Car Guard Stabs Porsche Car’s Tyres After Owner Refuses To Pay Him in Viral Video

Car Guard Stabs Porsche Car’s Tyres After Owner Refuses To Pay Him in Viral Video

  • A Porsche owner found himself with one tyre short after a car guard stabbed it in a viral video posted on X, formerly Twitter
  • The incident shows a man who had finished washing the car trying to convince the owner to pay him for his service
  • The owner denies asking him to wash the car, to which the man angrily responds by producing a knife and stabbing one of the tyres

Tebogo Mokwena, Briefly News's current affairs journalist, provided coverage of criminal activities and their societal implications during his four years at Daily Sun.

An angry car guard stabbed a Porsche's tyres after the owner refused to pay him for washing it
Netizens lashed out at a man who stabbed a Porsche owner's tyre. Images: Paul Yeung/Bloomberg via Getty Images and Krit of Studio OMG
Source: Getty Images

South Africans were livid on behalf of a Porsche owner after a car guard who forcefully washed his car stabbed the tyres. The viral video shows the man angrily stabbing the car’s tyres and verbally assaulting the car owner for not paying him after he washed his car. South Africans discussed why similar men wash motorists’ cars without permission.

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Man stabs Porsche tyres

@MDNNewss posted the video on X, formerly Twitter, and the video is one that angered many. The video received 1.1 million views and spurned a discussion online. In the footage, the man wipes the Porsche and claims he did a great job washing the car. The car owner informs him that he did not ask him to wash the car. A discussion ensues, and it turns into a disagreement.

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The man gets angry and suddenly takes a knife out, threatening to stab the car’s tyres. Onlookers shout at him as he causes a scene, trying to prevent him from doing it. He ignores their pleas and continues arguing with the man, demanding payment. He suddenly repeatedly stabs the rear tyre, much to everyone’s shock. Watch the video here:

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South Africans angry at the man's actions

Netizens strongly disapproved of the man’s actions and roasted him in the comment section.

Miss Ziprusha asked:

“Why did he wash the car without his permission?”

Sphelele said:

“In some instances, you find yourself having signed a “legally binding contract” that you owe the car guard or the car washer by merely replying to their greeting. Always be explicit in your denials for their service.”

Lydia was mad.

“No, that’s soma nonsense. The owner repeatedly says he didn’t ask for it, so that guy was forward. They’re usually like that if you don’t put your foot down. Just say no thanks firmly, otherwise, they will self-appoint themselves.”

Promise suggested:

“You must tell them not to touch your car.”

El Alcalde added:

“It’s the little things that can send you to prison. Imagine if the owner had a piece and decided to use it.”

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Woman destroys cheating husband's windscreen

Similarly. Briefly News reported that a woman smashed her husband’s car’s windows after discovering that he was being unfaithful.

In a TikTok video that went viral, the heartbroken woman cried that he could not remain faithful to her even after being married for 16 years and having children together.

South Africans criticised the woman for destroying her husband’s property and pointed out how wrong her actions were.

Source: Briefly News

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