“I’ve Never Seen Myself Glow Like This”: Baddie Gives Fun Essence Review

“I’ve Never Seen Myself Glow Like This”: Baddie Gives Fun Essence Review

  • A TikTok baddie was a breath of fresh air as she reviewed Essence's makeup set
  • The bubbly Mila demanded attention with her fun makeup review 
  • The cute review makes one want to stock up on Essence essentials

A Mzansi baddie, Mila, filmed a fun Essence makeup review.

Mila reviews Essence
A Mzansi baddie filmed and shared a fun-to-watch Essence makeup review. Image: @woahmilag
Source: TikTok

The bubbly lady paid attention to detail and gave the brand a fair review.

Mzansi's Essence makeup review 

Makeup has become one of the most essential tools for women; therefore, a brand's quality needs to be tested. Essence has always delivered fan-favoured products, but this time, Mila wanted to be the prominent judge.

The fun lady reviewed the bases, including primer, foundation, and setting powder. The blush and highlight were some favourites, and they did not shy away from pigmentation.

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Mila captioned her post:

"Part 2 will be up tmr!!! Full face of brand new @essence cosmetics !! You can find all of these at @clicksza @Cosmetix SA."

Watch the video below:

Honouring all personalities 

Mila's fun and bubbly side reminds us of Mzansi's famous songstress, Tyla. They both have that inviting and sweet energy.

Mila's charm inspired many to check out the Essence brand. Netizens appreciated Mila's fun review and commented:

@aza enjoyed the review:

"The amount of accents I heard, this is cute."

@peyton cannot get enough of Essence:

"I am obsessed with essence in general it’s such an amazing brand."

@Samantha Storey shared a compliment:

"You honestly don’t need make up your skin is flawless."

@seanna_barrett loves Essence:

"One thing essence will always do is smell good."

@‍♀️thinks that Essence deserves so much better than their ranking:

"Essence is so underrated."

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