The Search for Frida teasers for February 2022: Will Marcela frame her husband?

The Search for Frida teasers for February 2022: Will Marcela frame her husband?

Chaos erupts in the Pons family as soon as Marcela's daughter goes missing on the night of her dad's birthday party. So, why does she give the police Abelardo's daily routine to help them raid his properties? The Search for Frida teasers for February 2022 have all the details.

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The Search for Frida teasers
The Search for Frida teasers. Photo: @1311991911423586305 (modified by author)
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The police believe Abelardo kidnapped Frida because he was the last to see her after the abduction. Before this, Abelardo had already confessed his infidelity to his wife. He later begins to suspect that Marcela is also cheating on him.

The Search for Frida teasers for February 2022

Marcela regrets helping the police investigate her husband. Therefore, she visits him in jail to seek his forgiveness. Will they reconcile and rescue their daughter? Please watch The Search for Frida on Telemundo at 22h00 to find out.

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Tuesday, 1st February 2022

Pons acknowledges to his wife that he cheated on her, and Abelardo threatens his brother-in-law. Finally, Cantú discovers Ángel's lies.

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Wednesday, 2nd February 2022

Abelardo's confession brings forth unexpected events. Meanwhile, Cabrera tells Gabriela that her friend was deported.

Thursday, 3rd February 2022

The police investigate a letter from Frida. Elsewhere, Marcela and Martín kiss in Cabrera's office.

The Search for Frida teasers
The drunk Thomas sees Frida walking alone in the woods on the night she disappeared. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Friday, 4th February 2022

Cabrera plants a tracker and microphone on Marcela before going to a public park to give a ransom to Frida's kidnapper.

Saturday, 5th February 2022

The police assume Diego is behind the kidnapping during the ransom handover. Luckily, a bank card also gives them more vital clues.

Sunday, 6th February 2022

The prosecutor presents a search warrant at the Pons residence, and the detectives focus on Abelardo as the main suspect in the girl's kidnapping.

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Monday, 7th February 2022

Marcela sends her daughters to a relative's house for safety. Elsewhere, Cabrera and Cantú interrogate Enrique and Tomás, respectively.

Tuesday, 8th February 2022

Abelardo threatens to sue the police and accuses Cabrera of putting the bank card in his wallet to set him up.

The Search for Frida teasers
Thomas approaches Frida and tries to have a conversation with her. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Wednesday, 9th February 2022

Gabriela tries to woe Antonio. Meanwhile, Abelardo promises to reward whoever knows the person who framed him.

Thursday, 10th February 2022

Cantú defends Cabrera against Abelardo's allegations, and Rafaela appoints Antonio as the company's representative in Cuernavaca.

Friday, 11th February 2022

Marcela follows the patrol car to find out what others are hiding from her. Meanwhile, Salvador orders Enrique to resign.

Saturday, 12th February 2022

Rafaela quits working at the Pons Group of companies. Meanwhile, the police discover that Abelardo saw Frida five hours after the abduction.

Sunday, 13th February 2022

Abelardo hires a spy to find out if Marcela is secretly dating someone. Elsewhere, Rafaela and Salvador reconcile.

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The Search for Frida teasers
The conversation turns sour, thus making Thomas assault Frida. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Monday, 14th February 2022

Guilt haunts Marcela and Martín. Cabrera receives a terrifying dream about Frida. Meanwhile, the doctors admit Abelardo to the hospital, and Cantú interrogates Olvera.

Tuesday, 15th February 2022

The police investigate the owner of a mysterious camera, and Cabrera bids his team goodbye after a suspension.

Wednesday, 16th February 2022

Marcela tells the police about Abelardo's daily schedule to help them conduct a secret search. Cantú discovers evidence in the man's car.

Thursday, 17th February 2022

Olvera cautions Antonio about Salvador. Rafaela accuses Marcela of framing Abelardo.

Friday, 18th February 2022

The cops put Abelardo on house arrest as he waits to be arraigned in court for kidnapping a minor. Elsewhere, Cabrera gets an anxiety attack.

The Search for Frida teasers
The girl also slaps him and pushes him to the ground. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Saturday, 19th February 2022

Cabrera reviews the case and notices that Abelardo is innocent. However, the prosecutor requests Marcela to testify against him.

Sunday, 20th February 2022

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Rafaela confronts her hubby, and Abelardo's ally makes Cabrera suspect his other relatives. As a result, he interrogates Salvador.

Monday, 21st February 2022

The police organize to raid Abelardo's properties to save the girl. Gaby requests Ángel to be her baby's godfather since she is pregnant.

Tuesday, 22nd February 2022

Abelardo is hurt when Marcela distrusts him, especially now that he needs a financial solution. Meanwhile, the prosecutor requests Antonio to help him raid Alberto's properties.

Wednesday, 23rd February 2022

Cabrera wants the cabin's owner to help him identify the kidnapper. Elsewhere, Enrique takes the drunk Rafaela home.

The Search for Frida teasers
Thomas tries to call her back for reconciliation, but she is too angry to listen to him. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Thursday, 24th February 2022

Hunger makes Frida take a bold move, and Antonio receives a scary message. Meanwhile, Ángel questions Salvador about his frequent absenteeism from the office.

Friday, 25th February 2022

Marcela visits Abelardo in jail to seek forgiveness for doubting him, and the girl's kidnapper finds her before she escapes.

Saturday, 26th February 2022

Marcela tells the prosecutor that she will not testify against her husband. Before this, Cabrera has interrogated Rafaela about Bernard.

Sunday, 27th February 2022

Cabrera promises to find Marcela's daughter. Meanwhile, the teen's kidnapper tortures her, and Ángel receives the same photo Antonio received.

Monday, 28th February 2022

Someone attacks Angel, and viewers discover that Rafaela is an accomplice in Frida's disappearance. Meanwhile, Cabrera finds Frida lying in the cabin and badly injured.

The Search for Frida teasers
Thomas is among the suspects the detectives interrogated regarding the girl's disappearance. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Cabrera believes in Abelardo's innocence, which changes the direction of the investigation. He later finds the girl in the cabin, but she is badly wounded.


Will he reconcile with Marcela once he finds out that she kissed Martín in Cabrera's office? Besides the kidnapping case, Abelardo is also battling bankruptcy.

The Search for Frida teasers has unveiled a few entertaining scenes. You will never regret tuning in to this show and other shows on Telemundo, DStv Channel 118 (in English), Channel 507 (in Portuguese), and GOtv Channel 14.

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