70+ ancient and modern vampire names and their meanings

70+ ancient and modern vampire names and their meanings

Vampire names for both males and females have not changed much since ancient days. This is mostly attributed to the fact that the immortal creatures do not give birth to succeeding generations, and humans who transform mainly retain their human monikers. The transformed vampires eventually take up traditional vampire names, and that is why the old monikers are still popular.

Names for vampires
Vampire names and their meanings. Photo: @kalhh/pixabay.com (modified by author)
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You are probably aware of modern fictional vampire characters like Cullen (Twilight), Angel (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Bill (True Blood), Bella (Twilight), Rudolph (The Little Vampires), and Damon (Vampire Diaries). Keep reading to discover more contemporary and ancient monikers with their meanings.

Vampire names and meanings

Vampire monikers will most often reflect a person’s character trait, especially the traditional ones. There are good vampires names as well as gothic ones.

Interesting to note, not all of the immortal creatures have vampire monikers. Humans that transform will usually use their birth names before adopting the classic vampire monikers.

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Girls and boys can adopt monikers unique to their gender, but there are also several gender-neutral vampire names. Most of the titles can also apply as vampire last names for both sexes.

Girl vampire names

Vampire names and their meanings
Girls' names and their meanings. Photo: @ColdSmiling/pixabay.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Female vampire names have a feminine touch and are mainly derived from Greek because the first female vampire, Selene, was from the region. Take a look at some of the monikers girls can have.

  1. Adrasteia – Inescapable
  2. Adreana – Dark
  3. Akantha – Thorn
  4. Alumit – Secret
  5. Amaia – End
  6. Ambrosia – Immortal
  7. Astrid – Divinely beautiful
  8. Belladonna – Beautiful lady
  9. Callidora – Gift of beauty
  10. Darcey – Dark
  11. Desdemona – Ill-starred
  12. Eva – Life
  13. Eztil – Blood
  14. Iezabel – Chaste
  15. Kali – Dark goddess
  16. Keres – Vengeful spirits of death and doom
  17. Kharis – Grace/charm
  18. Kora – Maiden
  19. Lezabel – Chaste
  20. Malvolia – Ill- will
  21. Natasa/Natassa – Resurrection
  22. Ophelia – Useful/wise
  23. Persephone – Bringer of death
  24. Selene – Moon
  25. Semele – Of the underworld
  26. Tansey – Eternal life
  27. Thyia – Bacchic frenzy
  28. Thyone – Inspired frenzy
  29. Zagan – Fallen angel
  30. Zorina – Dawn

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Male vampire names

Vampire names and their meanings
Male names and their meanings. Photo: @Kira Hofmann (modified by author)
Source: Getty Images

Traditional male names have their roots from various regions, especially Italy and Greece. Here is a collection of the monikers and their respective meanings.

  1. Alessandro – Defender of humankind
  2. Ambrogino – Little immortal one
  3. Ambrogio – Immortal
  4. Arnoldo – Eagle power
  5. Atanasius – Eternal life
  6. Augustus – Magnificent/great
  7. Baldovino – Brave friend
  8. Bertoldo – Bright ruler
  9. Bonaventura – Good fortune
  10. Bonifacio – Good destiny
  11. Clemente – Gentle and merciful
  12. Dario – Possesses a lot
  13. Domenico – Belongs to the lord
  14. Edmondo – Protector of prosperity
  15. Edoardo – Guardian of prosperity
  16. Eilif - Immortal
  17. Eligio – To choose
  18. Eliodoro – Gift of the sun
  19. Emilio – Rival
  20. Ermanno – Army man
  21. Fino / Serafino – Burning one or serpent
  22. Gaspare – Treasure bearer
  23. Gregario – Watchful
  24. Gualtiero – Ruler of the army
  25. Kieran – Little dark one
  26. Leandro – Lion man
  27. Massimo – The greatest
  28. Orfeo – Darkness
  29. Pellegrino – Wanderer
  30. Ponzio – Of the sea
  31. Raul – Wise wolf
  32. Rodolfo – Famous wolf
  33. Thanasis – Eternal life
  34. Theodore – God’s gift

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Gender-neutral vampire names

Ancient vampire names
Gender-neutral names and their meanings. Photo: @Alexis Hunter/pixabay.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Some monikers can apply to both genders. Some of the most popular include the following.

  1. Kearne – Dark
  2. Karayan – The dark one
  3. Corbin – Raven
  4. Ascelin – of the moon
  5. Bora – Storm
  6. Golgotha – Skull
  7. Loki – Trickster
  8. Moriarty – Navigator
  9. Sage – Sensible
  10. Tohopka – Wild beast

Famous vampire last names

Vampires are grouped into clans. According to Greek mythology, the most ancient lineage was formed by Ambrogio when he returned to Italy from Greece. The following some of the most popular vampire surnames.

  1. Aaron – Strength
  2. Abel – Breath/vanity
  3. Acheron – River of sorrow
  4. Alaric – ruler
  5. Aldonold – Friend
  6. Arnold – Eagle
  7. Athan – Eternal life
  8. Bathory – Brave
  9. Cullen – Back of a river
  10. Damian – Powerful man of the people
  11. Dascalu - Instructor
  12. Dracula – Dragon
  13. Eleazar – God helped
  14. Gualtiero – Ruler of the army/spirit/soul
  15. Lorcan – Silent/fierce
  16. Luther – Army
  17. Munteanu – From the mountains
  18. Raul – Wolf counsel
  19. Richardson – Strong in the rule
  20. Vladamirovich – Of great power

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What is the oldest vampire name?

According to Greek mythology, Ambrogio is the most ancient vampire name for males. Ambrogio was an Italian human adventurer who later transformed into the first vampire legend in Delphi, Greece, after a series of curses and blessings. It is believed that he moved back to Italy and is still based somewhere in Florence City.

Selene is the most ancient vampire name for girls. Even though Selene was a moon goddess and Ambrogio’s lover, she is respected as the mother of modern vampires.

Vampire names have not changed much since ancient times. Which title did you find impressive? The monikers can be given to kids or taken up as nicknames by any individual.

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