Naledi Pandor’s Gatesville Mosque Visit: Minister To Report on ICJ Verdict on Israel

Naledi Pandor’s Gatesville Mosque Visit: Minister To Report on ICJ Verdict on Israel

  • Minister Naledi Pandor will explain the ICJ's Israel genocide verdict at Gatesville Mosque on Sunday
  • Gatesville Mosque continues to stand in solidarity with Palestine and expressed its stance on the war in Gaza
  • Despite global praise for Pandor's humanitarian efforts, many South Africans urged her to also address local issues
Naledi Pandor will discuss the ICJ ruling at a Cape Town mosque
International Relations Minister Naledi Pandor will attend a service at the Gatesville Mosque. Image: Deaan Vivier
Source: Getty Images

CAPE TOWN - International Relations Minister Naledi Pandor will break down the International Court of Justice's (ICJ) verdict on the Israel genocide case at the Gatesville Mosque on 5 February.

Sataar Parker, the mosque spokesperson, said Pandor will address the congregation post-evening prayers, reported EWN. The mosque has shown consistent effort in highlighting the plight of the Palestinian people.

Flags flown at half mast

Parker added that as a symbolic gesture, the Palestinian flags are been flown at half mast until freedom reigns in the region

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Mixed voices in SA

While many commend Pandor's global focus, there's a rising chorus among South Africans urging her to channel some of that attention to addressing local issues.

See some of the comments

Fadiel Van Vuuren said:

"I am not an ANC supporter, but just like Mandela, this lady has my respect. For what South Africa did to make a difference to the Palestinians' unjust suffering."

Shannon Moffett mentioned:

"I really love her. She would make such a great president."

Donald Christie posted:

"Trying to buy votes."

Lynette Nunn stated:

"Really? Human Rights? When locally their citizens starve, are unemployed, and don't have access to the basics like running water, electricity, sanitation and a roof over their heads."

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Shannon Moffett wrote:

"While our basic human rights are violated every day under the corrupt ANC."

Wendy White added:

"Give an update on fixing SA first."

Clifford Smith commented:

"Suddenly now certain people are starting to like the ANC government."

Paul Rocha posted:

"Giving the boss an update? Just asking."

Pandor discusses other markets to replace Israel

In another article, Briefly News reported that the Minister of International Relations and Cooperations, Naledi Pandor, revealed that the country would consider making trade partners with other markets outside of Israel.

This comes after Israel lost a case against South Africa at the ICJ. Pandor believed South Africa would not trade with a country that commits atrocities.

Source: Briefly News

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