Top 10 Vusi Nova songs 2019

Top 10 Vusi Nova songs 2019

With the year still young, we take a look at some of the most popular Vusi Nova songs 2019 that have made the artist a big star- due to their vibe. There is no question that Vusi has been quite busy with his music, and going by the long list of his inspirational and lyrically amazing work, we do not see him stopping anytime soon. This year, the South African artist has gathered more international acclaim and seems to have an even larger fan base growing beyond the borders of South Africa.

Vusi Nova

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Vusi Nova is a South African afrosoul musician. His unique sound has quickly captured the hearts of not only fans in Africa but the world over. While this artist has many songs to his name, here are some of his top ten popular songs.

1. As'phelelanga

Released in November 2018, As'phelelanga has been making waves ever since. His focus on family and friends in the lyrics gives an empowered feeling. Coupled with his tone and emotions, the lyrics are very moving. This song has been topping the music charts in South Africa for quite a while now.

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2. Intliziyo

This is a track from Vusi Nova album Manyan-nyan. The song is filled with emotion. In the song, he talks about heartbreaks, and going by the flow, you cannot help but wonder what he has gone through to sing such a song. All the same, the track is one of the best-received songs in 2019.

3. Ntsika

This is one of his best collaborations. It does not hurt either that the track is done with Awundiva. The artists complement each other in perfect harmony, so much so that you may think that they have been singing together all their lives.

4. Usezondibona

The South African musician sings this song in an upbeat rhythm, which is something that he has not done many times in the past. Many of his compositions have a slow melodic flow but Usezondibona has a fast beat to it. He has collaborated with the equally popular artist; Zahara on this track whose voice has really taken the whole song to a new level.

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5. Loli

Vusi Nova went beyond his comfort zone with a reggae beat on this one, which captured his melodious voice, making this a beautiful composition. This Vusi Nova 2018 song was collaborated with Ntando Bangani whose reggae style mixes up the rhythm perfectly.

6. Thula Mntanami

This is one of Vusi Nova songs that truly embrace the traditional beat. The instrumentals just scream out nostalgia. With Igcokama Elisha’s smooth voice also on the beat, Thula Mntanami is a truly amazing track.

7. Thumela Omalume

This is a song that Vusi Nova has collaborated with Kelly Khumalo. He did justice to this one by giving you a feeling that the duo has been singing together for years. The two stars spice up the song with a few English lyrics, giving it a great international vibe.

8. Vusi Nova Ndikutha Ndile

Although this track was released in late 2017, it is still one of Vusi Nova 2018 biggest hits, and it is still highly requested and also the most loved songs of Vusi in 2019. This was one of his tracks that led to his rise to the international scene.

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9. Ndizakulinda

From an execution point of view, Ndizakulinda has to be the most dynamic Vusi Nova Songs today. Vusi shows his vocal range while still staying true to his superior lyric style. The instrumentals have been torn down just to make sure you hear how amazing his vocals are.

10. Zungandithembi

This is another collaboration with Kelly Khumalo, proving one more time how good the two South African musicians are at singing together. The song has an easy going feel that would make anyone sing along.

Vusi Nova songs 2019 has been one of the biggest years for the South African Musician. His great works have seen him elevating to new heights and quickly becoming an International artist. Many of his compositions may be in Zulu but the artist is still adored by fans worldwide. You can check out more of his songs on YouTube.


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