Latest toll fees for South Africa in 2020

Latest toll fees for South Africa in 2020

If you are a frequent traveller within the country, you may need to look at the latest toll fees. The fees were revised earlier this year and took effect on March 1st, 2020. What do you know about toll fees 2020?

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Toll fees are paid by users of certain designated roads to allow for a continuous revenue stream. The road user will always have safe roads since they will not deteriorate due to the usual wear and tear from traffic loading.

Why collect toll fees?

Collection of toll fees allows the government to:

  • Fix potholes and seal cracks.
  • Maintain road signs and road markings.
  • Add additional lanes.
  • Clean the roadsides by cutting grass.
  • Clean drainage systems.

The South African National Roads Agency Limited popularly known as SANRAL is mandated to oversee the growth and general maintenance of the national road network. These are categorized under N routes.

However, SANRAL has contracted private companies to run some road networks on a long term basis. These companies are:

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  • N3 Toll concessions
  • Bakwena Platinum corridor concessionaire
  • Trans African concessions

SANRAL manages all the toll roads that are not run by the contracted companies.

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How are fees determined?

Vehicles are divided into classes to determine the payable fees per each trip. Heavier vehicles are charged more than lighter ones. These classes are:

Class 1- Light vehicles with or without a trailer

These include motorcycles, motor cars, light delivery vehicles, and minibuses.

Class Medium-heavy vehicles

These are any vehicles that have two axles. They can also seat more than 16 passengers.

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Others in this category have axles fitted with tires with a diameter larger than 16 inches or have more than two wheels.

Class 3- Large, heavy vehicles

These are vehicles with three or four axles.

Class 4-Extra-large heavy vehicle

These have more than four axles.

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The updated tariff guide is available on SANRAL's website. The toll fees are paid at any of the toll plazas around the country. Some of the plazas offer discounts for light vehicles that make a certain number of trips per month.

Some plazas have lower charges for local users. Applications for these discounts are made at the plaza offices, so make sure to check the one nearest to you.

toll fees 2020 calculator
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Frequently asked questions

We have compiled a few common questions that road users ask.

How can I calculate tolls on a trip?

You can now calculate the toll fees for a trip using the toll fees calculator. When using the calculator, you will need to use the google maps interface. Enter the type of vehicle you will use, enter the departure and destination locations, and then click on calculate toll fees.

The toll fees 2020 calculator pulls the current rates from the plazas across the country. The prices are fed into the database by SANRAL.

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How much are the toll fees from Pretoria to Polokwane?

This route is one that travellers use frequently, and for some, it is daily. If you plan to travel from Pretoria to Polokwane, we will break down the charges for you.

There are four main toll gates, namely Pulumani, Carousel, Kranskop, and Nyl. Depending on the type of vehicle you are using, below are the total costs.

  • Class 1 R177.50
  • Class 2 R418.00
  • Class 3 R503.00
  • Class 4 R620.00

How much is the toll fees from Johannesburg to Cape Town?

The fees from Johannesburg to Cape Town have also increased. The toll gates between the two destinations are four, namely Huguenot, Verkeerdevlei, Vaal, and Grasmere. The total costs will depend on the class of the vehicle as per SANRAL.

  • Class 1 R191.50
  • Class 2 R426.00
  • Class 3 R588.00
  • Class 4 R846.00
toll fees 2020 calculator
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How much do the toll roads cost from Johannesburg to Durban?

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The plazas along this route are five, namely De hoek, Wilge, Tugela, Mooi, and Marianhill. For a one-way trip, this is how much you will pay depending on your vehicle class.

  • Class 1 R263.50
  • Class 2 R480.00
  • Class 3 R691.00
  • Class 4 R969.00

Please note these figures are for one way cost. A return trip will cost you double the amount.

How do you pay tolls in South Africa?

SANRAL has made it easy for you to make the payments. You can pay your fees through any of the following methods.

  • Cash (South African legal tender)
  • Debit cards or credit cards issued by local banks
  • Fleet cards issued by South African fleet card users
  • Petrol cards issued by local banks

If you are planning on a holiday or a road trip this year, arm yourself with your google calculator to get the latest toll fees. Plan and enjoy your trip!

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