the Koroglu company. Destiny guides her towards Sedat Koroğlu, the heir of the prominent Koroglu family, enmeshed in a clandestine affair with Cana. Their paths converge, initiating a novel chapter.

Rafet Koroglu, Sedat's father, seeks a fitting bride, and Nalan emerges as the ideal candidate. As Sedat's hidden romance persists, he hesitates, yet Cana manipulates him to sanction the marriage, asserting it will divert attention from their liaison.

Succumbing to this pressure, Sedat presents Nalan as a potential spouse. Despite initial optimism, past secrets resurface, propelling them into shadows. Nalan's discontent intensifies due to the dearth of warmth within her marriage.

Chrysalis' cast with images

The drama series highlights experienced Turkish actors and actresses who embody the storyline. Here are intriguing details to note about these performers.

Burcu Biricik Yetkin as Nalan Ipekoglu

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Chrysalis' plot summary
Burcu Biricik Yetkin as Nalan Ipekoglu. Photo: @burcubiricik on Instagram (modified by author)
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Burcu is no newcomer to TV series, having graced screens in shows like Life Song, Kuzgun, and The Red Room. The accomplished Turkish actress has also participated in numerous film projects. She portrayed Kubra in Matter of Respect and appeared in films including Telling Tales, Oregon, and Room of Faith.

Feyyaz Serifoglu as Sedat Koroglu

Feyyaz Serifoglu's movies
Feyyaz Serifoglu as Sedat Koroglu. Photo: @feyyazserifoglu on Instagram (modified by author)
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Emerging from a musical background, Feyyaz is a Turkish actor who portrays Sedat Koroglu, Rafet Koroglu's son, in the series. Feyyaz Sharifoglu's movies include The Red Room.

Tamer Levent as Rafet Koroglu

Portraying a thriving businessman and Sedat's father is Tamer Levent. He is a versatile actor, director, art director, and writer from Turkey. His credits span TV series like Istanbullu Gelin, Brave and Beautiful, and In Love Again, along with notable film roles in Operation Cicero and Kendi Yolumda.

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Seher Devrim Yakut as Gulcihan Koroglu

Chrysalis' episodes
Seher Devrim Yakut as Gulcihan Koroglu. Photo: @devrimyakut on Instagram (modified by author)
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Devrim Yakut serves as an inspiration to budding talents, primarily because of her numerous awards. He features as Rafet Koroglu's wife in this ensemble. Her notable contributions encompass films such as In Your Dreams, Between Family, and Dügün Dernek. She has also graced TV serials like Payitaht Abdülhamid and Brave and Beautiful.

Nur Sürer as Feride Ipekoglu

Chrysalis' full story
Nur Sürer as Feride Ipekoglu. Photo: @kivanc_tatlitug_news_art on Instagram (modified by author)
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Renowned for her thought-provoking political roles, Nur Sürer portrays Nalan's grandmother in the series. With a career spanning since the 1970s, this award-winning actress also left her mark in the Oscar-winning film Journey of Hope.

Selma Ergeç as Selen

Selma is a versatile Turkish-German artist, encompassing roles as an actress, beauty pageant winner, model, designer, and doctor. Her notable contributions span TV series like Asi, Immortals, and The Magnificent Century and appearances in films like Crimean and Sis ve Gece.

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Tugrul Tulek as Levent

Chrysalis' trailer
Tugrul Tulek as Levent. Photo: @tgrltlk on Instagram (modified by author)
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The Turkish actor garnered widespread recognition for portraying a gay character in the TV show Mukemmel Cift. He has also showcased his talent in films and TV series, including The Yard, Wounded Love, and Kesanli Ali Destani.

Among the additional members of the Chrysalis Turkish series cast team are:

  • Ayşe Hande Ataizi as Cana Yilmaz
  • Serif Erol as Adil Ipekoglu
  • Enis Arikan as Muzaffer (Muzo)
  • Hamza Yazici as Tako
  • Nihal Menzil as Hafize
  • Feri Baycu Guler as Dondu
  • Engin Senkan as Cavit
  • Cihangir Ceyhan as Hayri
  • Merve Polat as Billur
  • Özgür Meric as Kiymik
  • Laçin Ceylan as Pervin
  • Leyla Feray as Pera

Chrysalis episodes

The Turkish series is segmented into three seasons, spanning over 82 episodes. Seven episodes are scheduled in August, from 23 to 31, exclusively on eExtra. Check out the Chrysalis trailer available online to glimpse the series' offerings on eExtra.

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For Dizi fans, eExtra's Chrysalis is a must-watch. Far from ordinary, it promises an edge-of-your-seat experience with a distinct plot. Airing weekdays at 20:00 on eExtra's new schedule, prepare for suspenseful moments and intriguing twists between episodes.

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