MK Party Demands That Independent Electoral Commission Commissioner Janet Love Step Down

MK Party Demands That Independent Electoral Commission Commissioner Janet Love Step Down

  • The MK party allegedly wants the commissioner of the Independent Electoral Commission to be removed from her position
  • This was after the party won against the IEC at the Supreme Court of Appeal's Electoral Court
  • The IEC spoke to Briefly News about the MK Party's comments
  • Jacob Zuma is now allowed to be the party's presidential candidate, and South Africans were far from impressed

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The MK Part wants the IEC commissioner to step down
The MKP demanded that Janet Love, the IEC commissioner, step down. Images: Tebogo Letsie/City Press/Gallo Images via Getty Images and Emmanuel Croset/AFP via Getty Images
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JOHANNESBURG – The MK Party's leadership demanded that Janet Love, the Independent Electoral Commission's Commissioner, step down after the party's recent court victory. The IEC lost after asserting that Zuma could not run for president because of his criminal record.

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MK Party wins against IEC

The party recently won against the IEC at the Supreme Court of Appeal's Electoral Court after the court ruled that Zuma's disqualification should be set aside. The court ruled that the IEC's objection should have been set aside. Eyewitness News reported that the party demanded that Love step down to maintain the IEC's reputation.

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What you need to know about the MK vs IEC case

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IEC speaks to Briefly News

An IEC spokesperson contacted Briefly News about the statements.

"The Commission will hold a media briefing on Tuesday, 16 April, from 11h00 – 12h00 at the election House to update on various matters," she said.

South Africans not pleased

Some netizens on Facebook were disappointed in the law.

Damon Leff said:

"State Capture 2.0 begins."

Alberto Ibanez said:

"Zuma rides rough shod over our laws and constitution using a tribal judiciary."

Bryan Charless Judd said:

"Starting with their issues already."

Zuma wants a third term as president

Similarly, Briefly News reported that Zuma once more desired to be the country's president.

Zuma said he wanted a third term and that if South Africans wanted him to serve as president, he would do so.

Netizens slammed Zuma and told him that he should rest. Some accused him of wanting to loot the state some more.

Source: Briefly News

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