Skills Academy: courses and fees 2020

Skills Academy: courses and fees 2020

The job market is flooded with unskilled graduates, and it is a common problem in South Africa and the entire world. Skills Academy provides courses that will ensure university and college students bridge the gap between university and the job market. Students get training in their respective careers and become competitive in the job market.

Skills Academy

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There are numerous courses you can pursue at the institution. You can do NATED, ICB, managerial, among others. Choose one that will boost your career.

IBM Skills Academy

IBM is a training and certification program rolled out in Africa. It is also available in other continents. It is meant to assist academia globally to bridge the gap that usually exists between the university or college and the job industry. The program ensures that students have additional skills, which gives them an edge in the job market. You will find IBM, including tools and cloud service, in all universities where the IBM Skills Academy has signed a contract with. Skills Academy in South Africa is one of the places you can find the program.

Skills Academy courses

There are several programs offered, as outlined below.

1. Project Management

You can do a short program, proficiency, or comprehensive certificate. It is the most popular program at the academy.

Skills Academy

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2. Matric

This is a new addition. You can enrol for matric upgrade if you want to improve your knowledge in some or all subjects. There is also the adult matric for people who are above 21 years old.

3. Wedding and Event Planning

This is part of the creative programs offered at the facility. Wedding planner courses include a short course certificate, comprehensive certificate, and proficiency certificate. Event management courses are also made up of comprehensive, proficiency, and short course certificates.

4. Interior Decorating Design and Photography

This is also a creative program. Interior decorating and interior design courses include short courses, comprehensive, and proficiency certificates. Digital photography programs give a short course certificate and a comprehensive certificate.

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5. Office Management

You can do a short course, comprehensive, or proficiency certificate.

6. Occupational Health and Safety courses

The courses that are available here include the representative certificate and the coordinator certificate.

7. Supply Chain and Logistics Management

You can enrol for a short program, certificate, or comprehensive certificate.

8. Small Business Management

This is for those that want to start their businesses and need excellent entrepreneurship skills. You can take the basic program, the standard one, or the advanced program. You can also enrol in the ICB business management programs. You should have Grade 11 to be able to register for the nine-month ICB course that has four fundamental business subjects.

9. Computer programs

There are various units under this program.

a) Microsoft Office Specialist courses

It is made up of:

  • Microsoft Office Specialist 2013 proficient units that go for 12 months
  • Microsoft Office Specialist 2013 expert unit that goes for nine months. You need a proficient course for you to enrol

b) Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate units

  • SQL Server 2012 that runs for 12 months and is made up of database and server subjects
  • Windows Server 2012 that covers Server Maintenance and Management fundamentals. It goes for 12 months

c) Microsoft Technology Associate programs

  • Database Fundamentals Certification that runs for three months
  • HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals for 3 months
  • Security Fundaments Certification that goes for three months
  • Software Development Fundamentals for three months
  • Networking Fundamentals Certification that runs for three months
  • Windows Server Administration Fundamentals that goes for three months
Skills Academy

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d) Microsoft Windows

  • Introduction to Personal Computers Using Microsoft Windows 8
  • Introduction to personal computers using Microsoft Windows 10

e) Computer Repair

  • A short course in PC repair for four months
  • Certificate in PC repair for eight months
  • Comprehensive certificate in PC repair

f) Microsoft Office 2010

  • A short unit for four months
  • Proficiency certificate for eight months
  • Comprehensive certificate for 12 months

10. Beauty programs

  • Beauty Therapy Comprehensive Expert Certificate for two years
  • Salon Management Expert Certificate
  • Nail Care short course, proficiency, and comprehensive сertification
  • Make-up Application units
  • Facial Skincare units

11. Tourism and Guest House Management courses

  • You can do Tourism Management courses or Tourism Marketing programs
  • Guest House Management programs are short courses or give proficiency and comprehensive certificates

12. Secretarial and Receptionist programs

  • Medical Receptionist courses
  • Professional Secretary units
  • Personal Assistant units
Skills Academy

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13. Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) courses

  • CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting
  • CIMA Professional Qualification, including operational, managerial, and strategic levels
  • CIMA Professional Competence
  • Top CIMA

14. Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Finance

  • Financial Management which includes provider and NATED programs
  • Accounting including ICB and Public Sector Accounting
  • Bookkeeping including ICB FET certificate, and ICB National Certified Junior Bookkeeper

15. Forensics and Policing Programs

They include Certificate in Forensic Science- Biology, Certificate in Reconstructing an Incident Scene and others.

16. Diploma courses

Skills Academy offers a wide range of diploma programs that could be categorized as diplomas, national diplomas, or postgraduate diplomas.

  • NATED programs
  • ICB diploma courses

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17. Marketing Management

You can find various NATED programs under this category.

18. Educare and Child Care

Educare programs include:

  • National Qualification courses
  • Crèche Management courses
  • Child Psychology
  • Child Day Care
  • First Aid programs
Skills Academy

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19. Legal Secretary

You can enrol for N4, N5, and N6 courses.

Skills Academy fees

Different programs have different fee structures. You can download a Skills Academy brochure and see how much each program costs. The fees will include:

  • Yearly student registration fee
  • Course fees
  • Exam fee
  • Student membership fee

You cannot pay fees with cash. You have to use:

  • Snapscan
  • Credit card
  • EFT

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Skills Academy reviews

Students who have an opportunity to study at Skills Academy give positive feedback about the programs offered. The institution will also refund your fees, in case you change your mind after doing a particular course for one month. You will also stop paying if you finish a program early.

Skills Academy

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Where is Skills Academy located?

It has two branches that look after different student needs. One is in Pretoria, Hatfield, and it handles registration issues. You can find it on the 5th floor of Standard Plaza, located on 440 Hilda Street. The other one is the Cape Town support office. It is situated in Bellville South, 7530 at C/o Peter Barlow drive & Robert Sobukwe Road.

You have to make sure you enhance your skills in a particular career so that you stand out in the job market. Skills Academy is giving you a platform to arm yourself with the necessary skills.

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