DJ at Pietermaritzburg Event Mixes ‘Mnike’ and ‘Jerusalema’, Makes Crowd Angry in TikTok Video

DJ at Pietermaritzburg Event Mixes ‘Mnike’ and ‘Jerusalema’, Makes Crowd Angry in TikTok Video

  • A TikTok video shows people having fun at a bash until the DJ got involved while Mnike by Tyler ICU was playing
  • The viral clip showed people who became unhappy during a party as they got ready to enjoy the best part of the amapiano song
  • Online users were thoroughly amused after seeing the partygoers in Pietermaritzburg getting angry with the DJ

A TikTok video shows a DJ who left many people unhappy. A crowd from KZN was not feeling it when they heard what the DJ had planned.

TikTok video of DJ's 'Mnike' and 'Jerusalema' mix
A TikTok video shows a DJ's 'Mnike' mix with 'Jerusalema' and the crowd did not appreciate it. Image: @misspilot_.
Source: TikTok

The video of the DJ's set got more than 20,000 likes. There were thousands of comments from people who cracked jokes about the DJ.

DJ makes audience upset with Mnike remix

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A DJ in Pietermaritzburg fumbled their set. In the clip posted by @misspilot_, he played a hit song, much to people's delight. The musician played Mnike and mixed it with Jerusalema, cutting off the part people love the most on the Tyler ICU song.

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Watch the video of the moment people were unhappy

SA disappointed by DJ's Mnike mix

Online users commented that the DJ messed up a song that was Rihanna's song of the year. Many agreed that he deserved the crowd's hostile reaction.

wafflesuncle wrote:

"I’d cry omg?"

Nellycwe commented:

"How do you cut Mnike when it gets to the haike haike haike."

Lolo! joked:

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"Might be Cyan.."

@amanda _ magalela agreed:

"Cyan was definitely the DJ."

Mpumelelo Mbejeni was upset

"Imagine cutting Mnike for Jerusalem."

cebomkhonza complained:

"Even worse he played Jerusalema, I'd go home immediately."

Lihle Ndlazi laughed:

"Abantu bavelle baba sober same time."

Crowd disappointed by DJ

In a related story, a crowd was ready to fight after a DJ made a terrible choice. In the video, he was playing a hit song and interrupted it.

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People's reactions to the remix were relatable to many who watched the TikTok. The video received over 57,000 likes and comments from netizens who couldn't understand why anyone would rework the beloved song.

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