Who is Melanie King? The untold story of the famous YouTuber

Who is Melanie King? The untold story of the famous YouTuber

Melanie King is an American content creator and relationship coach. She is also famously known as Kevin Samuels' close friend. Kevin Samuel was an Atlanta, Georgia-based YouTube, social media influencer, courting coach, life influencer and magnificence advisor. He was no stranger to controversies and anyone associated with him automatically becomes a person of interest.

Melanie King's Wikipedia
Her friendship with Kevin Samuels fueled her popularity. Photo: @mel_da_king_ (modified by author)
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Conversations around gender roles in relationships, hypergamy and misogyny are not new on social media. Choosing a road less travelled and spreading the gospel is more likely to rub people off differently. Melanie King's bio highlights how she secured her spot on social media because of her stand on the same. How did she become famous?

Profile summary and bio

Full name Melanie King
Date of birth1st January 1981
Age42 years (as of April 2023)
Birthday 1st January
Zodiac signCapricorn
Place of birthUnited States of America
Nationality American
Hair colour Black
Eye colourDark brown
Occupation Content creator
Famous as Kevin Samules' close friend
Marital status Divorced
Social media Instagram TikTok Facebook YouTube

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What is Melanie King's real name?

According to the online details, her legal name could be Melanie King. She is often mistaken for Melanie Nicholls-King, the Canadian actress famous for playing Officer Noelle Williams in the drama series Rookie Blue.

Melanie King's age

As of April 2023, she is 42 years old. She was born on 1st January 1981 in the United States of America.

Early life and family background

Melanie has not shared information about her close family, her life before the content creation and her upbringing. Therefore, pinning down the schools she attended is impossible. However, in one of her videos, she mentioned that she had dropped out of college.

On the other hand, Kevin Samuels, her deceased friend, is an alumnus of Millwood High School in Oklahoma, where he attained his high school education. He later joined the University of Oklahoma and earned a bachelor’s diploma in Chemical Engineering.

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Melanie King's occupation

Melanie is a YouTuber famous for her reaction video content about relationships, dating and pop culture. She often describes herself as the "Mom millionaire who teaches others how to live out their dream." She has reacted to content by YouTube stars such as the late Kevin Samuels, Psychologist Jordan Peterson and Steve Harvey.

As of April 2023, she enjoys an audience of over 355,000 subscribers on YouTube. One of her most viewed videos is a reaction to dating coach Matthew Hussey. She also gained traction for sharing a video discussing Blac Chyna's relationship with Rob Kardashian and Tyga.

She is also active on other social media platforms. Melanie King's Instagram account has amassed an audience of over 78,800 followers. On TikTok, has audience has surpassed 54,500 followers.

Besides sharing content via social media, Melanie also offers consultation services on relationships, dating, marriage and divorce. She provides this service online, and as of April 2023, she charges $600 for a 75-minute call.

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Melanie King's podcast

She does not have a dedicated podcast platform. Instead, she shares her insights on her YouTube channel and snippets on her Instagram, TikTok and Facebook accounts.

Melanie King's profiles
A section of social media users questions her past life. Photo: @michaelangelox1 (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

Is Melanie King married?

According to information online, she was married before, although the marriage ended in a divorce. Details about Melanie King's husband are not publicly available. She is allegedly in a relationship with a black coach, although his identity remains a mystery. She is a mother who takes pride in motherhood. Her children often make appearances in her videos.

Melanie King and Kevin Samuels

Besides sharing content on social media platforms, Melanie's fame was propelled to fame as an in-depth buddy of Kevin Samuels. She often shared videos of herself on a phone call with Kevin Samuels. She also publicly confirmed the American internet personality and image consultant's death.

Melanie King is an American content creator and mother. She shares videos and offers consultancy services on relationship, marriage and divorce issues. She also shares pranks on her social media platforms where she has amassed millions of followers.

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