Hal Lindsey: age, P.O.B, nationality, spouse, parents, TV shows, net worth

Hal Lindsey: age, P.O.B, nationality, spouse, parents, TV shows, net worth

Hal Lindsey is an American theologian and an author of Christian books since the 1970s. The evangelist mostly talks about the end of the world and is known for coming up with controversial conspiracy theories. Hal Lindsey’s first book, The Late Great Planet Earth, was one of the most read non-fictional books of the 1970s by both believers and non-believers. How did he become one of the greatest modern-day prophets? Here is all to know about the theologian.

Hal Lindsey’s biography
Hal Lindsey is a 91-year-old American evangelist and Christian author. Photo: @Daystar
Source: Twitter

Hal Lindsey had a fascinating start in the prophecy-belief era that revolutionized the world after the Cold War. Having fought in the Korean War in his youth, the prophet was able to connect popular Bible prophecies and contemporary issues. At 90 years old, the theologian has remained an influential Christian figure more than 50 years later.

Hal Lindsey’s profile summary and bio

  • Full name: Harold Lee Hal Lindsey
  • Date of birth: 23rd November 1929
  • Hal Lindsey's age: 91 years old in 2021
  • Where was Hal Lindsey born? Houston, Texas
  • Current residence: Palm Springs, Southern California
  • Nationality: American
  • Religion: Christian
  • Gender: Male
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Marital status: Married
  • Wife: JoLyn Lindsey (4th wife)
  • Children: Three daughters, including twins Robin and Jenny
  • Parents: Mother Daisy Lee Freeman and father Percy Lacy Lindsey
  • Education: Dallas Theological Seminary (undergraduate, masters and doctorate), the University of Houston (dropped out)
  • Profession: Evangelist, Christian author
  • Known for: Apocalyptic writings
  • TV shows: The Hal Lindsey Report
  • Net worth: Approximately $4 million
  • Website: The Hal Lindsey Report
  • YouTube channel: Hal Linsey Channel

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How old is preacher Hal Lindsey?

American evangelist and Christian author
Hal Lindsey is known for making controversial end-time claims. Photo: @LoveOfTruth10
Source: Twitter

The man of God was born on 23rd November 1923 and is 91 years old in 2021. What nationality is Hal Lindsey? He is a native of Houston in Texas and holds American nationality.

Hal Lindsey’s education

The revered preacher enrolled at the University of Houston but did not graduate. He quit to serve in the Korean War, and when his service ended, he started working as a tugboat captain on River Mississippi. He later got interested in Bible teachings and decided to study theology at the Dallas Theological Seminary in 1958.

He returned to the Dallas Theological Seminary to pursue a Master’s degree in Theology, specializing in the New Testament and early Greek Literature. He is also a Doctorate of Theology holder from the California Graduate School of Theology.

Hal Lindsey’s marriages

The preacher has had a controversial marriage life that he prefers to keep under wraps. He has married four times, and his current wife is JoLyn Lindsey. Who was Hal Lindsey first wife? Her name was Rose, and they divorced after a few years into their marriage.

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He later tied the knot with Jan, and they were blessed with three kids. The couple stayed together for ten years before going their separate ways. The evangelist then wedded a younger Kim, who was with him for a short while.

American evangelist and Christian author
Hal Lindsey has been in four marriages. Photo: @DaughterZion123
Source: Twitter

Hal Lindsey before evangelism

The world knows Hal Lindsay as an experienced Christian author and evangelist. How did he start? When his first marriage ended, the preacher thought about ending his life. It was at this time that he came across the small Gideon New Testament Bible. He would spend time reading the scriptures.

After being convinced that Bible writings are true words of God, he started attending Berach Church in Houston. In 1958, he decided to enroll at the Dallas Theological Seminary and has never looked back since.

Hal Lindsey’s ministries

The Christian author has been talking about the controversial topic of rapture since the 1970s. He has since come up with several conspiracy theories that signify the end times.

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Where are Hal Lindsey's ministries located? The preacher spreads his evangelical work through his website called The Lindsay Report and Hal Lindsey's TV shows. His initial TV program was called International Intelligence Briefing on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) until 2006.

He later started The Hal Lindsey Report evangelical show. It is broadcast on Daystar, TBN and Angel One networks.

Hal Lindsey’s books

American evangelist and Christian author
Hal Lindsey has written several best-selling books since the 1970s. Photo: @diancalondon
Source: Twitter

The American evangelist has written over 40 Christian apocalyptic literary projects since the early 1970s. When was The Late Great Planet Earth written? This Hal Lindsey's book of revelation was his first and was published in 1970. The writing is available in over 50 languages and has sold more than 30 million copies worldwide. His other popular literary works that were published later are a continuation of The Late Great Planet Earth.

Other Hal Lindsey’s revelation books include;

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  • Satan Is Alive and Well on Planet Earth
  • Rapture, the
  • Combat Faith
  • The Final Battle
  • There’s A New World Coming: A Prophetic Odyssey
  • The Rapture: Truth Or Consequences
  • Blood Moon
  • Planet Earth 2000 A.D.: Will Mankind
  • The 1880’s Countdown to Armageddon
  • The Guilty Trip

Hal Lindsey’s net worth

The American theologian is one of the wealthiest evangelists today. According to MDDailyRecod, he has an estimated net worth of $4 million. His wealth is mainly attributed to his work as a Christian author. Most of his books since the 1970s have sold several million copies.

Hal Lindsey has faced a fair share of controversies that have earned him fans and critics in equal measure. Despite having several failed prophecies and a questionable marital lifestyle, Hal has remained an influential Christian leader today.

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