30 of the best South Park episodes that will give you a good laugh

30 of the best South Park episodes that will give you a good laugh

South Park is still the most entertaining and enlightening animated piece of art. The characters are always naughty, scandalous, and humorous, thus making it easy for South Park's best episodes to pry their way into viewers' hearts. It is hard to forget those episodes after having a good laugh. So, what is the best episode of South Park?

South Park episodes
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South Park has 23 seasons and over 300 episodes. Most of them are funny, but every fan has their favourite scenes. The best South Park episodes that aired in the last five years have opened many people's eyes regarding the current social issues. You can find out more about the best South Park episodes on Reddit. Reddit users have different opinions about this, but the discussions give you vital clues regarding which scenes you should look for.

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Top 30 best episodes of South Park

What is the funniest episode of South Park? More than top 50 South Park episodes have always lingered on people's minds for years. Check out ratings of the best South Park episodes on IMDb to know which ones are the people's favourites. To save time, have a glimpse at these 30 best South Park episodes by season and episode for now:

1. Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers (S 6, E 13)

Kyle, Stan, and Cartman's Fellowship of the Ring video is accidentally swapped for a kinky movie. Butters sees a video made by Stan's parents. Later, Stan's parents try explaining the meaning to their son.

2. Casa Bonita (S 7, E 11)

Cartman feels left out when Kyle invites other boys to the Casa Bonica restaurant. He lies to Butters that a meteor will turn humans into zombies. While Butters hides in a bomb shelter, Cartman joins the others at the restaurant.

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3. The Book of Mormon (S 7, E 12)

The series teaches people more profound things about the Mormon religion through a song. Additionally, it somehow mocks Scientology.

4. Good Times with Weapons (S 8, E 1)

South Park episodes
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The boys pretend to be orphans and break their parents' rules. They use violent weapons for role-playing ninjas against Professors Chaos.

5. Up the Down Steroid (S 8, E 2)

It is one of South Park's best episodes for many. Cartman pretends to be mentally disabled to get an Olympics prize, but the kids contesting in that category are unbeatable. Meanwhile, another contestant called Jimmy is on steroids.

6. AWESOME-O (S 8, E 5)

Cartman pretends to be a friendly robot to discover Butters' secrets. The US Army steals the robot (Cartman) thinking it is a reprogrammed weapon of mass destruction.

7. Leaving Neverland (S 8, E 6)

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What's the best South Park season? South Park paying homage to the late Michael Jackson got millions of people emotional. Michael moves into South Park with a fake name, wears a fake mustache, and becomes a kids' buddy.

8. Best Friends Forever (S 9, E 4)

Kenny dies and Cartman steals his Will. He is put on a life support machine when God returns him to life. However, his parents argue on the media that he has the right to die.

9. Losing Edge (S 9, E 5)

The South Park kids' band intentionally loses the baseball games. Stan and Kyle are good at throwing game stakes but toss it to the other side.

10. The Death of Eric Cartman (S 9, E 6)

South Park is not the same without Cartman's insane, malicious, and weird behaviour. The other boys ignore Cartman after eating the crispy skin off the chicken. He concludes he is dead to them.

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11. Marjorine (S 9, E 9)

South Park episodes
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Cartman convinces girls that he has a device that can predict the future. He tries to impress them by convincing Bartman to fake his death and return as a girl. Later, Batman's parents believe Satan resurrected him.

12. Smug Alert! (S 10, E 2)

Kyle's dad Gerald creates an environmentally-friendly vehicle. When the South Park's people complain a lot when the car leaves smug, he relocates his family to avoid dealing with their small mindsets.

13. Tsst (S 10, E 7)

Cartman and his sick mum hire behavioural experts. He manipulates the first one, Mary Poppins-style Brit, until she loses her sanity and then pinches Cesar Millan with a "tsst" sound.

14. Make Love, Not Warcraft (S 10, E 8)

A high MMORPG picks off Cartman, Kyle, Stan, and Kenny for looking obese. They hide and kill the low-level boar until they are high enough to take him down.

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15. Go God Go (S 10, E12)

Cartman freezes himself for three weeks to escape Nintendo Wii but wakes up in 2546. That is only possible in South Park.

16. With Apologies to Jesse Jackson (S 11, E 1)

Randy unintentionally uses a racial slur while solving a "Wheel of Fortune" puzzle. The public stops criticizing and shaming him after he seeks forgiveness.

17. Night of the Living Homeless (S 11, E 7)

South Park's homeless people turn into zombies and demand 20 bucks per head after Kyle donates a similar amount to one of them. His dad gives away all his money and becomes a homeless zombie too.

18. Imaginationland (S 11, E 10)

South Park episodes
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Cartman and Kyle search for a mysterious being in the land of imagination. Later, M. Night Shyamalan, Michael Bay, and Mel Gibson play the terrorists in the Saving Pirate Ryan parody.

19. Guitar Queer-O (S 11, E13)

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An agent makes Stan and Kyle rock stars in space for 24 hrs after setting a record on the Guitar Hero video game. Unfortunately, Stan's manager makes him choose an untalented kid over Kyle.

20. Fun Time (S 12, E7)

Kidnappers at the Pioneer village hold Mr. Garrison and his students hostage. Cartman drags Butters to the area. The duo assumes they are in trouble when they spot the police.

21. Fishsticks (S 13, E5)

The Fishsticks episode mocks Kanye West for crashing Taylor Swift's acceptance speech during the 2009 MTV awards.

22. Dances with Smurfs (S 13, E 13)

Cartman becomes the school's morning announcer. He abuses power and accuses Wendy of trying to kill Smurfs. Students' protests against Cartman leave him semi-naked with blue face paint.

23. You Have Zero Friends (S 14, E 4)

Kip Drordy is the loneliest and saddest character in the South Park universe. Kyle loses friends after adding Kip to his Facebook friends list out of pity.

24. Fried Chicken (S 14, E 3)

Randy Marsh looks for a pot prescription from a local KFC converted into a medical marijuana dispensary. Elsewhere, Cartman wants the newly illicit fast food.

25. Coon vs. Coon and Friends (S 14, E 13)

South Park episodes
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Cartman makes friends while Cthulu puts him against his friends. The two bring down a chain of supermarkets and the Burning Man Festival.

26. You're Getting Old! (S 15, E 7)

The timeless South Park episodes show Stan's love for pop-cultural items and music genres diminishing as he grows older. He develops new passions as time goes by.

27. Black Friday (S 17, E 7)

What do you do with the Black Friday bargain? South Park's children create a gaming console for winter. The console hits the stores' shelves at an offer.

28. Grounded Vindaloop (S 18, E 7)

Butters deals with annoying call centre employees. The mining technology at South Park is also rib-cracking. Cartman takes the joke too far while messing with Butters.

29. The Simpsons (S 19, E 7)

South Park county abolishes its police force for mistaking kids playing ninjas for ISIS recruits. The episode aired five years before the US citizens' demanded the police to be defunded in 2020.

30. White People Renovating Houses (S 21, E1)

South Park's Sharon Marsh create the White People Renovating Houses TV show. Later, Randy replaces unemployed townsfolk with Alexas technology.

Some of the best South Park episodes reflect the world's current affairs. The series is more of an extensive record of progressive thinking in society rather than an entertainment project.

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