“The Things We Drink”: Woman Tries Belly Buster Recipe, Mzansi Reacts to Concoction

“The Things We Drink”: Woman Tries Belly Buster Recipe, Mzansi Reacts to Concoction

  • A woman took to TikTok to share a recipe she used to help eliminate her belly fat
  • The thick paste included a few spices, lemon and garlic, which she combined in a blender
  • A clinical dietician explained to Briefly News whether or not the concoction works to reduce belly fat

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Woman uses belly buster recipe to get rid of fat.
A woman shared what she used in her recipe to get rid of the extra fat around the stomach area. Images: @iam_nosy
Source: TikTok

A woman decided to follow the trend of using natural ingredients to help eliminate belly fat.

Nosisa Moeketsi took to her TikTok account (@iam_nosy) to share the pureed combination of spices and other foods she used to make a jar of the supposed belly-busting drink. In her comment section, Nosisa said she mixed ginger, lemon, garlic, cayenne pepper, turmeric, cinnamon, and black pepper in a blender.

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The result of the concoction looked rather unappetising with its colour and thick consistency.

Watch the video below:

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Dietician advises on the belly-busting recipe

Clinical dietician Rudo Tshabalala spoke to Briefly News to explain whether or not Nosisa's combination works to reduce belly fat.

She says:

"Although there isn't much scientific evidence to support the above claims about the weight loss concoction, some of the ingredients used in this mixture are known to affect appetite and metabolism.
"In one study, cayenne paper raised metabolic rates, which is the rate at which the body converts nutrients into energy instead of storing them as fat. Tumeric is well known for its anti-inflammatory benefits and appetite suppressants because it significantly reduces early blood glucose levels. In another study, ginger enhanced thermogenesis, which is the heat production from burning calories."

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Rudo also explained that lemon induces thirst and thus increases water intake.

"When you are meeting your water needs, it assists in the body's ability to break down and get rid of fats in the body."

The clinical dietician concludes:

"Again, we do not have enough scientific evidence of weight loss and the long-term benefits of these ingredients, just a study here and there that might make one doubt the claims of the concoction."

Online users react to the woman's drink

Many people in Nosisa's comment section expressed interest in the recipe, while others shared that they had used it before.

@okuhle_gxabashe4, who wanted to give the mixture a try but couldn't, wrote:

"I would love to join you, but my ulcers would never allow me."

Worried about one of the ingredients, @ladyb692 commented:

"But what about the smell of garlic?"

Sharing their experience, @hlulee said:

"My skin is becoming clear. My belly is a bit stubborn, but I am pushing."

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@lolola182 simply said of the mixture:

"The things we drink."

Woman shows a few fashion hacks to hide belly fat

In a related article, Briefly News previously reported about a woman who took to social media to share fashion tips on how ladies could hide their bellies.

Online users enjoyed watching the lady's clip and shared their amazement when they flocked to her comment section to express their thoughts.

Source: Briefly News

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