3 South African Women Who Crushed Over Strangers on Tiktok and Had Netizens Amused

3 South African Women Who Crushed Over Strangers on Tiktok and Had Netizens Amused

  • Several South African women have gone viral on TikTok by sharing their crushes on attractive men they encountered
  • @mercy_nous captured hearts with her innocent crush on a handsome police officer
  • Another TikTok user, @ntombi_nkosi, experienced love at first sight with a handsome stranger at McDonald's
  • A TikTokker named @sandra_mooi took a bold approach to her crush by singing a love song to him as he jogged past her neighbourhood
women who had crushes on strangers
Three bold women took to social media to share videos of men they were attracted to. Image: @mercy_nous,@ntombi_nkosi, @sandra_mooi
Source: TikTok

Having a crush is completely normal. It's a common human experience that most people go through at some point in their lives.

Some South African ladies have gone viral on TikTok after taking to the app to show some handsome gents they came across and couldn't help but share with the online world just how obsessed they were with them.

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1. Woman seeks help finding cop crush

A South African woman known online as @mercy_nous captured the hearts of many with her innocent crush on a handsome police officer.

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She took to social media, posting a video originally focused on a group of officers escorting people. But one figure in particular caught Mercy's eye: a tall, athletic white officer with whom she became instantly smitten.

"I have never had a crush my entire life," Mercy confessed in the video caption, "please don't ruin it for me, please, this is my crush, hleng."

Her heartfelt plea resonated with many, especially women, who took to the comments to offer support and encouragement for Mercy's quest to find her "Officer McDreamy."

The video sparked interest, with many viewers expressing their admiration for the handsome officer.

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2. From McDonald's fries to viral fame

Love can strike anywhere, even while enjoying a meal at McDonald's. That's what happened to @ntombi_nkosi when she found herself captivated by a handsome stranger during her visit.

Instead of taking the traditional route of introducing herself, Ntombi took a digital leap of faith. She discreetly filmed the unsuspecting man as he savoured his McDonald's fries, oblivious to the online storm brewing around him.

Ntombi's TikTok video quickly went viral, with viewers captivated by the man's charm and Ntombi's unique approach to finding love. Though hesitant about the outcome, Ntombi captioned the video:

"Lol I think I'm crazy for doing this, but oh well, I'll never meet him lol, and he probably won't see the video so whatever."

However, the power of social media is unpredictable. The video has garnered significant attention, increasing the chances of the "McDonald's Mystery Man" seeing it and potentially leading to an unexpected connection.

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3 TikTokker goes viral for crushing on jogging stranger

A woman has gone viral on TikTok for her unique way of expressing her crush on a stranger.

The TikTokker, who goes by the handle @sandra_mooi, posted a video showing herself singing Daniel Caesar and H.E.R.'s hit song "Best Part" at the top of her lungs as a shirtless guy jogs past her neighbourhood.

In the video, Sandra sings passionately, seemingly serenading the jogger with her soulful rendition of the love song.

The video quickly went viral, garnering thousands of likes and hundreds of comments from viewers who were amused and intrigued by her bold approach.

While some viewers found Sandra's actions hilarious, others offered encouragement and advice, suggesting ways for her to connect with her crush. Some even joked about the possibility of the video reaching the jogger himself, potentially leading to a real-life encounter.

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Whether or not Sandra's TikTok video will lead to a romantic connection with her crush remains to be seen. However, it has undoubtedly provided internet users a lighthearted and entertaining moment worldwide.

"This is what Mandela fought for": Netizens react to a classy dance proposal

Briefly News previously reported that a Gauteng high school went all out when they assisted one of their boys to ask his crush out to the matric dance.

It was red carpets, red flowers and laughter as the young man got to ask his bae to be his date for the final dance of the matriculants.

The video was posted by @claudiassspams on TikTok and reached 261K views in under 24 hours. The proposal was one for the history books, and it showed how creative high school children can be.

Source: Briefly News

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