25 best Gospel artists and singers ever that impact the world

25 best Gospel artists and singers ever that impact the world

The past decades have seen the growth and diversity of music genres. With the birth of new genres, Gospel artists have equally tapped into the hype to share their talent and pass their message. While some are legendary, others have gained a following within the past decade and are impacting the world.

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Christian music cuts across nearly all the music genres. While some prefer to disseminate their message via reggae tunes, others express their artsy side by rapping. This list of the best Gospel artists and singers ever that impact the world highlights the cream of the cream in the industry.

Best South African Gospel artists ever

It is not a gainsaying that music is at the heart of South Africa, and with it, many artists have used it to promote the nation's colourful history. When you talk of quality praise and worship songs worldwide, you would have hardly mentioned three to four South African music artists.

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Here you will find notable artists in South Africa who are making waves with the professional use of their gifts to the glory of God.

Male gospel singers in South Africa

Unlike anyone's expectations, South Africa is home to some of the most talented male musicians. Most of them have bagged awards through their commanding voice and unique lyrics. Others have mentored and nurtured talents in the country.

1. Benjamin Dube

Benjamin Dube
Benjamin Dube. Photo: @Spirit Of Praise
Source: Facebook

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Benjamin Dube tops the South African Gospel singers list. He has gone from the cradle to become one of the most-celebrated artists in South Africa and worldwide. His ministry through music has briskly grown locally and internationally. It has earned him recognition as one of the best Gospel musicians in Africa.

Benjamin Dube is famous for being a chart-dropping and award-winning artist, songwriter, producer, minister and instrumentalist. Some of his best hits include Ngangingazi, He Keeps on Doing, Mananjalo, Yebo Linamandla, Elshadai medley, and Ngiyakuthanda, to mention a few.

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2. Solly Mahlangu

Solly Mahlangu
Solly Mahlangu. Photo: @drum_magazine
Source: Instagram

Pastor Solly Mahlangu is a sensational male South African musician. He is known for his commanding voice and energetic performances. Pastor Solly started ministering at the age of 10 and for more than three decades now, and he is famous for his worship leading skills.

The Siyabonga Jesu and Obrigado hitmaker has gathered a legion of fans from South Africa, Africa and internationally. With more than four albums to his name, Solly is one of the top African musicians. He is also the founder of Word Praise Christian Centre International.

3. Khaya Mthethwa

Khaya Mthethwa
Khaya Mthethwa. Photo: @Khaya Mthethwa SA
Source: Facebook

Khaya Mthethwa is a talented South African artist. He couples up as a musician, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and composer. Khaya won the 8th season of Idols South Africa and was a member of Joyous Celebrations.

Khaya Mthethwa's best songs include Mkhulumsebenzi, The Dawn and The Uprising.

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4. Lindelani Mkhize

Lindelani Mkhize
Lindelani Mkhize. Photo: @ZAlebs
Source: Facebook

Lindelani Mkhize's growth and impact in the South African Gospel music industry dates back to his time in Joyous Celebration. He co-founded Joyous Celebrations. As a producer, he propelled the growth of celebrated artists like Sbu Noah.

Lindelani Mkhize has worked on more than ten Joyous Celebration albums. Some of his best songs include, Uyalalelwa, Bhekani UJehova, Unkulunkulu Wezimanga, to mention a few.

5. Derrick Ndzimande

Derrick Ndzimande
Derrick Ndzimande. Photo: @Ntandoyenkosi Arthur
Source: Facebook

Derrick Ndzimande is a South African artist famous for his performances during the Pentecostal church movements in the 1980s and 1990s. He couples up as a pastor and music producer. Derrick Ndzimande is renowned for his deep baritone.

Some of his best selling albums include The Power(Amanda) and Nangu Jesu.

Female Gospel singers in South Africa

Talented female singers also dominate the industry. While some are active singers, others are known for their ministries. This list highlights some of the best South African female musicians and singers.

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6. Winnie Mashaba

Dr Winnie Mashaba
Dr Winnie Mashaba. Photo: @Dr Winnie Mashaba
Source: Facebook

As a multi-award-winning South African Gospel music artist and TV presenter, Winnie Mashaba is a woman with a humble background. Winnie's debut album, Exodus 20, was released in 2000, bringing her to the limelight. The record went on to sell 25,000 copies and reached gold status.

Since her music ministry started, Winnie Mashaba's songs have gotten her nominations for several South African Music Awards (SAMA), Metro FM Music Awards, and South African Gospel Awards. At the Crown Gospel Awards in 2010, she was named the Best Female Artist, and in 2017, she was given a TV presenting role on Dumisa.

7. Rebecca Malope

Dr Rebecca Malope
Dr Rebecca Malope. Photo: @Dr Rebecca Malope
Source: Facebook

Professionally known as Dr Rebecca Malope, Batsogile Lovederia Malope is one of the best South African Gospel singers that have impacted the world with their singing talents so far. She was named African Queen of Gospel. With a music career spanning over three decades, Dr Rebecca Malope has sold not less than 10 million albums across the globe, which landed her as one of the most best selling artists of all time.

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Some of her best-selling hits include Ngibemuhle Nam, Uyingcwele, Siyabong, among others.

8. Hlengiwe Mhlaba

Hlengiwe Mhlaba
Hlengiwe Mhlaba. Photo: @Ingcwenga Music Production
Source: Facebook

The vivacious Hlengiwe Mhlaba is a talented recording and performing artist. She is famous for her commanding voice that hits the highest notes effortlessly. Hlengiwe has shared a stage with renowned artists like Kelly Khumalo.

Some of the most loved Hlengiwe Mhlaba songs include Let Your Living Waters Flow, Jeso Ka Sebelebele, to mention a few.

9. Zahara

Zahara. Photo: @Zahara
Source: Facebook

Bulelwa Mkutukana, popularly known as Zahara, is a celebrated South African songwriter and singer. She released her debut album, Loliwe, in 2011, and it went platinum. In 2015, Zahara released her third album, Country Girl, and it was certified triple platinum. Her fifth and most recent album, Nqaba Yam, topped the charts on iTunes.

Zahara is a multi-award-winning artist with 17 SAMA awards to her name. Her most loved songs include Loliwe, Phendula and Ndiza.

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10. Deborah Fraser

Deborah Fraser
Deborah Fraser. Photo: @GbamTV
Source: Facebook

Deborah Fraser is one of the legendary SA Gospel singers. She started as a backup singer in 1985 before she ventured into her solo career. Her debut album, Abanye bayombona, came out in 2000 and sold more than one million copies.

Deborah Frasers is one of the best selling Gospel artists in South Africa. Some of her best hits include Ngibe Muhle Nami, Lobuhlungu, among others.

Best African Gospel artists ever

Apart from South Africa, the past decade has seen a new crop of African musicians. Apart from imparting lives, they have deviated from the attention of international artists. These are some of the best African Gospel singers and artists.

11. Sinach

Sinach. Photo: @Sinach
Source: Facebook

Sinach has helped to reshape Nigeria's music industry with her dynamic gift of worship and praise. Fully known as Osinachi Joseph (nee Kalu), Sinach is a songwriter, singer, and senior worship leader at Believers' Loveworld International. Quite a number of her songs are hit songs, and a few of them include Great Are You Lord, I Know Who I Am, This Is my Season, and Simply Devoted.

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12. Ada Ehi

Ada Ehi
Ada Ehi. Photo: @Ada Ehi
Source: Facebook

Ada Ogochukwu Ehi, known to many as Ada Ehi, is another voice to reckon with in the industry. Apart from her gorgeous looks, she is a talented songwriter, recording and performing artist. Her career dates back to when she was ten years old.

Ada Ehi has released seven studio albums so far. Some of her best hits include Congratulations, Jesus, Only You Jesus, to mention a few.

13. Mercy Chinwo

Mercy Chinwo
Mercy Chinwo. Photo: @Emmanuel Etadafe
Source: Facebook

Who is the best Gospel singer in Nigeria? Mercy Nnenda Chinwo is an award-winning Nigerian songwriter, recording and performing artist. She has been on the scene for less than ten years and has received international recognition. Mercy Chinwo went global in 2018 after releasing her moving hit, Excess Love.

Mercy Chinwo has also released hits such as Chinedum, Obinasom and Akimdinelu.

14. Deborah Lukalu

Deborah Lukalu
Deborah Lukalu. Photo: @Ivoire Louanges Officiel
Source: Facebook

Deborah Lukalu is a prolific artist who draws her roots to the Democratic Republic of Congo. Her family relocated to South Africa after her dad's passing, although she takes pride in her roots. Most of her songs reflect her roots.

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Deborah got into the music scene in 2010, and her live performances have significantly propelled the growth of her career. Some of her most loved bangers include, Glorious, Call Me Favour, We Testify, to mention a few.

15. Judikay

Judikay. Photo: @Judikay
Source: Facebook

Judith Kanayo, popularly known as Judikay, is a renowned Nigerian artist. She started her career as a backup singer. In 2013, she released her first single.

Judikay's international fame was influenced by songs like Capable God, Something More Than Gold and Ommema. She released her debut album, Man of Galilee, in 2019.

African Gospel singers male

Apart from South African male musicians, the continent boasts of talented male singers and songwriters. They have put the continent on the map and received international recognition. These are some of the key figures to look out for,

16. Joe Mettle

Joe Mettle
Joe Mettle. Photo: @Emmanuel Etadafe
Source: Facebook

Joseph Oscar Nii Armah Mettle, popularly known as Joe Mettle, is a prolific Ghanaian male artist and one of the best Male Gospel singers. Before he became a singer and songwriter, he was a backup singer. When he got into the scene, he became the first Gospel artist to bag a VGMA award in his genre.

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17. Frank Edwards

Frank Edwards
Frank Edwards. Photo: @Frank Edwards Page
Source: Facebook

Frank Edwards is one of the young Gospel musicians of our time who enjoys grace as an early riser. Frank Edwards is also known as Rich boy. He has developed his love for music by becoming a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, music producer and philanthropist.

He is a Gospel/Inspirational musician whose songs cut across various genres, including Electronic, Afro Pop, Classical, Hip Hop/Rap, and Rock. His most loved songs include Mma Mma, You Too Dey Bless Me, Oghene Doh, Omemma, and I See Him.

18. Prosper Germoh

Prosper Germoh
Prosper Germoh. Photo: @Prosper Germoh
Source: Facebook

Prosper Germoh is a prolific Cameron artist. He is an embodiment of skill, talent, passion and professionalism. He is also an instrument of blessings and hope across the globe.

Prosper Germoh has released two albums, and some of his notable songs include, Plus Que Vainqueur, Exalt Him, Dance In The Holy Ghost.

19. Nathaniel Bassey

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Nathaniel Bassey
Nathaniel Bassey. Photo: @Gospel for all Nations
Source: Facebook

Nathaniel Bassey is a Nigerian musician and one of the best singers and songwriters. He is the brains behind the #HalleluhyaChallenge, where believers worship God from 12:00 am to 1:00 am. Nathaniel Bassey has been in the music industry for slightly over a decade.

Some of his most notable songs include Imela, Olowogbogboro and Onise Iyanu.

20. Dunsin Oyekan

Dunsin Oyekan
Dunsin Oyekan. Photo: @Dunsin Oyekan - "The Eagle"
Source: Facebook

Dunsin Oyekan is a Nigerian producer, instrumentalist, songwriter, recording and performing artist. Most people know him as The Eagle and the convener of the Code Red Worship Experience. Dunsin Oyekan developed a passion for music at the age of ten and started by playing the guitar. He released his debut album, Code Red, in 2016 and has released hits such as Na You.

Famous female Gospel singers of all time

Apart from African artists, international singers and Songwriters have been an outstanding contribution to the industry. Some are legendary and have been in the space for decades. Others made their debut recently and have left an impact. These are some of the famous international Gospels singers and artists.

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21. Kirk Franklin

Kirk Franklin
Kirk Franklin. Photo: @Kirk Franklin
Source: Facebook

Kirk Franklin is one of the fantastic Gospel musicians of our time who has walked his way to the top as one of the best black male Gospel singers ever. As an American musician, songwriter, singer, author, and choir director, he has led major urban contemporary Gospel choirs like One Nation Crew (1NC), God's Property, and The Family.

Born on 26th January 1970, Kirk Dewayne Franklin has been decorated with multiple awards, including thirteen Grammy Awards.

22. CeCe Winans

CeCe Winans
CeCe Winans. Photo: @Jamie Chestnut
Source: Facebook

With the birth name Priscilla Marie Winans Love, CeCe Winans is one of the few singers that have earned themselves so much, and she is the most awarded female Gospel singer in the industry. The American singer began her solo career by releasing her debut album Alone in His Presence in 1995. CeCe Winans's records have sold over 12 million copies worldwide.

As of 2015, she has emerged as the best-selling female musician of all time.

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23. Tasha Cobbs

Tasha Cobbs
Tasha Cobbs. Photo: @Jamie Chestnut
Source: Facebook

Who is the best female Gospel singer? Tasha Cobbs is one of the renowned international artists to be reckoned with. She began her music career at her father's church, Jesup New Life Ministries. It was from there that she took charge of the family's music ministry.

Known as Natasha Tameika "Tasha" Cobbs Leonard, she is both a contemporary Gospel musician and songwriter who has received lots of accolades because of her songs. Tasha Cobbs began her solo music career in 2010 when she self-released an album called Smile, which attracted the attention of EMI Gospel. Her songs have been listed on two Billboard charts, the Billboard 200 and the Top Gospel Albums chart.

24. Don Moen

Don Moen
Don Moen. Photo: @DON MOEN (Praise & Worship Leader)
Source: Facebook

If you have ever listened to his songs, you will understand what quality and Spirit-inspired worship are. Born on 29th June 1950, Donald James "Don" Moen is one of the best white Gospel singers. Don Moen is a world-leading songwriter and even producer of Christian worship music.

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His songs have received Dove Awards six times out of eleven nominations. His song, Give Thanks, has been certified Gold by the RIAA. Moen is a pioneer of the modern Praise and Worship movement.

25. Donnie McClurkin

Donnie McClurkin
Donnie McClurkin. Photo: @Donnie McClurkin
Source: Facebook

Donnie McClurkin is one of the black Gospel singers that have won the hearts of lots of music listeners. Born on 9th November 1959, Donald Andrew "Donnie" McClurkin, Jr. is an American singer and minister.

Since he began his music career, he has received several awards, including three Grammy Awards. So far, Donnie is one of the top-selling Gospel music artists, with more than 10 million albums sold worldwide.

Now that you have known some of the best Gospel singers that have shaken the world with their gifts and written their names in the hall of fame, you can take time out to listen to their songs and see how much of God's grace that they carry. However, it is worth noting that you too can be like these singers and even better. To become a successful artist, you need to be passionate about music and spend time in God's presence for inspiration.

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