What relationship does Ike Turner Jr have with Tina Turner? All about him

What relationship does Ike Turner Jr have with Tina Turner? All about him

Ike Turner was an American musician, bandleader, and songwriter best known for his work as a part of the musical duo Ike and Tina Turner with his former wife, Tina. He began his musical career as a guitarist and pianist in the 1950s until he achieved prominence. One of his sons, Ike Turner Jr, and his wife, Tina, shared a close bond, so many began to wonder about the relationship between them.

What does Ike Turner Jr do for a living?
Winner Ike Turner with son Ike Jr at the 49th annual Grammy Awards at Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. Photo: Bob Riha, Jr
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Ike Turner Jr is an award-winning grammy musician, record producer, and actor. Despite his difficulties as a child in a rocky marriage and family, he has forged his path as an artist and entrepreneur, carving out his place in music.

Ike Turner Jr's profile summary and bio

Full nameIzear Luster Turner Jr
NicknameIke Turner Jr
Date of birth1958
Age65 years old (as of 2023)
Place of birthEast St. Louis, Illinois, United States
Height in feet5'9"
Height in centimetres175
Weight in pounds132
Weight in kilograms60
FatherIke Turner
MotherLorraine Taylor
ProfessionMusician, actor, record producer

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Background information

The gifted vocalist was born in 1958 in East St. Louis, Illinois, USA. While the precise date of his birth is unknown, he will be 65 years old in 2023.

In 1962, at four, his father's then-wife adopted him, but at 13, he dropped out of high school. This was because his father pushed him to handle his music business.

Who are Ike Turner Jr's parents?

His mother is Lorraine Taylor, and his father was the late Ike Turner, an American musician, songwriter, talent scout, record producer, and band leader, also known as IZear Luster Turner. He was born on 5 November 1931 and is reputed as an early rock and roll pioneer in the 1950s.

Ike gained fame as the Ike & Tina Turner Revue leader with his ex-wife Tina. He released ten studio albums, including the 1963 Rocks The Blues Crown, and was honoured with several hall and walk of fame inductions.

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How many children did Tina Turner give birth to?
Tina Turner speaks during the Tina-The Tina Turner Musical opening night at Lunt-Fontanne Theatre in New York City. Photo: John Lamparski
Source: Getty Images

Despite his success, Ike struggled with hard substance addiction and claimed to have been married 14 times, sometimes remarrying before legally divorcing his previous wife.

He met Ike Turner Jr's mother, Lorraine Taylor, after failed marriages, and while she was not his wife but his girlfriend, they had two sons together, Ike Jr and Michael Turner. She had two sons before meeting the pop star.

What relationship does Ike Turner Jr have with Tina Turner?

Tina Turner is a mother figure to him. But how did it happen? The legendary musician first met Ann Bullock, best known as Tina Turner, in 1957 when she was pregnant with Raymond Hill's child, Ike's saxophonist. Hill left Tina before their son Craig was born, and Lorraine, the musician's wife, accused him of fathering the child. Tina later had a son, Ronnie, with Ike, and the couple formed the Ike & Tina Turner Revue before marrying in 1962.

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They adopted each other's children and lived together. Ike Turner Jr and Tina Turner had a good relationship as she became a mother figure to him and his brothers. After Tina alleged that the musician was abusive and unfaithful, she attempted suicide in 1968 and filed for divorce in 1976. Their divorce was finalised on 29 March 1978 before Tina married Erwin Bach in 2013 and moved to London.

Tina pursued a successful solo career after her divorce. She sold over 100 million records, received numerous award nominations, and acted in films like Last Action Hero. Her ex-husband Ike Sr died at 76 from hard substance abuse on 12 December 2007 after being diagnosed with emphysema.

Ike Turner Jr's siblings

The American celebrity has five siblings from his father's various relationships and marriages. His half-brother Craig, born in 1958, worked as a real estate agent and committed suicide in 2018. Ronald Ronnie, born in 1960, pursued acting and appeared alongside their mother, Tina, in a film. He battled cancer and died in December 2022 at 62, leaving behind his wife, Afida.

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Michael is Ike Jr's biological brother, born to their mother Lorraine in 1960. The late musician had two daughters, Twanna Melby and Mia, born in 1959 and 1969, respectively, but disproved Velma Davis's claim that he was the father of her daughter, Linda Turner Bullock, born in 1949.

How old was Tina Turner when she had her baby?
Ike and Tina Turner performed with the Ike And Tina Turner Revue in Los Angeles, California. Photo: Michael Ochs Archives
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Ike Turner Jr's awards and career

Influenced by his father and adoptive mother, Ike Jr started his music career as a sound engineer in his father's recording studio. He later became a musician and record producer, releasing his electronic-funk album, Hard Labor, in 1987.

In 2007, he won a Grammy Award for producing his father's traditional blues album Risin' With The Blues. After winning the Grammy with his father in 2017, he debuted his band, The Love Thang, alongside artist Sweet Randi Love when he released their single Freaky.

He also acts and appeared in the 2021 documentary Tina. This made him speak about his foster mother's abandonment of him and his brothers. He is producing a movie about his late father, titled Ike Turner.

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Net worth

The exact net worth of Ike Jr is unknown, but his late father had an alleged net worth of $500,000, while his stepmother Tina's alleged net worth is $250 million.

Ike Turner Jr persevered against all odds to pursue his dream of becoming a great musician. Despite their strained relationship, he followed in the footsteps of his stepmother and father.

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