One Piece filler list: essential episodes & arcs to watch or skip

One Piece filler list: essential episodes & arcs to watch or skip

One Piece is an anime, action, and adventure manga series released in 1999 and revolves around Monkey D. Luffy, who became a rubber man after accidentally consuming a Devil Fruit. The anime series takes place in a world where piracy reigns supreme on the seas, and Monkey is just one of the many in pursuit of the legendary treasure, One Piece. Here is the One Piece filler list of essential episodes and arcs to watch or skip.

One Piece characters
One Piece is a fantasy adventure television series Matt Owens and Steven Maeda developed. Photo: @Crunchyroll (modified by author)
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So far, 1105 episodes of One Piece have been aired, with only 94 reported filler episodes, which is about 9% filler arcs. Unlike other manga series, the filler episodes in One Piece are grouped as filler arcs, which might be essential for die-hard fans. The One Piece filler guide below has entertaining episodes and ones you can skip.   

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One Piece filler list

When it comes to anime with ongoing manga, sometimes the anime must create filler episodes while waiting for its storyline to develop. One Piece is a show with arcs, although it has few filler episodes.

One Piece recently crossed the 1,100-episode mark, making watching everything a lot of work. It is understandable to want to cut corners where you can. If you intend to watch the series, you should watch a few arcs without fail, while you can skip or watch others later.

One Piece episodes to skip

The One Piece filler list to skip contains episodes that do not add new information to the story. They are just additions to the existing episode list and can be watched independently.

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A new viewer might consider skipping through these filler episodes as they do not contribute to the already ongoing story of the manga series. Here are the One Piece filler arcs that even the most die-hard fans could avoid:

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Warship Island arc 54-61
Post-Arabasta arc 131-135
Goat Island arc 136-138
Ruluka Island arc 139-143
G-8 arc 196-206
Ocean's Dream arc 220-224
Foxy's return arc 225 and 226
Ice Hunter arc 326-335
Spa Island arc 382-384
Little East Blue arc 426-429
Z's Ambition arc 575-578
Caesar's Retrieval arc 626-628
Silver Mine arc 747-750
Marine Rookie arc 780-782
Cidre Guild arc 895-896

One Piece episodes to watch

Several One Piece episodes are essential to watch. Each episode is crucial to understanding the plot, revealing vital information that viewers must pay attention to. These include:

Post-Arabasta Arc 131-135
G-8 Arc 196-206
Ice Hunter Arc 326-336
Little East Blue Arc 426-429
One Piece x Toriko Crossover 1492
Luffy's Past 499
Straw Hats Reaction 506
One Piece x Toriko Crossover 2 542
Luffy's Past 499
Straw Hats Reaction 506
One Piece x Toriko Crossover 2 542
Z's Ambition Arc 575-578
One Piece x Dragon Ball x Toriko 590
Caesar Retrieval Arc 626-628
Cidre Guild Arc 895 & 896
Uta's Past 1029 & 1030

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Where to watch One Piece

You can watch One Piece on Crunchyroll, Disney Plus, and Funimation, and you can also stream the live-action version on Netflix.

One Piece anime character Monkey D. Luffy
One Piece anime character Monkey D. Luffy, known as Straw Hat, is displayed at a Jump shop during a press preview in Tokyo. Photo by Behrouz Mehri
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Which are One Piece canon episodes?

One Piece canon episodes are adapted from the manga and are essential and mandatory. This is unlike the filler, which is irrelevant and not adapted from the manga; you should skip it to save time.

What arch has the most filler in One Piece?

The G-8 arc has the most filler episodes of One Piece and follows the same structure as almost every other series. It is also the best filler arc. The only difference is that the story is also shown from the side of the Marines.

How much of One Piece is filler?

Despite minor filler, One Piece's anime adaptation remains impressive, with only 9% of its episodes being filler. The series usually adapts one or one-and-a-half manga chapters in each episode.

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How much of One Piece is canon?

Since 9% of the overall show is filler, 91% is pure canon. However, 21 filler episodes are anime canon, which are still worth watching even though they do not cover content from the manga.

Should you skip the One Piece filler episodes?

You can skip the filler episodes in the anime as they do not add value or new information to the story. However, some filler arcs might need to be watched as they contain hilarious scenes and engaging side stories despite being non-manga content.

One Piece characters
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Will skipping One Piece filler episodes impact the storyline?

Skipping the series filler arcs and episodes will not impact your experience of watching the main storyline of the anime series. However, you can watch these fillers to learn more about the manga series.

Should you watch One Piece fillers?

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One Piece has some filler episodes sporadically. Some are not very good, while others are worth watching. Thus, it depends on your personal preference.

How many filler episodes are in One Piece?

One Piece has 94 filler episodes, accounting for just under 9% of the series' 1105 episodes.

What does canon mean in anime?

Canon refers to what is considered to be an official part of the main storyline. It usually determines whether the material is appropriate for fan speculations, analysis or discussions.

With the above One Piece filler list, you know which episodes to watch and which to skip. A new watcher should skip the filler episodes and pay more attention to the watch episodes.

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